Just another user. I play casually with a Spellcaster deck, a modified 5d's deck (not listed), and a structure deck.

I'm back, just under a lot of work.

My Hobbies and Interests

Mainly normal teenager junk, I also have an interest in, of course, Yu-Gi-Oh. I'm also on Gtalk most of the time, ( I'm also somewhat good at trivia games. I'm also a fan of the Kamen Rider series and Super Sentai. My favorite band is AC/DC. I also like Bionicles and I edit on Bioniclepedia regularly. I'm also a sysop and semi-regular on Custom Bionicles.

Favorite Cards

Not in order.

  • Junk Warrior - Not because it's one of the protagonist's main cards, but because of the double scarves. That's right, double scarves = extra coolness.

Least Favorite Card

  • Yata-Garasu Some guy took me down with Jinzo and Yata-Garasu. Anyone who uses this strategy probably has no friends and is a prick. It wasn't like I even had anything to counter any part of it, I was eleven. ELEVEN. Who does that to an eleven-year-old? At least one guy had the courtesy to end a duel with me when he would've clearly won.(He used some sort of flip-effect deck.) My best card was probably Summoned Skull.

Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh Characters

1. Solomon Muto Possibly the coolest(and only?) grandpa in Yu-Gi-Oh!

2. Katsuya Jounouchi

3. Jim Crocodile Cook

Deck Lists

My Wind/Random deck. (Mostly made so I could use my Harpie's Brothers.) Also probably(well, not now.) the only deck I'll bother to put here. I also consider it the best representation of my duel style. This is the somewhat decent deck I mentioned above.

Dark Hole will be changed to fissure in tournaments. Yay! My very first tournament legal deck.

This is neither effective, nor playable in advanced format. Go me!

Just a structure deck. For use in Advanced Format if I'm too lazy to switch out the cards in my wind deck.

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