BIG NOTICE. I'm Back. (ohnoes!)

of course. I WOULD be back. and now I am. but, since current life affairs have me occupied for most of my life while i'm awake, I doubt you'll see me much anymore.

Not much to see here... >.>

So I am currently working on several decks! Here's my lists, and I'd greatly appreciate any comment/criticism/help on it!

Morphtronic Deck

So yeah, it's my morphtronic deck. I've gotten pretty much an equal share of wins and losses with this deck, but I absolutely love it. I'm starting to get the hang of this deck, and I've been pulling in win after win with this. I absolutely love this deck. I've discovered, apparently, that this deck is really quick at getting out synchros almost immediately, and can turn any pinch into advantage, or even game...:D deck needs:

  • Cyber Valley x3
  • Morphtronic Remoten x2
  • Morphtronic Celfon x1
  • Machine Duplication x2

My NEW main deck, a really idea i eventually created. My Volcanics!! :DD really fun deck, and it seems to do quite well, can hold its own, and almost always has an answer to everything!

Volcanic Eruption

It's a relatively new build, so I've yet to see this deck at it's fullest. It's won almost every single duel I've used it with, and basically the only problem with it is its lack of s/t protection.

  • The Gorz is becoming a Tragoedia once i get it.
  • I'm adding a 2nd Royal Firestorm Guards, but idk what to take out >.< (NOT PoA, it has its purposes)
  • looking for help on the finesse of the deck any will be welcomed. just post on my talk page

also, looking to upgrade these cards, to the following rarities:

3 Volcanic Rocket to 1st ed Secret

1 Volcanic Slicer to UtR 1st ed

3 Volcanic Shell to 1st ed UtR

2 Royal Firestorm Guards to 1st ed Secrets

1 Snipe Hunter of cp Super rare

1 Ryko to LODT super

2 Blaze accelerator to super

2 Shrink to super

1 Lightning vortex to UtR

1 MST to ultra

1 PoA to Super rare

2 Dark Bribes to Super Rare GX

Per Request of several people, here's my uncompleted Alien Deck! :o

Solid Alien

EPIC deck if played right. Is all I'm gonna say. Gonna swap out a card for another Solidarity. just idk wat :p

LOOKING FOR---------------------------------------

CYBER VALLEY X3 (super rare)


pretty much anything in my gb deck

  • Interesting Commons:

Return from the Different Dimension

Dust Tornado

Dimensional Alchemist

Level Limit - Area B

Gottoms' Emergency Call

Skill Drain x3

Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror

Rescue Cat

  • Super Rares:

Tri-Blaze Accelerator

Dark Magician Girl


Sorcerer of Dark Magic

Sky Scourge Norleras

Fairy Meteor Crush

Lava Golem

Gladiator Beast Alexander

Gladiator Beast Torax

Cloudian - Eye of the Typhoon

Power Filter

Grinder Golem x2

Phantom of Chaos

Harvest Angel of Wisdom

Volcanic Counter

Beast Striker

Level Returner


Free the Brave Wanderer

Blizzard Warrior

Ally of Justice Garadholg

Ally of Justice Rudra


Berserker Crush x2

Worm Cartaros

Ally of Justice Clausolas

Fortune's Future

Kycoo, the Ghost Destroyer x2

Bazoo the Soul-Eater

Ruin, Queen of Oblivion

Charge of the Light Brigade

Solar Recharge

Inferno Reckless Summon

Beast Machine King Barbaros Ur

Gladiator Beast Gyzarus

  • Ultra Rares:

Beast King Barbaros

Volcanic Doomfire

Red Eyes B. Dragon (YAP1)

Dragonic Knight

Infernal Flame Emperor

Blue-Eyes White Dragon (YAP1)

Buster Blader (YAP1)

Celtic Guardian (YAP1)

Gyakutenno Megami (YAP1)

XX-Saber Gardestrike

Dark Paladin

  • Ultimate Rares:

Grave of the Super Ancient Organism

Banisher of the Radiance

Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant

Degenerate Circuit

XX-Saber Gottoms

  • Secret Rares:

Blizzed, Defender of the Ice Barrier

Lava Golem

Volcanic Doomfire

Toy Magician


Magic Cylinder


Vorse Raider

  • Gold Rares:

D.D. Warrior Lady

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