Spiegel Zero

  • I was born on October 12
  • I am Top Robot Master (Reploid)

First Deck: Starter Deck Joey

Favorite Card: Red-Eyes Black Dragon / Dark Magician Girl

Deck(s): Lost a year Ago, formerly: Chaos Emperor/Black Luster Soldier Chaos Dragon Dragon-Type (No Lightswarm nor Milling) Deck (Traditional Format), Fire Princess Burn Deck (Advanced); Athena-Thethys-Parshat Light-Fairy Deck (Lend to a friend).

Favorite Type of Decks: Trolls (Self Destruct Button herald Deck (pre Limit-then ban), Non-Archetypical decks, Weird Decks (Luck Based Decks, Decks with "when this card is destroyed"), unbalanced deck (60 cards 8-level Dragon Type deck); old fashioned decks (Red-Eyes Fusion deck), Pure Normal Monster Beatdown deck, Lockdown Decks.

Dislikes: Synchros, XYZ and Pendulum concept, "concept cost is a free brainless benefit" (archtypes), or have 15 free cards on hand, rewriting of old cards and new ruling of first player not drawing.

Status: Retired.

Dueling Network Favorite Decks:

  1. I got so fun of summoning F.G.D, Ultimate Dragon, Dragon Master Knight and Neo-Galaxy in just one turn, unbalanced as hell, and a deck that only me could ever understand:
  2. The deck I lost, I will always remember it, a taste of TRUE CHAOS, not twilight garbage, removing from play any hope to win:
  3. The only deck that, in a way, mained syncrhos, they were nice equips to my cyber dark dragons:
  4. I almost cried of joy, after several attempts to make good deck using my favorite card, it merged the 3 things I loved from yugioh; Originality, Functionality, Red-Eyes B. Dragon:
  5. Ace card Sasuke Samurai, I loved to destroy Stardust Dragon with it, as it don't guarantees destruction, multi-trigger effects that prevents destruction can't be activated against this deck, oh so much fun:
  6. It was legal when I retired, and never gonna understand who where the cybabies that make its concept to became forbidde, only 1 win with it, 85% of draw games got:
  7. New Red-Eyes Fusion deck: [1]

Most beloved Yu Gi Oh! memories:

My First Red-Eyes B. Dragon (Fake), the reason why I ever started playing, My dear Dark Magician Girl, and my Cousin's Red-Eyes, who gifted to me several years ago:

Feel free to say anything you want about my yu gi oh history, they are my memories, and while is a part of my life that already ended, I'll always cherish this memories.

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