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Some things about me

I'm a 14 years old player from Poland. I like playing decks, whats are speed and... speed :D , like Samurai, Any OTK/FTK and others funny aggro ;]. Actualy I used a Six Samurai deck with dark support like Allure's and Dakr Nephthys ( in future DMoC ).

My Decks



We need one Gigaplant on field + one in grave + one Raptinus and Mass Driver. We special summon Gigaplant form grave to the field and we tribute the first Gigaplant for Mass Driver effect and we deal 400 DMG to opponent. Now we resurect first Gigaplant form grave with effect of second Gigaplant and use the effect of mass driver... we doing this to the moment, when opponents life points was 0 ;].

Six Samurai

Dark Samurai

This is mine current deck. Allures and Recklesses make it speeder, and due to them, I can draw Grandmaster or Shien faster


Bye ; *

Iku5 12:00, 11 July 2008 (UTC)

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