Hey, I'm Resul.

I'm new to this site but have a pretty extensive knowledge of the game and the cards. Probably won't do much on here except browse for information and work on my decks. Personally, I like my decklists private, but I might post one or two of my personal creations one day.

Just for the record, I run many decks, but prefer one over the others because of the length of time I have put into it and the duels I have won with it. It focuses on Spellcasters, who have gotten some great support lately with the new boosters that have come out, and has some Warriors in there to compliment them.

I don't like cards like Trap Hole and Sakuretsu Armor, mostly because they are sudden and, in my opinion, cowardly. Only someone who doesn't trust themselves after the work they put into making their deck would use cards like that. I don't believe any monster is powerful enough to ban (excluding the God Cards), but some people just overuse some monsters, including the Monarchs, the Envoys, and Cyber Dragon.

Well, there's my philosophy on dueling. Haha, I kind of vented out some of the things that I get annoyed with when listening to some people. Whether you agree with me or not, at least you know where I stand.

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