Hello there!

I'm too lazy to decorate this page with elaborated html codes, so I'll just write what I have to write =D

First of all welcome to my user page! My name is Jeix and I'm from Italy, I love yu-gi-oh and other competitive games such as starcraft and stuff like that. I'm 16 years old. Young? Actually I have 72682328267 years but I cant tell you that u.u

Please do not edit this page ç_ç

That's enough for today, I'll continue writing when I have time .-.

(never bwahahah)

2016 Jeix speaking here. God was my English bad back then. Still love yugioh and competitive games btw. Myself from the past was right when he said that I would never resume writing here lol, it's been 6 years. To whoever is reading this, enjoy life while it lasts and don't get mad too often. We are all irrelevant, you shouldn't dwell on it, you should have fun the way you like it.

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