I browsed around here for a very long time before editing anything, or even having an account. GO RAGING FLAME SPRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite combo: Solar Flare Dragon/Charcoal Inpachi lockdown. Note that, while my fire deck is similar to SD3, I made it before I had even heard of SD3.

IDEAS: Synchro summoning could be better. How? For example, if it was possible to summon a Lv.5 synchro with a Lv.5 tuner. Or, summon 2 Formula Synchrons with one Lv.4 tuner. That sort of thing.

More fusions of the heroes' signature monsters, such as:

  • Red-Eyes Archfiend Dragon (Friend from YGO + rival from 5D's)
  • Blue-Eyes Stardust Dragon (Rival from YGO + hero from 5D's
  • Stardust Archfiend Dragon (Hero + rival from 5D's)
  • Violet-Eyes Silver Chaos Dragon (Friend + rival from YGO)
  • Black Neo Star (Heroes from 5D's + GX + YGO)
  • Crimson Dragon (Fusion of the 5 or 6 Signer Dragons)

My decks, etc.

The Rampaging Toaster (my FIRE deck)

Want list: Stealth Bird

Tell me how I could improve it.

Sandbox of DOOM

Raging Flame Sprite is AWESOME!!!!!Stendika ~ Does my deck look cool?[[User Talk:Stendika|Click here to yell at me.]] 17:10, January 7, 2011 (UTC)

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