Hey- so, I'm ThePurps/TehPurpleOne/purple0ne/prpl1, and I have been playing the TCG since 2001. I am a huuuge fan with over 1000 cards, and this is my Wikia page!

My Decks

You can view my multitude of decks here.

Generations of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Also, I wrote a report on The Four Generations of Yu-Gi-Oh!

About Me

  • Real Name: Lew
  • Favorite thing to happen to me on this wiki: joining
  • Main Hobbies: Yugioh, Rock Band, and Chess
  • Favorite line(s) from Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series
  • "My name is Steve. These are my associates. They are also called Steve." -Steve
  • "Brains brains brains!" -Zombie Boy
  • Favorite Duelist(s) in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: Jack Atlas
  • Favorite Archetype: Gravekeeper's, X-Sabers, and Machina
  • Favorite Monster Summoning: Exodia in episode one.
  • What I'm working on currently: Completing my Naturia deck and selling my minor decks.
  • Ultimate goal in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Perfect a new top-tier deck
  • Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! first series character: Dark Yugi
  • Sigh... so much better than the newer Yami Yugi. A much darker character, more evil and sinister. A great anti-hero...
  • Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! GX character: Zane Truesdale
  • Who doesn't love Cyber duelists?
  • Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's character: Jack Atlas
  • Amazing duelist, well created character, just an all around good character.
  • Sac Visionary for Chief then use Chief's effect to special summon Visionary from the grave.
  • Draw power
  • Fun card to use

Things that piss me off

  • 1. People who spend a ton of money on their decks.
  • 2. People who think Dark Armed Dragon is such a great card. (It's called Imperial Iron Wall, Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, or Divine Wrath!)
  • 3. Cocky duelists who think they can beat me with a crap deck.
  • 4. Scrap-Iron Scarecrow (When I'm not using it)
  • 5. Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon (Booster pack #1)

Friends on Wikia

Moar 'Bout Me

I am also the Founder of and!

Even Moar 'Bout Moi

I have a blog! User:Purple0ne/Blog

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