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Hey everyone! I'm Star Daemon, a Yu-Gi-Oh! fanatic. Here are some facts about me.

Take Flight My Very Own Soul! Star Daemon Dragon! 18:52, 30 July 2009 (UTC)

My Code of Laws

  • 1. Don't Take Other People's Cards (via Brain Control, Change of Heart, etc.) and attack them with it. (I know it seems stupid, but how would you feel if you got backstabbed by your best friend? Yeah, I gave this a tremendous amount of thought.)
  • 2. Don't Give your opponent the Satisfaction of defeating you. (I came up this code because of people who are out there kicking other people's asses just to feel good about themselves. If I'm in a bleak situation with no way of winning, and I gave every outcome some thought, Heck, just summon my weakest monster and run it into my opponent's strongest monster. Then, it means I killed myself and that doesn't give anybody any glory.)
  • 3. Only 3 things are absolute: a)How many life points you start with. b)The stats and effects on a card. 3)Instant victories.(Otherwise, everything else has a loophole somewhere that you can bend to your will.)



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