Hello, my name is Vinicius and I am from Brazil. I am a former sysop from portuguese Wikipedia, and now I am sysop in Desciclopédia (portuguese Uncyclopedia), check my userpage on that wiki.

I am on this wiki because I love Yu-Gi-Oh: Sometimes I am undoing vandalisms, others I am adding tips to cards, or other relevant informations. I'm not a perfect duelist, but I try to do my best, and I am learning new things everyday.

Things that I hate

  • When edits are reverted without explaining the reason, whether they are my edits or other user's edits.
  • People that use more than 40 cards on their deck (althoug there is no problem using 41 or 42 cards, more than that makes the deck inconsistent), unless that deck is a Fun Deck (not a competitive one)
  • Vandals
  • Trolls
  • Bad cards

My favorite decks

My favorite card is "Archlord Kristya", because it has a high ATK, combined with the fact that he can be easily Special Summoned and blocks Special Summons.

I hate Six Samurai decks because they are just too overused and powerful, I even feel dejection when battling against one. Fortunately, with the September 2011 Lists, Six Samurai are now not as powerful as they were before.

My deck: Dark World

Dark World deck

WC2011 Up to 1 Forbidden list deck: DestinyBarrier Valley Draw Engine

In real life, this deck can only be used in Traditional Format, since one of the key cards (Destiny HERO - Disk Commander) is a Forbidden card. In WC2011, I am using the Up to 1 Forbidden Card list.

The key cards of this deck are "Destiny HERO - Disk Commander", "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" or "Mist Valley Falcon and "Graceful Revival" or "Limit Reverse". The goal of this deck is to form a powerful draw engine. It is not a way to win itself, though I can combine with a Synchro engine to overwhelm the opponent and win. It's a very fast deck.

You need to get "Destiny HERO - Disk Commander" in the Graveyard. Then, either Synchro Summon "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" or summon "Mist Valley Falcon". Then, set either "Graceful Revival" or "Limit Reverse".

Activate "Limit Reverse/Graceful Revival" and Special Summon "Destiny HERO - Disk Commander", then draw 2 cards. If you use "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier", you simply discard 1 card to return "Limit Reverse/Graceful Revival" to your hand and destroy "Destiny HERO - Disk Commander" (this will place him in the Graveyard again). If you use "Mist Valley Falcon", you attack. Since "Mist Valley Falcon" can only attack if you return a card you control to the hand, return "Limit Reverse/Graceful Revival" and destroy "Destiny HERO - Disk Commander" (this will place him in the Graveyard again). Either way, you set "Limit Reverse/Graceful Revival". During your next turn, repeat this process to draw 2 cards again.

The advantage of using "Mist Valley Falcon" is that you don't lose card advantage, but the card advantage that you gain cannot be immediately exploited since you are in the Battle Phase, and you lose the opportunity to attack and win the game if you draw a strong monster. And in the next turn, your opponent can just prepare a trap to destroy your draw engine.

By using "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier", you gain less card advantage as if you were using "Mist Valley Falcon". However, you can potentially place cards that are more useful in the Graveyard. Also, "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" is easier to summon and is stronger than "Mist Valley Falcon". Also, if your opponent is using a stall card like "Gravity Bind", you can't attack with "Mist Valley Falcon". This would shut down your draw engine, but with "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier", even if you can't attack, you can draw.

Other ideas to this draw engine:

  • T.G. Hyper Librarian: Combined with "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" and a Synchro engine, you can draw even more cards. It is not present in the WC2011 game but is amazing if this deck is played in real life.
  • Destiny Draw: You can place "Destiny HERO - Disk Commander" in your Graveyard and draw even more cards with this card.

(Note that there is neither "Reborn Tengu" nor "Tour Guide From the Underworld" in this deck, because they're not present in WC2011 game. It is also using the September 2010 Lists)

DestinyBarrier Valley Plant Draw Engine

If you are planning to use this deck in Traditional Format and are using "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier", throw "Card of Safe Return" and "Premature Burial" to have an insane draw engine; You can draw your entire deck in one turn. Combine with Exodia and you win the game easily.

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