My greatest interest in this site is the forum. I can ask many questions as I want and someone will answer it. Although it's quite difficult because I'm still learning in using English but I think this is a kind of challenge.


I'd Always love the Idea of "recycle" which makes me think about this junk idea.

Synchron Showdown

"REAL" Identity

  1. Name : *BEEEEEEP* or Cho-Mux
  2. Place/Date of Birth : Jakarta, 12 December 1992
  3. e-mail :


Yeah... I love Yugioh's artworks. It's really awesome. I can't imagine how they can have such brilliant idea. This is also one of my interests in joining. I really like collecting pictures.....

Fav. Artwork

  • Stardust Dragon

Well... IT'S A DRAGON. I've always like dragons, then it's colour is white (my favourite colour), and that starry background inspires me a lot.

  • Elemental Hero Chaos Neos

look at his claw!!! oh... it's REALLY COOL

Fav. Characters

People are always vote for Yugi, Jaden, or Yusei. But not for me. The true duelist in my vision is Jounouchi Katsuya. He is the true lucky person of the series. Okay call Yugi can turn the duel in 1 round, or he has the 3 god cards. But I like Joey coz he doesn't have perfect cards like Yugi, yet he still become a great duelist. He's just the reflection of ourselves. Growing power overtime, get new cards from here and there. and that's really.... ME

I'll call it my Agenda

  • made a new themed deck. the "Exodia Turbo". you know these day stall decks are hard to played because of plenty of destruction cards. So, this deck is designed to collect exodia, the offensive way.
  • Gosh! Dragons are so many. I can't even decide a theme for my Dragon Deck.
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