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'''[[Road Warrior]]'''
'''[[Road Warrior]]'''
* Romaji: ''Tsudoishi kibou ga, aratana chihei e izanau! Hikari sasu michitonare! Shinkuro Shoukan! Kakemekero, Roodo Woriā!''
* Romaji: ''Tsudoishi kibou ga, aratana chihei e izanau! Hikari sasu michitonare! Shinkuro Shoukan! Kakemekero, Roodo Woriā!''
* Translation:
* Translation: ''Clustering hopes will evoke to a new horizon! Become the path its light shines upon! Synchro Summon! Dash onward, Road Warrior!''
==='''''[[Jack Atlas]]'''''===
==='''''[[Jack Atlas]]'''''===

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Thank you for reading my section. I am a maniac of Yu-Gi-Oh! series. I am 14 years old, live in Indonesia. I'm not a strong Duelist, but I always learn from the Duels I had to become a strong Duelist. If you want to Duel me, just invite me. But I'm not using IRC, instead, I'm using Yahoo! Messenger and MSN. But if you really want using IRC, just teach me how to use it. Also visit my Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker user page.

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Useless Facts

  • Although I like main characters, I hate if they change the condition of a Duel then win when they are in a tough situation, The Destiny Draw.
  • My 5 favorite characters:

1. アテム
2. 武藤 遊戯
3. 海馬 瀬人
4. 不動遊星
5. ジャック・アトラス

  • Favorite quotes:
    • "If Light and Darkness are eternal, then surely we nothing, must be the same....ETERNAL." - Xemnas, in his final battle against Sora and Riku in Kingdom Hearts 2.
    • "To be the best, you must beat the best." - Kobe Bryant, in a conference press after knowing that San Antonio Spurs will be their opponent in the 2008 NBA Western Conference Final.
    • "When you love someone, and they break your heart, don't give up on love, have faith restart." - The Jonas Brothers in thier song Hold On."
  • I like playing my PlayStations, playing football, reading comics, and of course Dueling.
  • I also make fanfic. Check it out.
  • I hate Duelists that:
    • underestimate another Duelists.
    • cheat all the way.

Cards I'm Looking for

Special Cards

Summoning Speeches

Only a reminder, because I love them ^_^. This contains the summoning speeches everyone does in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, for Synchro Monsters and Dark Synchro Monsters. Too bad Goyo Guardian, Dark Dive Bomber, and Armory Arm don't have any summoning speech. All speeches I got from Janime's Forum, especially from a kind member, Golladan.

Yusei Fudo

Stardust Dragon

  • Romaji: Tsudoishi negai ga, arata ni kagayaku hoshi tonare! Hikari sasu michi tonare! Shinkuro Shoukan! Hishouseyo, Sutādasuto Doragon!!!
  • Translation: Clustering hopes, will become a new shining star! Become the path its light shines upon! Synchro Summon! Take flight, Stardust Dragon!

Junk Warrior

  • Romaji: Tsudoishi hoshi ga, aratana chikara wo yobiokosu! Hikari sasu michi tonare! Shinkuro Shoukan! Ideyo, Jyanku Woriā
  • Translation: Clustering stars, will call upon a new force! Become the light its shinces upon! Synchro Summon! Show yourself, Junk Warrior!

Nitro Warrior

  • Romaji: Tsudoishi omoi ga, kokoni aratana chikara tonaru! Hikari sasu michi tonare! Shinkuro Shoukan! Moeagare, Nitoro Woriā!!
  • Translation: Clustering minds, will now become a new force! Become the path its light shines upon! Synchro Summon! Blaze on, Nitro Warrior!

Turbo Warrior

  • Romaji: Tsudoishi kizuna/hoshi ga, saranaru chikara wo tsumugidasu! Hikari sasu michi tonare! Shinkuro Shoukan! Ideyo/Todoroke, Tābo Woriā!!
  • Translation: Clustering bonds/stars, weave a greater force! Become the path its light shines upon! Synchro Summon! Show yourself/Roar engines, Turbo Warrior!

Road Warrior

  • Romaji: Tsudoishi kibou ga, aratana chihei e izanau! Hikari sasu michitonare! Shinkuro Shoukan! Kakemekero, Roodo Woriā!
  • Translation: Clustering hopes will evoke to a new horizon! Become the path its light shines upon! Synchro Summon! Dash onward, Road Warrior!

Jack Atlas

Red Dragon Archfiend

  • Romaji: Ouja no kodou, ima kokoni retsu wo nasu! Tenchi meidou no chikara wo mirugaii! Shinkuro Shoukan! Waga tamashii, Reddo Dēmonzu Doragon!!
  • Translation: The ruler's heartbeats will now file through here! Take witness to its creation-shaking power! Synchro Summon! My very soul, Red Demons Dragon!

Explode Wing Dragon

  • Romaji: Ouja no sakebi ga kodama suru! Shouri no tettsui yo! Daichi wo kudake! Shinkuro Shoukan, Habatake! Ekusupurōda Winggu Doragon!
  • Translation: The ruler's shouts echo thorughout! Hammer of Victory, shatter the very earth! Synchro Summon! Flap your wings, Explode Wing Dragon!

Aki Izayoi

Black Rose Dragon

  • Romaji: Tsumetai honoo ga sekai no subete wo tsutsumikomu. Shikkoku no hana yo, hirake! Shinkuro Shoukan! Arawareyo, Burakku Rōzu Doragon!!
  • Translation: Chilling flames engulf the entire world. Pitch-dark flower, set into bloom! Synchro Summon! Appear now, Black Rose Dragon!


Power Tool Dragon

  • Romaji: Sekai no heiwa o mamoru tame, yuuki to chikara o dokkingu! Shinkuro Shoukan! Ai to seigi no shisha, Pawā Tsūru Doragon
  • Translation: Docking strength with courage to protect world peace! Synchro Summon! Envoy of love and justice, Power Tool Dragon!


Thought Ruler Archfiend

  • Romaji: Sakamake, waga fukushuu no kokuen! Shinkuro Shoukan! Koi, Mentaru Sufia Dēmon!
  • Translation: Surge, my Black Mist of Vengeance! Synchro Summon! Come, Mental Sphere Demon!

Magical Android

  • Romaji: Kokoro no shin'en ni moeagaru waga nikushimi no honoo yo, kuroki dotou tonarite kono sekai wo juurinseyo! Shinkuro Shoukan! Arawarero, Majikaru Andoroido!
  • Translation: My Flames of Hatred inflamed within the abyss of my heart, become the black, raging waves that will overrun this world! Synchro Summon! Appear now, Magical Android!


Blackwing - Armored Wing

  • Romaji: Kuroki Senppuu yo, tenkuu e kakeagaru tsubasa tonare! Shinkuro Shoukan! Burakku Fezā - Āmādo Wingu!
  • Translation: Darkened gales, become the wings which will soar to heaven! Synchro Summon! Black Feather - Armored Wing!

Blackwing - Arms Wing

  • Romaji: Shikkoku no chikara! Ooinaru tsubasa ni yadorite shinpuu o makiokose! Shinkuro Shoukan! Fukisusabe! Burakku Fezā - Āmuzu Wingu!
  • Translation: Pitch-dark power, lodge in its great wings and stir up the divine winds! Synchro Summon! Gust fiercely! Black Feather - Arms Wing!


  • Romaji: Yami to yami kasanarishi toki, Meifu no Tobira wa hirakareru. Hikarinaki Sekai e! Daaku Shinkuro! Ideyo, Hyouketsu no Fittsujerarudo/Shikkoku no Zumuworuto!
  • Translation: When dark overlaps with dark, the doors of the underworld will open. To a world without light! Dark Synchro! Show yourself, Freezing Fitzgerald/Jet-Black Zumwald!


One-Hundred Eye Dragon

  • Romaji: Shikkoku no tobira ga orishi toki, meifu no hitomi ga hirakareru! Maioriro yami yo! Daaku Shinkuro! Ideyo, Wanhandoreddo Ai Doragon!
  • Translation: When the curtain of darkness descends down, the eyes of the underworld will open! Swoop down, darkness! Dark Synchro! Show yourself, One-Hundred Eyes Dragon!

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2. Sagaf
3. Neos lover

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