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Deck is currently on hold, Got other things that need to be done plus I am working on other decks too.

This deck is a just for fun deck. Over the past 3 weeks I have bought 3 Duelist Pack 5: Aster Phoenix booster pack boxes from my local store. The reason for this is of course to get Destiny Draw and Destiny Hero - Malicious from the boxes which I did pull. I was able to do this because the boxes were being sold for $20, Great deal huh? Edit : I forgot to mention all three boxes were 1st Edition boxes.

So now about the deck. I had a lot of cards left over and noticed you could build a deck with all but four of the cards in this mini set. So for fun I made up this deck. It can utilize every single D - Hero related card in the set. The most risky card is using Destruction of Destiny because of the chances of losing a lot of spells or traps in the grave. Or I can gain a lot by putting into the grave some D - Heroes for use with Clock Tower Prison and Dreadmaster's effect with Prison. If you would like to discuss this deck with me I'll make a post on my talk page for it. However if you talk stupid I'll ignore your comments i.e "u dun kneed use dat crd." If you can't talk about my deck normally, intelligently,and/or calmly I will ignore and delete your posts from the discussion of this key word here for FUN deck.

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