Iqbal rezzmana

  • I live in Indonesia
  • My occupation is Teacher
  • I am Male

"We are humans, not angels nor devils. We cannot be good, or bad, all the time. We cannot be right, or wrong, all the time. However, we may learn, so we could do the good more, do the right more."


Hello, I am one of the users of Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia. I usually contribute trivial stuffs in the card trivia. I concern about cards that have some sort of story lines, and most of the time, the Duel Terminal ones. Even so, most of my edits are usually come from my own perspective, theory, and analysis, without prominent references. Therefore, I beg for your guidance as pro editors to supervise my works.

Dueling Activity

I don't duel a lot in real life, but I love to try out new decks through YGOPro (Percy) as the simulator. It is due to the price of YGO cards that is relatively expensive in my country, so I don't purchase cards too much and don't have so many cards to play. However, I duel with a purely build Lightsworn deck in real life, and I've been with Lightsworn since the first year of their release in TCG.

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