My name is Waseem, an Egyptian. I want to add the Arabic to all parts of this wiki because i want yugioh to be widespreaded in the arab nation so that arabs can participate in championships and all yugioh competitions.

I request from the admins of this wiki to add an arabic lore so i could add it to all the cards that come out. I know English well and have a great fluency in it and in translating it into arabic, so, i want to add the arabic to all pages in this wiki because other arabs don't understand the English Language.

If there is any requests or questioning from anyone to me please feel free to post on my talk page and i will sooner or later reply to you in maximum day if i have an strong internet connection.

If the Arabic Lore is approved of from admins i will update them daily one by one till all the wiki contains the arabic lore.

I need discussion about the Arabic Lore in my Talk Page please.

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