Light of Victory

          == Monsters ==                             =Spells=                 
                                                       Rainbow Veil
                                                        Heart of Clear Water
                                                        Monster Reborn
           Sage of Stillness                        Rain of Mercyx2
                                                         Pigeonholing Books of Spell
                                                         Tremendous Firex2
                                                         Back to Square One
                                                         Monster Reincarnation

           Adhesive Explosive                        Horn of Light
               Rogue Dollx3                          Nobleman of Crossout
               Divine Knight Ishzark                 Swords of Revealing Light
               Mirage Dragon                         Dian Keto the Cure Master
                Maha Vailo                           Creature Swap
                 Marie the Fallen One                
                  Neo the Magic Swordsman
                   The Stern Mystic                       ==Traps==
                    Healing Wave Generator               Magic Jammer
                    Electric Snake 
                    Arcana Force III - The Empress           Reckless Greed
                    Arcana Force Ex - the Light Ruler        Reverse Trap
                     Kaiser Sea Horse                     Frozen Soul
                     The Calculatorx2                     Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell
                     The Creator Incarnate                Mystic Probe
                     The Forgiving Maiden
                     Arcana Force VI - The Lovers x2          Shiftx2
                     Arcana Force IV - The Emperor           Imperial Iron Wall
                     Cyber Dinosaur x2                      Type Zero Magic Crusher
                     Hysteric Fairy                        Trap Hole
                     The Creator                           Dust Tornado
                     Helping Robo for Combat               Magic Jammer
                     Spirit of the Harp
                                   Power Booster
             ==Monsters==                    ==Spells==
             Main Deck Monsters
             Tune Warrior                  Battle Tuned
             Frontier Wiseman              Symbols of Duty
             Psychic Commanderx2           Synchro Boost
              Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World The Warrior Returning Alive
             Shield Warrior                 Lightning Vortex
             Magna Drago                   Mystical Space Typhoon
             Dark Blade                    Rush Recklessly
             Tragoedia                      Synchronized Realm
             Water Spirit                   Smashing Ground
             Axe Raider                     Synchro Blast Wave
             Psychic Snail                  Domino Effect
             Quillbolt Hedgehog             Double Summon
             Atlantean Pikeman              Book of Eclipse
             Junk Synchron                  Monster Reborn
             Speed Warrior
             Turbo Synchron                  ==Traps==
             Exiled Force                    Revival Giftx2
             Handcuffs Dragon                Threatening Roar
             Charcoal Inpachi                Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
             Buster Blader                   A Hero Emerges
             Mystic Tomato                   Seven Tools of the Bandit
             Marauding Captain               Spellbinding Circle
             Spiral Serpent                  Sakuretsu Armor
             Sonic Chick                     Trap Hole
             Humanoid Slime                  Solemn Wishes 
             Beast King Barbaros             Remote Revenge
             Copycat                         Miniaturize
             Frequency Magician               Birthright
             ==Extra Deck Monsters==             Divine Wrath
             Turbo Warrior                   
             Junk Warrior
             Stardust Dragon
             Colossal Fighter
             Red Dragon Archfiend
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