kyle and his little card collection

we're all geeks if we're on here, there's no point in writing about me, seeing as we've probably all got lots in common anyway.

so, here's my list of perhaps the rarest(?) cards i have. i have too many to count and these are off the top of my head:

and a heck of alot more :/

i update the list every now and then whenever i look through my cards :D

oh and i've decided to leave out the common usual 'rares' like Dark Magician for example, it's classed as super rare but it isn't really is it?! i have about six of 'em, plus a japanese one, god knows where i got that from. oh and i left out the ones you get from promos, like Destiny Hero - Plasma or Elemental Hero Grand Neos for example, they aren't really worth rare seeing as they come in a tin.


my msn/email is

i'm currently looking for Sky Scourge Invicil and/or Sky Scourge Norleras if anyone has them to trade?

my favorite card

i guess i should add this, its the best card in the game, it's the infamous Phantom of Chaos. it's immense, i have a super rare version of it, it's just unfathomably helpful, in any duel EVER! :D

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