Welcome to my page. I'm StardustDragon137, it's great to meet you all. My real name is Thomas.

About me

I'm like every other average kid. I like playing video games, eating good food, likes staying up very late and hates a lot of homework from school. I live in Toronto, Canada with my parents and my brother. I have a PS2 and a Wii, not to mention a lot of god games with them as well. I like going on the computer, mostly on the internet. I like riding my bike, swimming, and watching TV. My favourite shows are yu-gi-oh, bleach, and other anime shows.

History with Yu-Gi-Oh

I liked playing yu-gi-oh when I was about eight or nine years old. I especially like watching the yu-gi-oh series, there's always alot of action and also a lot of dueling. I mostly like Dragon and Warrior-type monsters. However, I gave up dueling for a while because I didn't really have any good cards and I wasn't interested in getting more. But when the new cards came out from yu-gi-oh GX and yu-gi-oh 5D's I was now more interested in getting them. And now I got alot of cool, new, rare, and Secret Rare Cards. One of my favorites is Stardust Dragon. Another card which I'm planning to get and is also one of my favourites is Nitro Warrior.

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