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Hello my name is Gabriel **r******. I chose Majestic Star Dragon as my avatar for two very important reasons.

  1. Majestic Red Dragon was already taken by my brother.
  2. and because The "Majestic" Synchro Monsters symbolize the strongest of the new.

When I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh the "strongest", most well-known cards were "Dragon Master Knight", and "Five-Headed Dragon", not including famous cards used in the show like, "Jinzo", or "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". There was no mention of Synchro Cards, or Speed Spells. But I have chosen to start a new way of looking at Yu-Gi-Oh instead of lookin at it like a children's card game, I will see it as a strategical, and mathmatical card game, I can play with my friends.

Something else you should know it that I tend to put the current card that I am obsessing over, as my image for my character box.


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(WARNING! Contains Adult/Crude/Racial Humor, Drug/Obscure References, and Profanity. Also, Any Links To Another Site May Contain Strong Language. Don't Say I Didn't Warn You!)

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Least Favorite/Disliked Cards

  1. Penguin Soldier


  1. Since Big Koala says in its text that it is just a giant Des Koala shouldn't it have the same effect?
  2. Yami Yugi is the spirit of Pharaoh Atem, but are they different people?
  3. What exactly does T.A.D.P.O.L.E. stand for?
  4. Why don't the characters in Yu-Gi-Oh ever do there own math in duels?
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