Hey there, i'm Kasei! I'm a pretty big fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and it's respective spinoffs, as well as the Yu-Gi-Oh! R. Manga. Most of my contributions to this wiki will be small edits here and there to make sure things stay consistent.

I have a fascination with how cards relate to each other, which is why I created the Family project. Despite some complications at first, it's really grown into a full-fledged category, now called Series! It's my own little brainchild on this wiki, and my greatest wikia accomplishment!


{{Infobox archetype | image = FeralImp-TF04-JP-VG.jpg | caption = Feral Imp | ja_name = グレムリン | romaji = Gremlin | sets = * }} The Feral Imps are a Series of monster cards that contain "グレムリン (lit. 'Gremlin')" in their japanese name. So far, the series consists of three cards: Feral Imp, Des Feral Imp, and King Feral Imp. While 'Feral' and 'Des Feral' are both Level 4 Monster Cards, King Feral Imp is a rank 4 monster, meaning the other two members of the series are viable Xyz materials for it. With the exception of the original, the monsters in this series are all reptiles.

Art-wise, these cards are based of the Gremlins from the 1984 horror-comedy film of the same name.


My own god card list

I believe that there are more god cards than just the ones called such here. I believe that several cards, for whatever reason, are 'god cards' in their own right. This usually just involves cards with 'divine' or 'god' in it's Japanese or English name.

I divide the God Cards by power. "Upper" God cards are cards that display exceptional power in the anime or manga. Some also possess similarities ex: The Egyptian Gods, Wicked Gods, Aesir, Sacred Beasts, and Destiny HERO - Plasma all require 3 tributes.

The "Lower" God cards are cards that I feel should share the status, but in terms of power and mysticism fall short of the Upper Gods. For example, if this was the anime, Endymion, The Master Magician's power would be inferior to Five Headed Dragon's. These cards are also often easier to summon.

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