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About me

  • Not a lot of things about me except that I like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cardfight Vanguard and pre-Disney Star Wars.
  • I make my own Duel Disks and design fan cards.

My Favorite Cards

My Deck Spirits

Deck Monster Spirits
Elemental HERO/Neos My Deck Spirits are Winged Kuriboh, Yubel, Elemental HERO Neos are my main, and all Monsters in my Deck.
Phantom Knights Mainly a card a created for it called "Contrast HERO Arcadian".
Xeno Blades Small archetype I made up consisting of FIRE Warrior Synchros. Ace is "Xeno HERO Darkblaze".


My Elemental HERO/Neos Deck is my primary Deck. Sometimes I like to throw in some of my custom cards I make when dueling with friends to help spice things up when they agree to it.

I've liked the concept of how Phantom Knights worked, been working on support cards i think could've been useful had Arc-V had taken a different turn than it did. Made mostly like Yuto's but with some I made including "Contrast HERO Arcadian".

Xeno Blades are still a work in progress, hold large usage of different FIRE Warrior monsters that exist and some support I made up based on Flame Swordsman's Armor and Weapon like they did with Dark Magician's Cloak and Staff.

My Decks

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