My name's **** ****, but you can call me E-Dizzle. I like to make Decks, competitive Decks, based off of the main characters of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, which is why my main Deck is my Advanced JUNK Deck. My favorite cards are Stardust Dragon, Neo-Spacian Grand Mole, Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode, & all of the Synchrons & the Synchro Warriors that my boy, Yusei, uses. That's all for my user page. Peace. E-Dizzle 02:51, 8 April 2009 (UTC)


Imeem Page

Here's the website for my Imeem page. Check it out. www.imeem.com/e-dizzle


OK, so here is my Deck gallery. My finest pieces of Dueling work are here for all to see. I will update them with any changes whenever I get the chance.

--E-Dizzle 18:09, 26 June 2009 (UTC)

Advanced Junk/Yusei Deck

So here's my pride & joy, my Junk/Yusei Deck. This Deck is my best & most lethal out of my ENTIRE arsenal. That's no surprise, since you guys have helped to make it. Here it is:

Side Deck:

The strategy of the Deck is rather simple: use loads of Tuners & low-level monsters to create a swarm of big, bad synchros! The bulk of the Deck's overall power comes from the Extra Deck, which may be the Deck's weak point. However, when the synchro engine gets going, it's hard to stop. If I can't get the engine to go, then I can "jumpstart" it through the use of the proven Cyber Valley engine. And obviously, the Deck has a strong arsenal of spells & traps to help get the engine started or to protect the engine from "negative influences". That's all I can really say about how the Deck works. If you're confused, then you're better off Dueling it in order to find out how it works.

  • Status: Active (Main Deck)

Blackwing Blitz

Alright, so I decided to make a Blackwing Deck. Hey, the archetype intrigues me. As it does for everyone else, I bet. & it's a great Deck. One of the best decks for a main character in a LONG time. Here's my Version. I just called it 'Blackwing Blitz' b/c it sounds cool & every play I make with it is literally a blitz.

Extra Deck(not complete yet):

Here's the Deck. It's just short of your average BW Deck, but it's getting there. Let me know what you guys think on my User Talk page.

  • Status: De-constructed

Get Your Game On!

This is a concept Deck I built for my Deck Competition with Runer5h & Messengerofthedark. It's not the best Hero Deck out there, but I tried. Take a look.

Ok, so here's how the Deck works. You search out what you need with the numerous searchers provided to you. Afterwards, it's fusion, Fusion, FUSION! By swarming the field with the numerous Fusions available at your disposal, you overwhelm the opponent by taking advantage of the effects of the E-Hero Fusions. Zero, Plasma Vice, & Thunder Giant take care of any offensive threats. Wild Wingman keeps your opponent's spells & traps in check. Tempest makes your monsters invincible in battle. Steam Healer, well, heals you. And all the rest serve as viable beatsticks for your offense.

In addition, Marauding Captain is an important piece of the Deck as he gets your Heroes out on the battlefront quicker, & also shields them, to a certain extent.

In terms of defense & recursion, that's where Frontier Wiseman, Reborn, Hero City, Solemn, & Roars come in. All of these cards will either protect your monsters from card effects, battle, or bring them back from the grave.

That's all there is to it.

Status: Concept Deck

Savior Overdrive Deck

Ok, so I have created a Savior Dragon Deck. It's still in the works, & yes, some of the Deck are proxys, but I've tested it out, & it seems to work well at the moment. I'm hoping they'll relase more Savior support in SOVR, but for right now, this'll have to do.

The strategy of the Deck is to stall & slowly wedge your way towards victory by keeping your opponent's resources in check, conservatively Synchro Summoning, & getting all the stuff you need for the big finish(Synchro summoning the Savior Dragons). That's all there really is to it. Feel free to comment on this Deck on my User Talk Page.

Status: De-constructed (partially proxied)

Welcome to the Doghouse!

I love dogs(& yes, I consider wolves to be dogs, also), & what's not to love about them? They have amazing sense of smell & hearing, & they're loyal. So why not have a Deck that's the exact same(excluding the smell & hearing part)? Here's the Deck I built to honor our loyal companions:

The Strategy of the Deck is kinda like that of a Beatdown Deck, but a little more sophisticated. You start off by beating face with "bone"-ified beatsticks like Nin-Ken Dog & Mad Dog. You have Shiba-Warrior serving as your Tuner & defacto-blocker. Ryko will help clear the field of any threats too large for your dogs to handle, & he can also send Green Baboon, who isn't technically a dog, into the grave, ready to back up any fallen comrades. Now, you don't have to worry about Deck outs, because that's where Outstanding Dog Marron comes in. Whenever he is sent to the grave, he is shuffled back into the Deck. so Ryko's mills won't kill you when you least expect it & you don't have to worry about Deck Destruction strategies. Also, Guard Dog is your tech card here. He'll help prevent your opponent from going on a Special Summon rant.

After you've done some damage with the smaller Dogs, it's time to let the larger ones off their leash. Ghost Knight of Jackal is literally your 'main deck' version of Goyo, as he can steal any monster that he destroys in battle. But wait, what if he's not strong enough? That's why I included Wild Nature's Release & Shrink. Those cards will help your Dogs get over just about any obstacle. Monster Reincarnation gives you a way to get back your fallen Dogs.

The Key here is to beat face with your Doggie Beatsticks & keep them protected from other predators. After your smaller dogs have done their thing, let the "big dogs"(pun intended) come in & finish the job. By then, they will overwhelm your opponent, who will have no way to come back from the predicament they've found themselves in. & I've also managed to include key staples, like Cold Wave, Solemn, Dark Bribe, & Mirror Force, so don't worry. I made this Deck with the competition in mind.

Status: Concept Deck

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