The Duelist Profile:

  • Birth Name: Jaren Jay Mendoza-Caluag
  • Nickname: Kaiser
  • Yugioh Wikia Username: Kaiser-kun
  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Location: Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila City of The Republic of Philippines
  • Occupation: Student of City College of Manila in Philippines taking the course B.S.ED Major in Social Studies
  • Other: Kaiser of Avatar Sanctuary
  • Religion: Christian
  • Sex: Male
  • My Facebook and Yahoo mail account:
  • My Duelist Philosophy: All Duelists are Players but not all Players are Duelist
  • My Favorite Books: Social Science Books, The Most Holy Bible, About Astronomy, and many more...
  • (kaiser-kun)
  • [[1]] a Forum

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  • 1. To be a successful Educator,
  • 2. To be known and a model Duelist & also establishing Duelist Confederation and someday one of the champions; and
  • 3. To share the gospel of God to any person

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Message to all who read this:

For all players who want to be true duelist in terms of intelligence either skills you can attend my semi-duel academy this coming semestral break here in my house at 2422 Cjn-J Ramon fernandez st. gagalangin tondo manila

My WikiFriends:

My Primary Deck:

  • The Defender Of Faith

Lightsworn Description:

'''The light covers the heavenly skies with only pure divinity and solemn judgment that no one can oppose to its right which is truly sacred...'''

Lightsworns defend our faith

My Lightsworn Moves:

My Lightsworn Style:

  • Judgment Dragon OTK
  • Monarch Control - Lightsworn Style
  • Gragonith Beatdown Burst
  • Honest OTK
  • Sacred Break Dance Combo
  • Sacred Draw Combo
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