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Hello everybody! If you are here, it means you were looking for someone more important, but they were nowhere to be found.
I'm skullvarnish. I used to edit here quite frequently but I've slowed way down on that. If you need to contact me for any reason, I'm very active on Duel Network forums and can be reached there easily (username: skullvarnish).
==About Me==
I'm 20 years old and I have been dueling since 2003, but it wasn't until 2009 that I started dueling in tourneys and stuff. I know the game very well, but there are still things I don't understand. My goal is to eventually have a full understanding of all the rules, etc. I'm stubbornly attached my opinions, so please just bare with me. Also, I'm one of the captain/founders of my team, Team "we don't actually have a team name yet". Need to ask me something? Did I anger you? Is the world coming to an end and the only way to save our planet is by beating some evil guy in a children's card game? Then, see my talk page and we will sort whatever it is out.
==What I do here==
Typically, I go around looking for grammar/spelling/punctuation errors and do my best to fix all the ones I find. Sometimes, I also go around Trivia pages to make sure the trivia is accurate. I also try to undo any and all vandalism I see. The bulk of my edits lately has been in Forums, mostly discussing new products. Also, lately I've kinda taken over [[Forum:Reasons why cards are Forbidden/Limited]], which is fine with me because I love discussing the Forbidden/Limited lists.
Subscribe if you like Yugioh videos. I try to get videos up as much as possible, but I just haven't had any ideas lately.
==Reasons why we can't have nice things==
*The noobs on Duel Network who think that [[MST]] negates card effects
*Noobs in general
*People who think they're hot shit because they spend an arm and a leg on their deck but they don't even know basic rulings (A guy actually tried to tell me that Necrovalley negates Sangan's effect)
*Pre-[[September 2011 Lists|September '11]] Six Samurais
*Post-[[September 2011 Lists|September '11]] Chaos decks
*[[Seto Kaiba]]
*New Yu-Gi-Oh! spinoffs on what seems like a yearly basis.
*[[Card Tips:Shapesnatch|Tips for unusable cards]]
*[[List of modified cards|Censorship]] - never should have been marketed as a kid's game
*[[Cyberdark Impact]]
*[[Tour Guide From the Underworld]]/[[Konami|herp derp]] [[Xyz Monster|Xyz Ruling]] [[Kevin Tewart|herp derp]]
*[[Plant]] decks
*[[Rescue Rabbit|Rescue]] [[Evolzar Laggia|Laggia]]
*[[Future Fusion]]
*[[Trap Dustshoot]] + Double [[Mind Crush]]. What could possibly go wrong?!
==Things I approve of==
*Creative decks
*[[Rescue Cat|Cards getting Forbidden after "the Pros" spend loads of money on holo versions of them]]
*The card [[Prohibition]]
*[[Gallis the Star Beast FTK]]
*[[Shooting Quasar Dragon]]
*[[Infernity]] decks.
=='''My Decks'''==
I run Infernities and Six Sams. If you want specific details, ask on my talk page and I'll respond asap.
If anyone wants to play me on Duel Network, my name is the same on there. So add me or whatever.
==The Museum of lolno and WTF==
Anything I find that either makes me laugh or frightens the hell out of me:
*From [[Card Tips:Shapesnatch]]:
"This card is a viable target for [[Inferno Reckless Summon]]. Summon all three [[Shapesnatch]] and embarrass your opponent with a Shapesnatch beat down. You can also equip your Shapesnatches with [[Heart of Clear Water]] to further increase the power of this strategy."
*This entire thread: [[Forum:SNATCH STEAL IS BACK!!!!]]
*A glitch from [[Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia|Reverse of Arcadia]] that creates an unwinnable situation: When you go to Duel Runner Training, if you do a Structure Duel using a deck you have already used, Nino and Check will say Duel Runner Training is tomorrow. You can't go to Duel Runner Training, and you can't rest, as you have already fought Akiza. The only solution is to restart the game, or, if you saved after you did the training again, start the game over from the beginning.
*Yes, it was vandalism, but it made me laugh so hard: [| Monster Reborn doesn't exist]
*[http://| Gawdam Fusionist!]
*[[Forum:Veiler situation, A.k.A. what the fuck is going on here?|"P/S: If you need an understandable example about "Card effects ALWAYS activate and resolve in the same place", let's imagine about Taliban and Obama:
:If a suicide bomber want to kill Obama, he has to trigger his bomb first and blow up himself, at that moment, his soul will go to hell. The problem is, what will happen to the explosion? Will it be moved to hell with the suicide bomber's soul and kill Obama from hell? Or it still stay at this world and kill Obama as a normal explosion?"]] - Quote by [[User:Magicknight94|Magicknight94]]
*[,_the_Sky_Paladin&oldid=1827142| Bonus points for '''meat'''eor]
**[[Forum:DO PIERCING EFFECTS STACK?|The saga continues]]
***The best part was when someone decided to make fun of him. The text since the page will get deleted:
Say you have a Piercing monster, like [[| Goliath Beetle]] or [[| Yavimaya Wurm]] If you activate a card that gives it Piercing, like [[| Fanatical Fever]] does your opponent take double the Piercing damage? It seems to me like they would, because each Pierce says "you may have it deal the rest of its damage to defending player." so after both effects activate, would your opponent take double the Piercing damage? <br>
actually Actually it it would would work work..simply because myy= first explaination would have no real holding. <br>
For an example if I were to equip FaIrY MeAtEtOr CrUsH and only he would to (damage varriable) my defense position monster. Then my opponent would take the damage not me. Knowing this offical ruling, which I will later say should not matter for it is unoffical, i can say that the rules of ownership and control are irrelevent and thus must be a source of effect damage(treated as battle damage) equal to the difference of the atk and defense of the monsters. CAPS LOCK TO EXPRESS MY RAGE. Any other point I shall make will be redundant so I should move onto one more. <br>
I agree that they can be used as the rules of the game until konami actually agrees or contridicts the ruling. However knowing I am the highlander I must apply logic and prove they are wrong as is the general consensus. What I keep saying is that the effect is actually effect damage being treated as battle damage. Now if the card lore were something like this "[[Vylon Component]]". The words (inflict the difference as) have been removed and as such any logical person (obviously none of you are for I amalways right) would easily say that the effect of the card lore is battle damage. <br>
I will call you idiots and remove that comment to later not hide it because I am very angry with people I may never interact with. Check it out yo. [[Gravekeeper's Vassal|dated erreta]] THERE I proved that one way of writing things is exactly the same as another. Also I'll start to get smug and say that [[Simultaneous Effects Go On Chain]] don't exist to let you know how well I have an understanding of the game. <br>
Here's where I don't even try anymore by citing previous examples. Also I will yet again ignore the rules of ownership and control, so leik I shuld hav my oponent's mnstrs in my grave if I tak cntrl of em n stuff fo real. (ok that last part was a bad I admit.)
== Weekly Deck Competition 31 ==
[[Forum:Deck Contest 31: Legendary Trio Familia]] --<span style="font-family: Monotype Corsiva">-[[User:Dark Ace SP|<span style="color:CornflowerBlue;">Dark </span><span style="color:Blue">Ace SP</span>]] ([[User_talk:Dark Ace SP|<span style="color:MidnightBlue;">Talk</span>]])</span> 01:29, August 20, 2012 (UTC)

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I'm skullvarnish. I used to edit here quite frequently but I've slowed way down on that. If you need to contact me for any reason, I'm very active on Duel Network forums and can be reached there easily (username: skullvarnish).

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