Hello am GlowUpBulb and please don't delete anything of my acount and also check my Tech Genus deck out. Am a guy that loves dueling and is well known on youtube because of what I do on it, Am from England and I love the Tech Genus monsters they are my favourite. I miss Bruno from 5D's but what done is done. I also miss 5D's and don't like Zexal becuase it looks rubbish and the main character Yuma Tsukumo because he dresses like a Beyblade character or something like that. I am also known on KCVDS, if you guys don't know there is a paragraph about it below, am from England. I have got loads of decks but my main deck is a Tech Genus Synchro Deck so just look at that. I gurantee you will definately get a synchro in a turn and sometimes a Accel Synchro in a turn. Delta Accel Synchro Summon you will achieve in 2 turns because of T.G. Recipro Dragonfly which has an amazing effect. Decklist below, Thanks.

Tech Genus Synchro Deck

Tech Genus X-mas Angel (Custom Card Of The Week)

Back in Christmas 2010 there was tournament for card designers. The card had to have something to do with X-mas. The one that won was non other than TECH GENUS X-MAS ANGEL. This card is LV7, Earth Synchro Monster which has 2500 attack and 1600 defence. This card is packing loads for a LV7 Synchro Monster. Another thing lovely about this card is its artwork because it looks very very Sexy indeed. This card can be the new Dark Magician Girl. Loads of people who entered this tournament said this card needs to win because of its artwork and how SEXY AND GORGEOUS it looks, Duelists also said this is the first since the legendary Dark Magician Girl which is looking sexy and will make loads of hits. The good thing about this card is that it is a T.G. monster. Duelists and non-duelists hope that this card will be released hopefully and rumour has it will as it won. It may be a Duel Terminal no one knows yet but however this wonderfull sexy card has caught our eyes.

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