Elvin Kara

aka エルビン

  • I was born on January 9

Image Uploader, PSCT Uploader, Card Translator.


  • My images usually from TrollandToad and Ka-nabell. I always upload good quality images to wiki after my sources upload them.

Card Translate

  • When I start upload translates, One of the Wiki Admin, UltimateKuriboh Warning me stop it. Because my translate is so bad. After that, I learn so many thing about card translate and again I start translate cards.

About me

  • I play Yu-Gi-Oh! Since 2008. My name is Elvin Kara. I really become happy when I can help wiki. Thats why Im there.

  • My name is Elvin Kara in every Yu-Gi-Oh! sites. If you need tell me anything, you can use my talk page.
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