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Deckmaster Dueling


  • First, you select one Normal/Effect monster from your deck (No Ritual or Fusions). From then on, that monster will be your Deckmaster. When you play, the Deckmaster stays off-field for the duration. This is considered the 'Deckmaster Position'.
  • If you have no monsters on your side of the field because one was destroyed, you must special summon your Deckmaster to play on the field.
    • Your Deckmaster can be Special Summoned in Attack or Defence position regardless of how many monsters are on your side of the field. Furthermore, you can send it back to it's original Deckmaster position so long as there are monsters on your side of the field. You can only switch positions once during your own Main Phase.
  • Deckmasters cannot be tributed while on field.
    • Also, Deckmasters cannot be the target of monster effects, spell/trap cards or be a target for battle while in Deckmaster position.

Deckmaster Abilities

  • If you have a monster on the field that is the same 'Element' as your Deckmaster, that monster gains 200 ATK/DEF. If you have a monster on the field that is the same 'Monster-type' as your Deckmaster, that monster gains 400 ATK/DEF. Both can be stacked to benefit +600 pts for having same element/type monsters on your side of the field.
  • If your opponent uses a Spell/Trap card effect that inflicts direct damage to yourself while your Deckmaster is in it's Deckmaster position, you can negate the damage inflicted upon it's activation. You must place one Deckmaster-Counter on this card afterwards.
    • If a monster has the ability to inflict direct damage or the difference of battle-damage against your Defence-position monster, you may reduce the damage dealt by half of your Deckmaster's DEF points. Place one Deckmaster-Counter after this effect.
  • You may apply your Deckmaster's Monster effect to one of your Monsters ONCE per duel; even if your deckmaster is destroyed, the effect will remain on the selected monster until it is destroyed. Place one Deckmaster-Counter on this card after the effect has resolved.
    • If a Non-Deckmaster monster already has an effect and you wish to apply a Deckmaster's effect upon it, the Deckmaster's effect overwrites that monster's effect until it is destroyed.

Drawback to Deckmaster Destruction

  • While your Deckmaster is on the field, it can be the target of any card effects or attacks and can be destroyed. When the Deckmaster is destroyed, you cannot summon any monsters except by Spell/Trap card effects or attack with other monsters until it has returned.
    • If your Deckmaster is destroyed while on the field, battle damage is negated; instead, you receive direct damage of 300 x level-stars of your Deckmaster plus 500 for every Deckmaster-Counter on it.
  • You have to wait 3 game turns for your Deckmaster to return back onto field, you can however discard one card from you hand to bring them back on the 2nd turn.
    • If your Deckmaster was destroyed during your opponent's turn, this turn is considered turn 1. When your turn begins, it is considered turn 2 and so on. Except for the 1st turn, each turn increments from each player's Standby Phases.

Extended Ruling

  • Since Deckmasters are always face-up in Deckmaster position, a face-up FLIP monster would be useless otherwise. This is why Deckmasters are allowed to be Special summoned in face-down defence position. If you use this effect, place one Deckmaster-counter on the card.
    • The FLIP effect of your Deckmaster will only function once per play, it can be triggered again when it returns to play after being destroyed.
    • If you wish to apply a FLIP-Deckmaster's effect onto one of your monsters, you are allowed to declare this on any of your monsters that have been Flipped or Flip-Summoned to the field instead of declaring it on a face-down card.
  • Monsters that need to be destroyed to use their effect would only work when they're on field and destroyed. Monsters that have a continuous effect will have that effect running all the time as they normally would. (except when they're destroyed)
  • Monsters that have text similar to 'Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set except' or 'Cannot be Special summoned or Set except', Place one Deckmaster-Counter in place of every card that should be tributed. (Of which every counter is considered a three-star monster)
  • If the Deckmaster is a Fusion Material Monster, this can be used to summon a Fusion monster from your Fusion deck. The Fusion monster becomes the new Deckmaster for the remainder of the duel.

Rule Variations

Checkmate (Quick-Game)

Instead of dealing direct damage based on level-stars and Deckmaster-Counters, both duellists can agree to a game where if you destroy your opponent's Deckmaster, You win!

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