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Hello everyone, and welcome to my user page below are the things I'd you know about me:

Things that annoy me

Goals I wish to achieve on this wiki

  • Edit card information
  • Keep episode information up-to-date
  • Make sure article information isn't spammed
  • Keep character names up to date (Sometimes)

Deck Lists

For links to my decks and rules see here.

Forum Decks

As you've most likely seen from my deck page(s) I've got lots of decks, but some need help and improvement so here's a list of my decks I've posted on the Forum for you to comment on how to improve them:

Side Decks

I'm just this section so I can remember future cards I need to put in Side Decks for the main deck(s) I'm using.

Side Deck

Summoning Chants of the Month

I felt like getting a bit creative (a.k.a. bored) so I decided to make Summon Chants for certain themes/types etc.

For previous Summoning chants see: here

  • This months Theme: ????


Notes To Self

  • Create Galleries and/or artwork pages for anime/manga cards.
  • Fix/Update all card Galleries for cards released in older Booster Packs (after Soul of the Duelist, currently on CDIP).
  • Update Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episode articles to match that of recent anime episode articles.
  • Fix/add the Differences in Adaptations for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episodes.
  • Add foreign names, and when possible upload images, of cards and/or Booster Packs.

Non-Yu-Gi-Oh! related note to self

  • Need to watch all episodes of Ranma ½, from 114 up to 161 (and OVAs 1 - 13).
  • Need to read all chapters of Death Note, from 39.

Link(s) I need to remember

Magic Cylinder Burn Deck

Stop 2 Shop

Yu-Gi-Oh! images

Official French Yu-Gi-Oh! card names

French card images

German card names + images

Select Portuguese name + images

Card names changes from WC09 -> WC10

Random info relating to WC10

Dragunity/Cyberdark Deck

Tag Force 5 Anime Card Lores

Card Artworks from Tag Force 5

Random Stuff

For my thoughts on generally random Yu-Gi-Oh! related things see here.

Users whom I'm "friends" with, on this Wiki

Disclaimer - If your not on the list don't worry, also this list isn't any sort of order.

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