aka Aolady

  • I live in Indonesia
  • I was born on December 25
  • My occupation is Gardener
  • I am Female

Hello everyone! You can call me Aolady or Ao. Nice to meet you!!

I often come here to check things and to peek at the card arts so I can draw accurately! ^^ You can check my Deviantart or Pixiv to see my Yugioh drawings! ^^

I am also the same person who dressed my cat as [1] and [2]. The kitty has gone tho :'(

Duel Status

Hiatus until I decided that Yuri's deck is cool enough to use. Currently working as a gardener ([3]), so I also don't have much free time to play TuT

My Focus in Editing

  • The trivia pages of cards based on carnivorous plants.
    • This because my mini garden consists from some carnivorous plants that I collected and raise after I saw the Traptrixes.

Decks I Used or Tried


  • Blackwing
  • Chronomaly
  • Gimmick Puppet
    • A modified-version of Gimmick Puppet that can summon monster from- errr, another Rank.
  • Traptrix (IN PROGRESS, halted due to hiatus)


  • Six Samurai
  • Fabled
  • Heraldic Beast (pre-Amphisbaena)

Favorite Cards

  • Traptrix Nepenthes : This card is my reason to start my mini garden, and the reason why my garden mostly consists of Nepenthes.
  • Predator Plant Pteropenthes : I love the species that becomes the base of the monster ok. Too bad I can never raise it unless I move to somewhere higher.
  • Number 9: Dyson Sphere : Because of the owner in the anime.
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