Zexal Ultimate Pack
Set number English name Rarity
ZXUP-EN001 ZS - Ouroboros Sage Super Rare
ZXUP-EN002 Bunbun Seven Super Rare
ZXUP-EN003 Gagaga Guardian Super Rare
ZXUP-EN004 ZW - Sylphid Wing Super Rare
ZXUP-EN005 Gagaga Mancer Super Rare
ZXUP-EN006 Number 100: Numeron Dragon Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN007 Gagaga Samurai Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN008 Number F0: Future Hope Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN009 Xyz Treasure Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN010 Double-Rank-Up-Magic Hope Force Super Rare
ZXUP-EN011 Rank-Up-Magic Dark Force Super Rare
ZXUP-EN012 Hyper-Rank-Up-Magic Ultimate Force Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN013 Bomb Shark Super Rare
ZXUP-EN014 Cut-In Shark Super Rare
ZXUP-EN015 Depth Biter Super Rare
ZXUP-EN016 Doppel Shark Super Rare
ZXUP-EN017 Dream Shark Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN018 Full Armor - Hope Ray Lancer Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN019 Surface Rank-Up Super Rare
ZXUP-EN020 Advantage Location Super Rare
ZXUP-EN021 Depth Gardna Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN022 Xyz Charge Up Super Rare
ZXUP-EN023 Umbral Horror Ghoul Super Rare
ZXUP-EN024 Number 5: Des Chimera Dragon Super Rare
ZXUP-EN025 Cursed Chaos Super Rare
ZXUP-EN026 Glorious Numbers Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN027 Umbral Horror Refresh Super Rare
ZXUP-EN028 Umbral Horror Retaliation Super Rare
ZXUP-EN029 Guard Off Super Rare
ZXUP-EN030 Necro Xyz Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN031 Overlay Burglary Super Rare
ZXUP-EN032 Galaxy Stealth Dragon Super Rare
ZXUP-EN033 Numeron Wall Super Rare
ZXUP-EN034 Number 1: Gate of Numeron Super Rare
ZXUP-EN035 Number C1: Gate of Chaos Numeron Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN036 Infection Fly Super Rare
ZXUP-EN037 Number 51: Infection Baal Zebul Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN038 Army Mosquito Blood Commando Super Rare
ZXUP-EN039 Army Mosquito Blood Force Super Rare
ZXUP-EN040 Number 2: Shadow Mosquito Ninja Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN047 Mosquito School Ninjitsu Art of Army Mosquito March Super Rare
ZXUP-EN042 Mosquito School Ninjitsu Art of Mosquito Repellent Flash Super Rare
ZXUP-EN043 Oily Cicada Super Rare
ZXUP-EN044 Suiminmin the Dream Cicada Super Rare
ZXUP-EN045 Number 3: Cicada King Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN046 Cicada Chirp Force Super Rare
ZXUP-EN047 Cicada Mirage Super Rare
ZXUP-EN048 Des Chironex Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN049 Silence Sea Nettle Super Rare
ZXUP-EN050 Number 4: Stealth Kragen Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN051 Stealth Kragen Ephyra Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN052 Jelly Rain Super Rare
ZXUP-EN053 Ebb Tide Super Rare
ZXUP-EN054 Jelly Bind Super Rare
ZXUP-EN055 Jelly Hole Super Rare
ZXUP-EN056 Chamelele Leon Super Rare
ZXUP-EN057 Garakarasu Super Rare
ZXUP-EN058 Gogogo Aristera Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN059 Gogogo Dexia Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN060 CXyz Zubaba Saikyo General Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN061 Double Buster Swords Super Rare
ZXUP-EN062 Bye Bye Damage Super Rare
ZXUP-EN063 Feather of Garakarasu Super Rare
ZXUP-EN064 Oopsword Super Rare
ZXUP-EN065 Reverse Wall Super Rare
ZXUP-EN066 Marinejet Seahorse Super Rare
ZXUP-EN067 Left-Hand Shark Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN068 Right-Hand Shark Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN069 Cat Shark Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN070 Water Barrier Super Rare
ZXUP-EN071 Xyz Drop Super Rare
ZXUP-EN072 Photon Baby Super Rare
ZXUP-EN073 Photon Advancer Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN074 Photon Jumper Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN075 Gadget Recovery Super Rare
ZXUP-EN076 Galaxy Barrier Super Rare
ZXUP-EN077 Galaxy Shot Super Rare
ZXUP-EN078 Photon Strike Super Rare
ZXUP-EN079 Final Life Gardna Super Rare
ZXUP-EN080 Rainbow Spider Super Rare
ZXUP-EN081 Isolde, Belle of the Underworld Super Rare
ZXUP-EN082 Tristan, Knight of the Underworld Super Rare
ZXUP-EN083 Number 14: Greedy Sarameya Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN084 Number 21: Frozen Lady Justice Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN085 Number 23: Lancelot, Ghost Knight of the Underworld Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN086 Number 28: Titanic Moth Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN081 Number 70: Deadly Sin Secret Rare
ZXUP-EN088 Court Battle Super Rare
ZXUP-EN089 Rank-Up Spider Web Super Rare
ZXUP-EN090 Spreading Spider Spawn Super Rare
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