I have been known to use many decks in my duels. Here, I will post my decks and concepts for new decks. My decks have transformed over time from using some random cards from Magic Ruler, to Yugi Starter Deck mixed with MRL, to Kaiba deck mixed with Yugi deck, to whatever Structure Deck was newest (lol) to an Elemental Hero deck, which I used for a VERY long time, until I made my first 5Ds Synchro deck based on Starter Deck 2008, and then remade it based on Starter Deck 2009. It was recently based on the the Starter Deck 2009, but heavily changed to be based on Psychics and Synchros. I then added Gladiator Beasts as i got them, only to split them into their own deck eventually. At that point, I also made a deck of Koa'ki Meiru and X-Sabers. I split that into 2 decks which I use regularly.

In all, I have 16 decks, which I use 3-6 of regularly.

Also, every card in each of these decks I own in real life. I never use proxies. That is why I do not have Goyo Guardian, Dark Armed Dragon, etc. in any of my decks. I don't own them.

Main Decks

I use 5 main decks, even though I use 9 of my 12 decks often.

My Sole Extra Deck for These Decks

These decks use only basic Extra Deck.


My best deck, by light years. I was shocked at how easy it became to acquire some of the cards in this deck, especially when one of my friends gave me his Gale for free, as he had another.

  • Status:



Machina Extra Deck

Gladiator Beast

Most of my decks are original decks that do fairly well, however this one of the two Tier 1 decks I use, as it matches my budget, for the most part. There are few hard to get cards in it, and any that there are are only rare or super rare, and cheap to buy.

  • Status:

So far, this deck is almost complete. All I need is Murmillo.

Psychic Synchro

Koa'ki Meiru

  • Status:

Done. Very few minor changes if i find that the build doesn't work.


  • Status:

Done. Very few minor changes if i find that the build doesn't work.

Elemental Hero Deck

Coming soon...

Halloween Horrors (Zombie World Swarm)

Minor Decks

I use 5 minor decks.

Ancient Gear-Synchro Deck

Coming soon...

D.D. Deck

Coming soon...

Dragon Deck

Coming soon...

Spell Counter Deck

  • STATUS: I need to buy another copy of this deck or trade for more copies of Citadel and Endymion. There's a funny story behind my copies of the Silent Magicians... I brought them to camp once and this one guy asked if he could look though my deck, so he did, and he took my silent magicians. I saw him using them one day, and I could remember that they were mine because of this one scratch in the foil of LV4 and a crease in LV8's name. He said I could have them back after he won with them...

Morphtronic Deck

Opponent Outcome
Pokefan362's Morphtronic Deck Loss
Ryo`'s Arcana Force Deck Win
mainstreet's Batteryman Deck Win
Strife89's Beatdown Deck Win

Rarely Used Decks

A few of my decks are very rarely used, due to their lack of staple cards. This is only because these staples are in my main and minor decks.

Burn Deck

Coming soon...

Water Deck

Coming soon...

Novelty Decks

These are decks that are just there because they can be, they hold a certain significance.

Yugi-themed Deck

Coming soon...

Kaiba-themed Deck

Coming soon...


Ding dong, these decks are dead. Whether they be because I morphed them into something else, split them in 2 or 3, or just put them away for good, they are gone.


Decks in Testing

These are my newest decks, which I still need to test.

  • Destiny Hero/Six Samurai

Concept decks

These are decks I want to make.

  • Tele-DAD deck
  • Harpie Deck
  • Plant Deck
  • Dinosaur Deck
  • Ritual Deck
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