Falzar FZ/Sandbox2
Flag of the United Kingdom English: Falzar FZ/Sandbox2
Flag of the Arab League Arabic: {{{arname}}}
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese: {{{chname}}}
Flag of Croatia Croatian: {{{crname}}}
Flag of France French: {{{frname}}}
Flag of Germany German: {{{dename}}}
Flag of Greece Greek: {{{grname}}}
Flag of Italy Italian: {{{itname}}}
Flag of  Korean: {{{krname}}}
Flag of Portugal Portuguese: {{{ptname}}}
Flag of Spain Spanish: {{{spname}}}
Flag of Thailand Thai: {{{thname}}}
Flag of Japan Asian-English: {{{aename}}}
Flag of Japan Japanese (Kanji): {{{jpname}}}
Flag of Japan Japanese (Kana): {{{jphira}}}
Flag of Japan Japanese (Kana): {{{kanji}}}
Flag of Japan Phonetic: {{{phon}}}
Flag of Japan Translated: {{{trans}}}
Flag of the United Kingdom Alternate: {{{altname}}}
Flag of the United Kingdom Alternate #2: {{{altname2}}}
Flag of the United Kingdom Alternate #3: {{{altname3}}}
Flag of the United Kingdom Anime: {{{animename}}}
Flag of Singapore Anime: {{{sinanimename}}}
Flag of the United Kingdom Manga: {{{manganame}}}


Abilities: {{{ability}}}
Attribute: [[{{{ATTRIBUTE}}}]] [[File:{{{attribute}}}.svg|35px]]
DDS Alignment: {{{ddsalignment}}}
Tribe: {{{tribe}}}
Type: [[{{{type}}}]]/[[{{{type2}}} Monster|{{{type2}}}]]/[[{{{type3}}} Monster|{{{type3}}}]]
DDS Upper Part Required: {{{ddsupper}}}
DDS Lower Part Required: {{{ddslower}}}
Property: [[{{{typest}}} {{{attribute}}} Card|{{{typest}}}]] [[File:{{{typest}}}.png]]
Movement : {{{movement}}}
Race: {{{race}}}
Class: {{{Class}}}
Weapon: {{{weapon}}}
Equipment: {{{equipment}}}
Armor: {{{armor}}}
Speed: {{{speed}}}
Wisdom: {{{wisdom}}}
Strength: {{{strength}}}
Courage: {{{courage}}}
Min ATK: {{{minatk}}}
Monster Cost/Hit Points/Damage Value: {{{moncost}}}/{{{HP}}}/[[File:DV{{{dv}}}.png]]
Move Cost/Pattern/Range: {{{movecost}}}/[[File:movepattern{{{movepattern}}}.png]]/{{{moverange}}}
Attack Cost/Pattern/Range: {{{attackcost}}}/[[File:attackpattern{{{attackpattern}}}.png]]/{{{attackrange}}}
Number: [[{{{number}}}]]
Passcode: [[{{{passcode}}}]]
Limitation Text: {{{lefttext}}}
Ritual Spell Card Required: "[[{{{ritualcard}}}]]"
Ritual Monster Required: "[[{{{ritualmonster}}}]]"
Fusion Material: "{{{fm}}}"
Synchro Material: "{{{sm}}}"
Summoned by the effect of: "[[{{{summon}}}]]"
Attack Name: {{{attackname}}}
Card Effect Type(s): {{{effect1}}}
Card Effect Type(s):
Card Description(s):
Description: {{{description}}}
Card Use: {{{use}}}
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Video Game Statuses
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