Welcome to my user page.

About me

It's quite funny, I never made an account here. I was browsing and editing some stuff with my inciclopedia (spanish uncyclopedia) account, and Dmaster created my talk page so I just wanted to make an user page.

Not much things to say about me, I like Zombies but not because they are strong, I like their arts too. I even like the Pharaonic Guardian ones; these days, Zombies were just another monster type.

I always liked Plants because they were absolutely ignored. Now they are strong too. Fish are going that way, although they're still not-so-strong.

The only "ignored" type that I don't really like is Sea Serpent, because they aren't ignored, just unsupported. They are strong by themselves and in WATER decks, but there is no way to create a Sea Serpent-only deck.

My Decks

I have a lot of decks, but some of them exist only in my DS (WC08) because I don't have all these cards.

Bad Reaction Deck

This deck is all about abusing Bad Reaction to Simochi. Once Simochi is active, Gift Card inflicts 3000 damage to the opponent. Soul Taker, Rain of Mercy, Upstart Goblin and The Eye of Truth have the same damaging purpose, and they also provide advantage.

You may think this deck is weak because it depends on the same card and most cards cannot be played if it is not active, but with 3 Bad Reactions to Simochi and 3 A Cat of Ill Omen, I always have the card I need, even in the first turns. Although it is easy to counter (Heavy Storm, Tornado, Twister, Royal Decree...), no one expects this kind of deck, so it is easy to win the first duel.

I will put here the other decks sometime. Until then, see ya.

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