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About Me and Yu-Gi-Oh!

I started to play this game not long after it started. That time I didn't really have the cards and experience (I was young) to make great decks, but it was fun. As far as I remember my favourite card was Muka Muka, so you can imagine.

I restarted to play Yugioh about 1 or 2 years ago (Idk exactly, it was a Twilight format, everyone played Twilight decks, so I didn't really like LS and Chaos, and I feel the same way today. I couldn't always buy the newest packs and also didn't have lots of partners to play with, so when I found online Yugioh, I suspended collecting all the cards and real life dueling.

Today, I usually play on DN. I like to try new decks, so I play meta rarely (not because I hate winning, but because meta decks are boring), I make my own decks, and they are always strange and flexible. I (obviously) like not usual deck ideas and exciting duels. I don't like lockdown/stun/anti-meta and any other decks that make the opponent's deck useless (sooo boring). I don't play these kind of decks, except my Final Countdown deck (extremely booooring), when I am upset about not finding any normal opponents. With this, I get my revenge and go back to my own decks for a few weeks/months.

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