On your way home, you get lost. You go through a dark alleyway, hoping it's a shortcut; you come onto a dimly lit street. The houses, even the very street, seem to be sagging. You walk on, looking around nervously. Soon, you see a large building with a giant bow tie on it. This bow tie seems to be radiating something that makes you very sleepy. For a moment, you think this is strange, but then you think that it is perfectly normal. In a daze, you read the sign on the building. It says, "Shapesnatch's Evil Mind-Controlling Bow ties, Inc.© Gee, that's not suspicious at all, you think. You walk to the door and are about to knock when a young teenaged boy wearing a bow tie opens it. His eyes are glassy and dull, and when he speaks, his voice is monotonous, almost hypnotized.

Welcome to my user page. Would you like a bow tie?

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I'm very paranoid, so I'm not putting up my RFG Deck. However, 1 piece of advice is needed; I need a Synchro Monster that removes cards from play. Alternately, any card that needs a Tuner and removes cards from play would be great (E.G. Tribute a Tuner monster, remove from play one card in your opponent's graveyard). Also, it needs to be in the TCG or at least be in it eventually. Please discuss this and the following decks (which I'm putting on here anyway) on my Talk Page. You even get a free bowtie for visiting!


Cards in parentheses like this: () are cards that I will add if I obtain them. Cards in carats like this: <> are cards I will remove if I obtain cards in parentheses.

The Miniature Army

As you can see, this deck focuses on completely paralyzing my opponent, and Gravity Bind is the focus of it. However, when it's not the field, this deck is easily beaten. Any help (on talk page) is appreciated. The main cards I'm unsure about are "Invader of the Throne", "Jowgen the Spiritualist", "Electric Lizard", "Grasschopper", and "Mokey Mokey Smackdown". The total count of this deck, taking into account the <> and () cards, is 48.

Waking the Dragons

This deck is a Beatdown-style, focusing on the sheer attack of these things. I need lots of Special Summoning cards to keep up with the Levels of the creatures. I can't contain them! Don't forget the Fusions and Synchros! The total count of this Deck is 46. Not too bad.

Side Deck

Yes. General and specific at the same time!


Happy Halladays!

Random Stuff

Konami used to have twisted levels.

Help me. I have 12 of this utterly useless card, and 13 of this one.

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