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I'm Runer5h. The main things that I do on the Wikia are make occasional edits and build/help decks. Most of my decks are theoretical (I don't own the cards), and usually built around esoteric cards. Here they are, with links to forum pages (which have explanations of how the decks work):

REQUEST: Would you have an attempt at an Amazoness deck, as you generally come up with different types of decks so I would like to see how you would go about it.

Doz Bate 18:22, 27 April 2009 (UTC)

... if you have a request like DB, place it on my talk page.

My Own Decks

Goka Power Rush Deck

Fushioh Richie Deck

Greed Quasar KO

Phantom Beast Beatdown

Destiny Burndown

Darkness Destroyer and Pals

The Deadly Sin of Greed

Demise Strike Fighter OTK

Boss Rush Deck

Virus Valley Drain

Goblin Strike Squadron,_Move_Out!

Removal Riders Lock

Hand of the Giant

Chaos Zeta Monarch Return

Sorcerer of Dark Magic Lock

Frost-Flame Gemini Return

The SWYO (Screw With Your Opponent) Deck


Light Gemini Return,_Dark,_and_Earth#Light_Gemini

Dark Horus Gemini,_Dark,_and_Earth#Dark_Gemini

Earth Gemini Beatdown,_Dark,_and_Earth#Earth_Gemini

Arcana Knight Joker Deck


Final Garden

Neo-Spacian Fusion Toolbox

Minocensatyros Deck

Huge Revolution Deck,_Well...

Column Deck

The Wicked Eraser and Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler - Enough Said

Phoenixian Burn

Diamond Dude Beastdown

Summoner Monk Anti-Meta Toolbox

Sea Serpent Deck

Orca Control

Frozen City

Hopeless Dinos

Hardened Armed Dragon Abuse

Spirit Deck

Paper Airplane Union

Diamond Dude Field Wipe

Abusive Puppetry

Shunoros Anti-Meta

Token Swarm

Vanity's Mask Lockdown


Anti-Meta Punisher

Fortune Lady

RFG Rocks

RFG Zombie World

Life Point Gain

Flamvell Synchro Turbo

Perfect Lady Monarchs

Judgment Abuse


Black Forest Toolbox


Gradius Synchro

Dragunity Synchro

Des Gardius/Necrofear

Eccentric Synchro

Enchanting Synchro

Decks I've Suggested

Insect Beatdown

Flinty Saturn

Exxod Swamp

Macro Meiru

Alright, Enough With The Decks

I used to play Yugioh, but quit. And then I started again a few months ago (roughly March 2009). My god, a lot has changed since when I played - to quote one of my friends, "back when Gate Guardian was the sh1t". It's a lot of fun to relearn the game.

Basically, I normally come up with neat concept decks and post them on the forums; however, to find these ideas, I do a lot of "Random Page" clicking. That often brings me to really-crappily made articles. Often, I edit them to clean up grammar, spelling, and overall flow. I also make decks based on request; even if you just compliment me, I'll make you a deck or give you a sneak preview of a deck that I plan to release later. I'm nice like that.

Aside from this, I'm the self-appointed Featured Card editor on the wikia now. I have featured Koa'ki Meiru Drago, Tyrant Dragon, and Ally of Justice Catastor thus far.

The Ten Best Cards Ever Printed in No Particular Order - To Be Completed

Summoner Monk

There are so many great traits about this card I don't know where to start. It has potentially the most useful search effect in the game, and can help out so many decks; Diamond Dude Turbo, Crystal Beast (bring out Sapphire Pegasus), Beast (bring out the Cat); hell, I think that any deck could benefit from this card! Try E-Heroes for a better fusion toolbox (it can search Sparkman, Bubbleman, Wildheart, and Clayman, among others). You can search out Exiled Force and tribute it,; basically, you just discarded a Spell card to destroy an opponent's monster and thin your deck.

Aside from that, use it for quick synchro summons; by bringing out either one of Road Synchron or Rose, Warrior of Revenge, you can summon a level 6 or 8 synchro monster. And it's one of the only monsters that normal summons itself into defense position.

Grinder Golem

People keep finding ways to abuse G-Golem. There's the Necromill OTK, of course. If you dump 3 Volcanic Counters and one FIRE monster into your graveyard, then attack Grinder Golem with a token, you'll burn your opponent's life away. One of its best characteristics is that it may be level 8 and have a fearsome 3000 ATK, but has a puny 300 DEF. That means that it can easily be destroyed by battle to abuse the effects of Greed Quasar, KA-2 Des Scissors, and others (I've made decks built around both combos). And it's a DARK Level 8 monster, so if it becomes a dead draw you can always discard it for Trade-In or remove it for Allure of Darkness.

And then there's the tokens that it summons. If you already have a monster, you can tribute the tokens and the monster to special summon Plasma or Dogma, effectively neutralizing the fact that your opponent has a 3000 ATK monster; either by destroying it through battle, or absorbing it. Or you could do any number of other things with the tokens... limited only by your ingenuity.

Lava Golem/Volcanic Queen

My god, these are the two most unstoppable pieces of monster removal in existence. Why? Because they tribute your opponent's monsters as a cost! It's unstoppable; nothing negates costs. Basically, these two things can get rid of Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes, Neos Wiseman, Thought Ruler Archfiend, and everything else. Of course, you'll need to do something about the monster your opponent just got, but with the right deck that's a non-issue.

Best Combos Ever Conceived

Feel free to post your favorite 2-card combos here! Just sign if you're not me. Runer5h 18:33, 30 July 2009 (UTC)Runer5h


Call it hubris, but I like it when people compliment me.

  • You, my friend, are one of the most talented duelists I've ever seen. Your decks are phenomenal. If you worked for Konami designing Structure Decks, nobody would ever need to build a deck again. Just pay $10 for you to! ThePurps 02:47, October 7, 2009 (UTC)
  • For the most part that will probably be the bone structure for any Fortune Lady decks made in the future, because you're the first one to try it I think, and you have a general idea of what you want the deck to do. xD - Overlordzorc
  • I love it when people don't netdeck, why don't you bring this to a torney and show all those dad and lightsworn dudes whos boss? - Ryanfireball
  • I doubt you'll need many cuz this deck screams victory. The only person who played viruses so well was in the cartoon, and his name was Seto Kaiba. xD - Overlordzorc
  • GREAT deck by the way. Keep Up! - ???
  • What I'm saying is that the deck looks good for what it is. - Judgmentdragon Boy
  • I looked over your deck and enjoyed it very much. This deck uses a lot of great elements that uses a lot of beatstick monsters mixed with a bit of burn lock... Other than that you have some great plays. Treacherous Trap Hole scares the Hell out of me, because I'm often a passive-aggressive player so with the activation of that to clear the field of my monsters and the following beat it is something I'd rather not get near. - Overlordzorc
  • You have what seems like a good build - Aserik
  • very nice deck - Doz Bate
  • omfg dude love the deck idea and build is very soild as demented as this deck is im suprized i never thought of it myself seriusly keep up the good work ftmeta - ???
  • Good deck tho. - Doz Bate
  • Keep up those concept decks cause they are awesome - Kidd 05 u2
  • good idea!! - Jetronix
  • A straightforward attack-manipulating deck to honor Sea Serpents. I like it! - Chris247
  • by the way huge fan runer5h - Roxas911
  • Runer, Like your Eraser to Dark Ruler OTK Deck, I really don't see how can I help here! The Deck looks off the Chain! Great Work! - E-Dizzle
  • Hey guys, is it OK if I copy your decks and Immortalized your decks on my page simply because I want to show people who might not know how to use the Forum section of this site the amazing decks you've made. - Trivi-AM
  • It's nice to see you coming up with more creative ideas! - Akuma the avenger
  • the naturia set up is very solid and seem to be able to hold their own. monster, spell and trap set up works really well with each other. black shining g was a shock but i like it... all in all, bravo - Duelest 101
  • Some of the cards you showed here I think I can splash into a few of my own decks so thanks - ???
  • I really don't see anything else needing to be said though. Another amazing deck by another amazing deck builder. - Akiza'sRose66
  • Amazing Duelist with Creative Decks :)Hydronic 01:15, September 21, 2009 (UTC)
  • hey these decks are mad i like to see wat u could do with arkus oppression Kazza1 00:00, September 25, 2009 (UTC)
  • Awesome, mon! Clorth 20:18, October 30, 2009 (UTC)
  • Great Decks! By the way, could you help me? It's on the Forum:Spellcaster Deck page on the top. Thanks.
  • Your deck idea is super special awesome!You are one of the most talented duelist I have ever seen outside Thailand - Peacekung555
  • Wow. 20:37, March 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • you are the awesomest deck builder I have ever seen will you please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please build a disaster dragon deck
  • I love your decks, I used your fabled/darkworld deck as a basis for my own. You think you could give the spiders a looking over, I run them as my main deck and it's hard to find any good builds that arn't just desperate attempts to summon uru, I mean he's useful but their more to the archtype than him rebel pyroTALK

Is it possible to add Kristya to a pure Hyperion deck build? I was thinking it would be, since you can control the number of fairies in the graveyard with Hyperion. I'm going to use hanewata, just as fodder, and/or for summoning kristya. Please let me know if you have any other advice. -- (talk) 04:10, November 18, 2011 (UTC)4drummer9553

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