I'm Rein Weiss Ritter and I'm an Italian fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!

I will help this Wikia with Italian names for the cards!


2 August

  • I'M BACK!!!!!!!!

8 August

  • I bought the 5D's Starter Deck.
  • I finished inputting the Italian names for "5D's Starter Deck".

9 August

  • I finished inputting the Italian names for "The Duelist Genesis".

17 August

  • Thanks to the new Duel Terminal on this wikia, you can duel against me whenever you want, except Wednesdays and Saturdays.

More About Me

  • Name: Simone
  • Surname: Sigismondi
  • Nation: Italy
  • Age: 18
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Music Genre: Symphonic Death Metal
  • Favorite Band: In Flames
  • Favorite Anime: Excel Saga
  • Favorite Manga: Fairy Tail
  • Favorite Game: Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of Lions
  • Favorite Game Series: SRW (Super Robot Wars)
  • Favorite YGO Character: Joey Wheeler
  • Favorite YGO GX Character: Atticus Rhodes
  • Favorite YGO Villain: Dark Marik
  • Favorite YGO GX Villain: Sartorius

Favorite Cards

Cards I Want/Need

My Decks

First Deck

This is my real life deck. It's far from the perfection, but it's a really good deck. With the release of "The Duelist Genesis", this deck will use the new Tuner and Synchro monsters.

My Deck


These are the mangas that actually I'm reading.

  • Manga ---> Chapters I have read / Total Chapter
    • One Piece ---> 512 / Ongoing
    • Naruto ---> 414 / Ongoing
    • Fullmetal Alchemist ---> 86 / Ongoing
    • To-LOVE-Ru ---> 112 / Ongoing
    • Death Note ---> 64 / 110
    • Bleach ---> 323 / Ongoing
    • Fairy Tail ---> 100 / Ongoing
    • Excel Saga ---> 30 / Ongoing
    • Bakuman ---> 3 / Ongoing
    • Gintama ---> 50 / Ongoing

Mangas I want to read:

  • xxxHolic
  • D-Gray Man
  • Rosario+Vampire

Contact Me!

My mail: ZantetsukenofGilga@hotmail.com

Call me if you want to talk with me!

P.S. Make sure you have a lot of patience, because of my bad English! XD

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