Hi I am Maroon Gadget, I named myself after a card I thought of in my head and would like to see created, same ATK as Green Gadget and same DEF as Red Gadget and it's effect is if it's destroyed I can automatically summon any card with Gadget in it's name or is called Boot-Up Soldier - Dread Dynamo. That would really help in my Gadget/Ancient Gear Deck.

I got other logins on Wikia, however I prefer a different login for each wikia I use

I've been gone a while but I am back {{Decklist| Current Deck |color= Grey |color2= Silver |monsters = Level 7 and 8 monsters

Level 5 or 6 monsters

Level 4 or 3 monsters

Level 1 or 2 monsters

Spells & Traps will be added later

This is what happened when I took the best cards from my Dragon Lord Deck & My Standard Deck & combined them into 1 Deck, so here it is

Old Standard Deck

Cards I would like to use in this deck but don't have

Side Deck

Ancient Gadget Deck

Hey I call this a Ancient Gadget Deck due to the fact that both Gadgets and Ancient Gears are combined into one deck

Ancient Gadget Deck


Cards I would like to use in this deck but don't have yet

Pseudonyms (fake names)

  • Maroon Kangaroo
  • Correct Spelling King
  • Correct Spelling Kangaroo

Improved Restriction list

I don't like the current restrictions so I made a improved list (note not completed yet)

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