Falzar FZ/Sandbox2
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Flag of Croatia.svg Croatian: {{{crname}}}
Flag of France.svg French: {{{frname}}}
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Flag of Greece.svg Greek: {{{grname}}}
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Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Alternate: {{{altname}}}
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Alternate #2: {{{altname2}}}
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Alternate #3: {{{altname3}}}
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Anime: {{{animename}}}
Flag of Singapore.svg Anime: {{{sinanimename}}}
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Property: [[{{{typest}}} {{{attribute}}} Card|{{{typest}}}]] [[File:{{{typest}}}.png]]
Movement : {{{movement}}}
Race: {{{race}}}
Class: {{{Class}}}
Weapon: {{{weapon}}}
Equipment: {{{equipment}}}
Armor: {{{armor}}}
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Monster Cost/Hit Points/Damage Value: {{{moncost}}}/{{{HP}}}/[[File:DV{{{dv}}}.png]]
Move Cost/Pattern/Range: {{{movecost}}}/[[File:movepattern{{{movepattern}}}.png]]/{{{moverange}}}
Attack Cost/Pattern/Range: {{{attackcost}}}/[[File:attackpattern{{{attackpattern}}}.png]]/{{{attackrange}}}
Number: [[{{{number}}}]]
Passcode: [[{{{passcode}}}]]
Limitation Text: {{{lefttext}}}
Ritual Spell Card Required: "[[{{{ritualcard}}}]]"
Ritual Monster Required: "[[{{{ritualmonster}}}]]"
Fusion Material: "{{{fm}}}"
Synchro Material: "{{{sm}}}"
Summoned by the effect of: "[[{{{summon}}}]]"
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