Hello, Wikipedians! This is my user page; please leave all messages on "My Talk" page. I also work as Hiddenvillage in the normal Wikipedia section.

For the most of the time, I will be a Yugioh! Wikipedia editor for grammar mistakes.I am glad that I will be working with other members of Wikipedia! Please note that the videos presented here are made by Chessnutstudios, and I am included in the group.

Ah, I forgot to mention I'm also a Croatian, so I could update Croatian names for each card.

Pages on my watchlist

I will be browsing Wikipedia pages for grammar mistakes (such as spelling and/or verb tense). For now, I will only monitor group pages. I've recently joined some Wikiprojects, to help increase the accuracy of the article/pages.

Favorite Style of Monsters/Themes

-Even though I use a basic deck, I am more interested in themed decks, and since Synchro Summoning became released, I decided to look as much of these cards as possible, such as:

- Level 3 or lower normal monster decks

- Vision Hero Trinity deck

- Watt Decks

- Spirit Decks

- Decks that utilize battle positions

- Decks that utilize high DEF

- Synchron decks

- Genex Decks (particularly R-Genex Locomotion)

- Turu-Purun: I've only seen this card in ads, but never in actual duels, which can be quite useful in Level 3 or lower normal battles.

Current Deck

Note: I made this deck while I was a little kid, so this deck has no real strategy. Also, some of the cards that are in this list may have been banned, but I'm too lazy to check. :-)

My Standard Deck
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