15th Anniversary Playmat promotion
2-Player Starter Deck Yuya & Declan13,313,00033,313,00023,313,00043,313,00053,313,000
2002 Collectible Tin
2003 Collector's Tins
2013 Collectible Tins Wave 115,510,00235,510,00225,510,00245,510,00255,509,003
2013 Collectible Tins Wave 215,510,00335,510,00325,510,00345,510,00355,509,004
2013 Collectors Tins
2014 Mega-Tin Mega Pack15,511,00135,511,00125,511,00145,511,00155,510,001
2014 Mega-Tins15,511,00035,511,00025,511,00045,511,00055,510,000
2015 Mega-Tin Mega Pack15,512,00135,512,00125,512,00145,512,00155,511,001
2015 Mega-Tins15,512,00035,512,00025,512,00045,512,00055,511,000
2015 Value Box
2016 Mega-Tin Mega Pack15,513,00135,513,00125,513,00145,513,00155,512,001
2016 Mega-Tins15,513,00035,513,00025,513,00045,513,00055,512,000
2017 Mega-Tin Mega Pack15,514,00135,513,00125,514,00145,514,00155,513,001
2017 Mega-Tins15,514,00035,513,00025,514,00045,514,00055,513,000
2018 Mega-Tin Mega Pack15,515,00115,515,00115,515,00115,515,00115,515,001
2018 Mega-Tins15,515,00015,515,00015,515,00015,515,00015,515,000
2019 Gold Sarcophagus Tin15,516,00115,516,00115,516,00115,516,00115,516,001
2019 Gold Sarcophagus Tin Mega Pack
20th Anniversary Duel Set (Obelisk the Tormentor)141,418,007
20th Anniversary Duel Set (Slifer the Sky Dragon)
20th Anniversary Duelist Box3,320,001
20th Anniversary Legend Collection3,320,002
20th Anniversary Legendary Dragons121,220,004
20th Anniversary Monster Art Box
20th Anniversary Pack 1st Wave3,304,004
20th Anniversary Pack 2nd Wave3,304,005
20th Anniversary Secret Selection121,221,004
20th Anniversary Set
20th Legendary Collection121,217,002
20th Rival Collection121,218,010
20th Secret Rare Challenge Pack141,418,014
20th Secret Rare Final Challenge Pack
20th Secret Rare Special Pack141,418,013
@Ignister Duel Set111,120,003


Absolute Powerforce1,112,00211,109,00031,109,00021,109,00041,109,00051,108,000
Absolute Powerforce 2-Pack Set141,409,004
Absolute Powerforce Plus
Absolute Powerforce Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,209,0013,121,208,0012,121,209,0014,121,208,0015,121,208,001
Absolute Powerforce: Special Edition12,206,00132,207,00122,207,00142,207,00152,207,001
Abyss Rising1,115,00111,111,00731,111,00721,111,00741,111,00751,110,007
Abyss Rising Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,211,0093,121,210,0072,121,211,0074,121,210,0075,121,210,007
Abyss Rising: Special Edition3,304,01432,209,00422,209,00442,209,00452,209,004
Academy Duel Disk (set)111,106,001
Academy Duel Disk Limited Edition111,107,005
Academy Duel Disk Osiris Red promotional cards111,108,000
Academy Duel Disk Special Set111,107,006
Advanced Demo Deck Extra Pack1,131,314,0011,131,314,0011,131,314,0011,131,314,001
Advanced Event Pack 2013 Vol.1
Advanced Event Pack 2013 Vol.2
Advanced Event Pack 2014 Vol.1
Advanced Event Pack 2014 Vol.2
Advanced Event Pack 2014 Vol.3
Advanced Event Pack 2014 Vol.4
Advanced Event Pack 2015 Vol.1
Advanced Event Pack 2015 Vol.2
Advanced Event Pack 2016 Vol.1
Advanced Event Pack 2017 Vol.1
Advanced Event Pack 2017 Vol.2
Advanced Event Pack 2018 Vol.1
Advanced Event Pack 2019 Vol.1
Advanced Event Pack 2019 Vol.2
Advanced Tournament Pack 2013 Vol.1131,314,004
Advanced Tournament Pack 2013 Vol.2131,315,000
Advanced Tournament Pack 2013 Vol.3131,315,001
Advanced Tournament Pack 2013 Vol.4131,315,003
Advanced Tournament Pack 2014 Vol.1131,315,004
Advanced Tournament Pack 2014 Vol.2131,316,000
Advanced Tournament Pack 2014 Vol.3131,316,001
Advanced Tournament Pack 2014 Vol.4131,316,003
Advanced Tournament Pack 2015 Vol.1131,316,004
Advanced Tournament Pack 2015 Vol.2131,317,000
Advanced Tournament Pack 2015 Vol.3131,317,001
Advanced Tournament Pack 2015 Vol.413,131,700
Advanced Tournament Pack 2016 Vol.1131,317,004
Advanced Tournament Pack 2016 Vol.2131,318,000
Advanced Tournament Pack 2016 Vol.3131,318,001
Advanced Tournament Pack 2016 Vol.4131,318,003
Advanced Tournament Pack 2017 Vol.1131,318,004
Ancient Prophecy1,112,00011,108,00331,108,00321,108,00341,108,00351,107,003
Ancient Prophecy 2-Pack Set141,409,000
Ancient Prophecy Plus
Ancient Prophecy Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,208,0073,121,207,0032,121,208,0044,121,207,0035,121,207,002
Ancient Prophecy: Special Edition12,205,00232,206,00222,206,00242,206,00252,206,002
Ancient Sanctuary11,103,00131,103,00021,103,00041,103,00051,102,000
Ancient Sanctuary promotional cards
Anniversary Pack3,304,000161,601,255
Armiryle the Starguide Dragon Duel Set111,120,001
Asia Championship 2001 prize cards131,304,000
Astral Pack Eight1,121,214,0063,121,213,0042,121,214,0044,121,213,0045,121,213,004
Astral Pack Five1,121,213,0043,121,212,0012,121,213,0014,121,212,0015,121,212,001
Astral Pack Four1,121,213,0013,121,212,0012,121,213,0014,121,212,0015,121,212,001
Astral Pack One1,121,211,0103,121,210,0082,121,211,0084,121,210,0085,121,210,008
Astral Pack Seven1,121,214,0023,121,213,0022,121,214,0024,121,213,0025,121,213,002
Astral Pack Six1,121,213,0093,121,212,0072,121,213,0074,121,212,0075,121,212,007
Astral Pack Three1,121,212,0073,121,211,0052,121,212,0054,121,211,0055,121,211,005
Astral Pack Two1,121,212,0013,121,211,0012,121,212,0014,121,211,0015,121,211,001


Banzai! No.23 September 2003 promotional card2,111,101,000
Banzai! September 2004 promotional card2,111,102,000
Banzai! promotional cards
Battle City Tournament Kit
Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants11,112,00531,112,00521,112,00541,112,00551,111,005
Battle Pack 3: Monster League11,113,00731,113,00621,113,00641,113,00651,112,006
Battle Pack Tournament prize cards1,121,211,0033,121,210,0032,121,211,0034,121,210,0035,121,210,003
Battle Pack: Epic Dawn11,111,00331,111,00321,111,00341,111,00351,110,003
Battles of Legend: Hero's Revenge11,118,00511,118,00511,118,00511,118,00511,118,005
Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge11,116,00531,116,00521,116,00541,116,00551,115,005
Battles of Legend: Relentless Revenge11,117,00511,117,00511,117,00511,117,00511,117,005
Beginner's Edition 13,312,000
Beginner's Edition 23,312,001
Beginners Pack111,104,000
Booster 13,301,001
Booster 23,301,002
Booster 33,301,003
Booster 43,301,004
Booster 53,301,005
Booster 63,301,006
Booster 73,301,007
Booster Pack Collectors Tin 20033,306,000
Booster Pack Collectors Tin 20043,306,001
Booster Pack Collectors Tin 20053,306,002
Booster Pack Collectors Tin 20063,306,003
Booster Pack Collectors Tin 20073,306,004
Booster R33,301,010
Booster SP: Destiny Soldiers3,317,004
Booster SP: Fusion Enforcers3,317,005
Booster SP: Highspeed Riders3,317,002
Booster SP: Raging Masters3,317,000
Booster SP: Tribe Force3,317,001
Booster SP: Wing Raiders3,317,003
Breakers of Shadow1,118,00211,115,00031,115,00021,115,00041,115,00051,114,000
Breakers of Shadow Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,215,0003,121,214,0002,121,215,0004,121,214,0005,121,214,000
Breakers of Shadow Special Edition12,212,00032,213,00022,213,00042,213,00052,213,000


Card-labo Jumble Fes.2018 promotional card
Challenge from Kaiba Corporation Clear bonus
Champion Pack: Game Eight1,121,208,0003,121,207,0002,121,208,0004,121,207,000
Champion Pack: Game Five1,121,207,0003,121,206,0002,121,207,0004,121,206,000
Champion Pack: Game Four1,121,206,0103,121,205,0052,121,206,0054,121,205,006
Champion Pack: Game One1,121,205,0113,121,204,0042,121,205,0044,121,204,003
Champion Pack: Game Seven1,121,207,0093,121,206,0052,121,207,0054,121,206,005
Champion Pack: Game Six1,121,207,0053,121,206,0032,121,207,0034,121,206,003
Champion Pack: Game Three1,121,206,0053,121,205,0032,121,206,0034,121,205,004
Champion Pack: Game Two1,121,206,0013,121,205,0002,121,206,0004,121,205,000
Chaos Impact1,122,00111,118,00911,118,00911,118,00911,118,00911,118,009
Chaos Impact Sneak Peek Participation Card
Chaos Impact Special Edition
Circuit Break1,120,00111,116,00831,116,00821,116,00841,116,00851,115,008
Circuit Break Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,216,0063,121,215,0052,121,216,0054,121,215,0055,121,215,005
Circuit Break Special Edition12,213,00432,214,00422,214,00442,214,00452,214,004
Circuit Break: Giant Edition
Clash of Rebellions1,118,00011,114,00631,114,00621,114,00641,114,00651,113,006
Clash of Rebellions Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,214,0033,121,213,0032,121,214,0034,121,213,0035,121,213,003
Clash of Rebellions Special Edition12,211,003
Code of the Duelist1,120,00011,116,00631,116,00621,116,00641,116,00651,115,006
Code of the Duelist Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,216,0033,121,215,0032,121,216,0034,121,215,0035,121,215,003
Code of the Duelist Special Edition12,213,00332,214,00322,214,00342,214,00352,214,003
Code of the Duelist: Giant Edition
Collectible Tins 2006 Wave 115,503,00035,503,00025,503,00045,503,000
Collectible Tins 2006 Wave 215,503,00135,503,00025,503,00045,503,000
Collectible Tins 2007 Wave 115,504,00035,504,00025,504,00045,504,000
Collectible Tins 2007 Wave 215,504,00135,504,00025,504,00045,504,000
Collectible Tins 2008 Wave 115,505,00235,505,00125,505,00145,505,00155,504,001
Collectible Tins 2008 Wave 2
Collectible Tins 2009 Wave 115,506,00145,506,001
Collectible Tins 2009 Wave 215,506,00345,506,003
Collectible Tins 2010 Wave 115,507,00145,507,001
Collectible Tins 2010 Wave 215,507,00245,507,002
Collectible Tins 2011 Wave 115,508,00135,508,00125,508,00145,508,00155,507,001
Collectible Tins 2011 Wave 215,508,00235,508,00225,508,00245,508,00255,507,002
Collectible Tins 2012 Wave 115,509,00135,509,00125,509,00145,509,00155,508,002
Collectible Tins 2012 Wave 215,509,00235,509,00225,509,00245,509,00255,508,003
Collectible Tins 2012 Wave 2.515,510,00035,510,00025,510,00045,510,00055,509,000
Collectible Tins Exclusive 200815,505,00335,505,00225,505,00245,505,00255,504,002
Collectible Tins Exclusive 200915,506,00235,506,00225,506,00145,506,002
Collection Pack: Duelist of Revolution Version3,314,006
Collectors Pack 20173,314,004
Collectors Pack 20183,314,005
Collectors Pack: Duelist of Destiny Version3,314,002
Collectors Pack: Duelist of Legend Version3,314,001
Collectors Pack: ZEXAL Version3,314,000
Collectors Tin 20093,306,005
Concept Duel 1
Concept Duel 2
Concept Duel 3
Cosmo Blazer1,115,00211,112,00031,112,00021,112,00041,112,00051,111,000
Cosmo Blazer Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,212,0003,121,211,0002,121,212,0004,121,211,0005,121,211,000
Cosmo Blazer: Special Edition12,209,00032,210,00022,210,00042,210,00052,210,000
Crimson Crisis1,111,00211,108,00031,108,00021,108,00041,108,00051,107,000
Crimson Crisis 2-Pack Set141,408,005
Crimson Crisis Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,208,0013,121,207,0012,121,208,0014,121,207,0015,121,207,000
Crimson Crisis: Special Edition12,205,00032,206,00022,206,00042,206,00052,206,000
Crossed Souls1,117,00311,114,00331,114,00321,114,00341,114,00351,113,003
Crossed Souls Advance Edition12,211,00132,212,00122,212,00142,212,00152,212,001
Crossed Souls Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,214,0013,121,213,0012,121,214,0014,121,213,0015,121,213,001
Crossroads of Chaos1,111,00111,107,00531,107,00521,107,00541,107,00551,106,004
Crossroads of Chaos 2-Pack Set141,408,002
Crossroads of Chaos Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,207,0103,121,206,0062,121,207,0064,121,206,0065,121,206,003
Crossroads of Chaos: Special Edition12,204,00332,205,00322,205,00342,205,00352,205,002
Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Deck14,410,00034,410,00024,410,00044,410,00054,410,000
Cyberdark Impact1,109,00111,105,00331,105,00321,105,00341,105,00351,104,003
Cyberdark Impact 2-Pack Set
Cyberdark Impact Sneak Peek Participation Card
Cyberdark Impact: Vendor Edition3,303,010
Cybernetic Horizon1,121,00011,117,00611,117,00611,117,00611,117,00611,117,006
Cybernetic Horizon Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,217,0031,121,217,0031,121,217,0031,121,217,0031,121,217,003
Cybernetic Horizon Special Edition12,214,00212,214,00212,214,00212,214,00212,214,002
Cybernetic Revolution1,108,00011,104,00431,104,00421,104,00441,104,00451,103,004
Cybernetic Revolution Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,204,005
Cybernetic Revolution: Vendor Edition3,303,005


Dark Beginning 111,103,00421,103,00451,102,004
Dark Beginning 211,104,00331,104,00321,104,00341,104,00351,103,003
Dark Ceremony Edition3,301,000
Dark Crisis11,102,00431,106,00621,106,00641,106,006
Dark Crisis promotional cards
Dark Legion Starter Deck13,313,001
Dark Neostorm1,121,00311,118,00411,118,00411,118,00411,118,00411,118,004
Dark Neostorm Sneak Peek Participation Card
Dark Neostorm Special Edition12,216,00112,216,00112,216,00112,216,00112,216,001
Dark Revelation Volume 111,104,00131,104,00121,104,00141,104,00151,103,001
Dark Revelation Volume 211,104,00531,104,00521,104,00541,104,00551,103,005
Dark Revelation Volume 3161,601,16831,105,00421,105,00441,105,00451,104,004
Dark Revelation Volume 411,106,005
Dark Saviors11,117,00411,117,00411,117,00411,117,00411,117,004
Deck Build Pack: Dark Savers3,319,001
Deck Build Pack: Hidden Summoners3,319,002
Deck Build Pack: Infinity Chasers3,319,003
Deck Build Pack: Mystic Fighters3,319,004
Deck Build Pack: Secret Slayers
Deck Build Pack: Spirit Warriors3,319,000
Deck Custom Pack 013,316,000
Demo Deck 20151,131,311,000
Demo Deck 20161,131,312,0003,131,307,0002,131,307,0004,131,307,000
Demo Pack1,131,307,0003,131,302,0002,131,302,0004,131,302,0005,131,302,000
Destiny Soldiers11,115,00831,115,00821,115,00841,115,00851,114,008
Dimension Box Limited Edition111,117,000
Dimension of Chaos1,118,00111,114,00931,114,00921,114,00941,114,00951,114,000
Dimension of Chaos Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,214,0073,121,213,0052,121,214,0054,121,213,0055,121,213,005
Dimension of Chaos Special Edition12,211,00232,212,00222,212,00242,212,00252,212,002
Dinosmasher's Fury Structure Deck14,412,00534,413,00124,413,00144,413,00154,413,001
Dragons of Legend11,113,00431,113,00321,113,00341,113,00351,112,003
Dragons of Legend 211,114,00531,114,00521,114,00541,114,00551,113,005
Dragunity Blast
Dragunity Legion Structure Deck14,407,00034,407,00024,407,00044,407,00054,407,000
Duel Art Campaign promotional card141,411,003
Duel Booster
Duel Devastator18,813,00218,813,00218,813,00218,813,00218,813,002
Duel Disk (set)111,106,000
Duel Disk - Yusei Version DX111,110,002
Duel Disk - Yusei Version DX 2010111,111,002
Duel Field EX Epic of Noble Knights: Holy Sword of Guidance111,115,001
Duel Master's Guide promotional cards111,106,002
Duel Monsters II tournament meeting experience promotional card131,302,000
Duel Power18,813,000
Duel Starter Deck
Duel Terminal - Champion of Chaos!!4,401,004
Duel Terminal - Charge of the Genex!!4,401,006
Duel Terminal - Demon Roar God Revival!!4,401,003
Duel Terminal - Dragunity of the Hurricane!!4,401,005
Duel Terminal - Invasion of Worms!!4,401,001
Duel Terminal - Justice Strikes Back!!4,401,002
Duel Terminal - Preview Wave 117,701,000
Duel Terminal - Preview Wave 217,701,001
Duel Terminal - Pulse of the Trishula!!4,401,007
Duel Terminal - Synchro Awakening!!4,401,000
Duel Terminal 117,701,002
Duel Terminal 2161,601,041
Duel Terminal 3161,601,040
Duel Terminal 417,701,005
Duel Terminal 5
Duel Terminal 5a17,701,006
Duel Terminal 5b17,701,007
Duel Terminal 617,701,008
Duel Terminal 6a17,701,008
Duel Terminal 6b17,701,009
Duel Terminal 74,401,100
Duel Terminal 7a17,701,010
Duel Terminal 7b17,701,011
Duel Terminal Acceleration Guide 2 promotional card121,210,012
Duel Terminal Acceleration Guide 3 promotional card121,211,004
Duel Terminal Acceleration Guide 4 promotional card121,211,014
Duel Terminal Acceleration Guide 5 promotional card121,212,005
Duel Terminal Acceleration Guide promotional card121,210,003
Duel Terminal Overlay Guide 2 promotional card121,213,016
Duel Terminal Overlay Guide promotional card121,213,002
Duelist Alliance1,117,00011,113,00831,113,00721,113,00741,113,00751,112,007
Duelist Alliance Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,213,0053,121,212,0052,121,213,0054,121,212,0055,121,212,005
Duelist Alliance: Deluxe Edition12,210,00332,211,00222,211,00242,211,00252,211,002
Duelist Box111,109,000
Duelist Box 2012111,112,000
Duelist Card Playmat
Duelist Card Playmat - Memories of the Duel King
Duelist Card Protector EX: Bujintei Susanowo111,114,001
Duelist Card Protector EX: Ghostrick111,114,000
Duelist Card Protector EX: Master of HERO111,115,000
Duelist Card Protector EX: Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien111,113,000
Duelist Card Protector Six Attribute Set
Duelist Edition Volume 23,313,001
Duelist Edition Volume 33,313,002
Duelist Entry Deck VS2,202,009
Duelist Entry Deck VS: Dark Legion
Duelist Entry Deck VS: Saber Force
Duelist Festival 2016 - Promotion Pack141,415,003
Duelist League 13 participation cards1,121,210,0103,121,209,0072,121,210,0074,121,209,0075,121,209,007
Duelist League 14 participation cards1,121,211,0043,121,210,0052,121,211,0044,121,210,0055,121,210,004
Duelist League 15 participation cards1,121,211,0113,121,210,0092,121,211,0094,121,210,0095,121,210,009
Duelist League 16 participation cards1,121,212,0033,121,211,0032,121,212,0034,121,211,0035,121,211,003
Duelist League 17 participation cards1,121,212,0093,121,211,0072,121,212,0074,121,211,0075,121,211,007
Duelist League 18 participation cards1,121,213,0033,121,212,0032,121,213,0034,121,212,0035,121,212,003
Duelist League 2 participation cards1,121,209,0103,121,208,0072,121,202,0014,121,208,0075,121,208,007
Duelist League 2010 participation cards1,121,208,004
Duelist League 3 participation cards1,121,210,0043,121,209,0032,121,210,0034,121,209,0035,121,209,003
Duelist League Demo 20101,121,208,003
Duelist League Series 1 participation cards1,121,202,001
Duelist League Series 10 participation card1,121,205,004
Duelist League Series 2 participation cards1,121,202,002
Duelist League Series 3 participation card1,121,202,005
Duelist League Series 4 participation card1,121,203,000
Duelist League Series 5 participation card1,121,203,001
Duelist League Series 6 participation card1,121,203,005
Duelist League Series 7 participation card1,121,204,0013,121,203,0002,121,204,0004,121,203,0005,121,203,000
Duelist League Series 8 participation card1,121,204,004
Duelist League Series 9 participation card1,121,205,001
Duelist Legacy Volume.13,305,000
Duelist Legacy Volume.23,305,001
Duelist Legacy Volume.33,305,002
Duelist Legacy Volume.43,305,003
Duelist Legacy Volume.53,305,004
Duelist Pack Collection Tin 200815,505,000
Duelist Pack Collection Tin 200915,506,00035,506,00025,505,00045,506,00055,505,000
Duelist Pack Collection Tin 201015,507,000
Duelist Pack Collection Tin 201115,508,00045,508,000
Duelist Pack Collection Tin: Jaden Yuki15,505,001
Duelist Pack: Aster Phoenix3,309,00416,602,00136,602,00026,602,00146,603,00056,602,000
Duelist Pack: Aster Phoenix Special Edition
Duelist Pack: Battle City3,309,01516,609,00031,114,01021,114,01041,114,01051,113,010
Duelist Pack: Chazz Princeton3,309,00116,601,00136,601,00026,601,00146,601,00056,601,000
Duelist Pack: Crow3,309,01016,606,00136,606,00126,606,00146,607,00156,606,001
Duelist Pack: Crow Special Edition
Duelist Pack: Dimensional Guardians16,611,00036,612,00026,612,00046,613,00056,612,000
Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki3,309,00016,601,00036,601,00126,601,00046,602,00056,601,001
Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 23,309,00216,602,00036,602,00126,602,00046,603,00156,602,001
Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 33,309,00516,603,00036,603,00026,603,00046,604,00056,603,000
Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 3 Special Edition
Duelist Pack: Jesse Anderson3,309,00616,603,00136,603,00126,603,00146,604,00156,603,001
Duelist Pack: Jesse Anderson Special Edition
Duelist Pack: Kaiba16,605,00136,605,00126,605,00146,606,00156,605,001
Duelist Pack: Kastle Siblings3,309,014
Duelist Pack: Kite3,309,012
Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist3,309,017
Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist 23,309,018
Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist 33,309,019
Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist 43,309,020
Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist 53,309,021
Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist 63,309,022
Duelist Pack: Memories of the Pharaoh3,309,016
Duelist Pack: Rivals of the Pharaoh16,611,00036,611,00026,611,00046,611,00056,611,000
Duelist Pack: Special Edition12,203,000
Duelist Pack: Yugi16,604,00136,604,00126,604,00146,605,00156,604,001
Duelist Pack: Yugi & Kaiba Special Edition
Duelist Pack: Yugi (OCG)
Duelist Pack: Yugi Special Edition
Duelist Pack: Yuma3,309,011
Duelist Pack: Yuma 2: Gogogo & Dododo3,309,013
Duelist Pack: Yusei3,309,00716,604,00036,604,00026,604,00046,605,00056,604,000
Duelist Pack: Yusei 23,309,00816,605,00036,605,00026,605,00046,606,00056,605,000
Duelist Pack: Yusei 33,309,00916,606,00036,606,00026,606,00046,607,00056,606,000
Duelist Pack: Yusei 3 Special Edition
Duelist Pack: Zane Truesdale3,309,00316,602,00236,602,00226,602,00246,603,00256,602,002
Duelist Pack: Zane Truesdale Special Edition
Duelist Playmat Edition
Duelist Revolution1,113,00011,109,00331,109,00321,109,00341,109,00351,108,003
Duelist Revolution 2-Pack Set141,410,000
Duelist Revolution Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,209,0073,121,208,0042,121,209,0044,121,208,0045,121,208,004
Duelist Revolution: Special Edition12,206,00232,207,00222,207,00242,207,00252,207,002
Duelist Road -Piece of Memory- Side: Yami Yugi3,315,004
Duelist Road -Piece of Memory- Side: Yugi Muto3,315,003
Duelist Saga18,811,00138,810,00128,810,00148,810,00158,810,001
Duelist Set DX: Double Union111,113,003
Duelist Set: Version Dark Returner111,113,002
Duelist Set: Version Lightlord Judgment111,114,002
Duelist Set: Version Lightlord Judgment Enhancement Pack111,114,002
Duelist Set: Version Lightning Star111,113,001
Duelist Set: Version Machine-Gear Troopers111,114,003
Duelist Set: Version Machine-Gear Troopers Enhancement Pack111,114,003


EX Starter Box111,102,000
EX Value The Gold Box + ABYR&CBLZ
EX Value The Gold Box + GS2013
EX-Premium Pack: Special Edition
EX-R Starter Box111,103,000
EX.Premium Pack Kit Vol.1
EX.Premium Pack Kit Vol.2
EX.Premium Pack Kit Vol.3
Elemental Energy1,108,00111,104,00631,104,00621,104,00641,104,00651,103,006
Elemental Energy Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,204,009
Elemental Energy: Special Edition12,202,00222,203,00132,203,00142,203,00152,203,001
Elemental Energy: Vendor Edition3,303,006
Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck14,412,00024,412,00034,412,00044,412,00054,412,000
Enemy of Justice1,108,00311,105,00131,105,00121,105,00141,105,00151,104,001
Enemy of Justice Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,205,006
Enemy of Justice: Vendor Edition3,303,008
Entry Pack141,415,000
Eternity Code1,122,003
Event Pack Speed Duel1,202,001,0021,202,001,0021,202,001,0021,202,001,0021,202,001,002
Evolzar Dolkka Collectible Tin
Exclusive Pack11,103,00231,103,00121,103,00141,103,00151,102,001
Expansion Pack Vol.1
Expansion Pack Vol.2
Expansion Pack Vol.3
Expert Edition Volume 13,311,000
Expert Edition Volume 23,311,001
Expert Edition Volume 33,311,002
Expert Edition Volume 43,311,003
Extra Pack 20123,307,004
Extra Pack 20153,307,007
Extra Pack 20163,307,008
Extra Pack 20173,307,009
Extra Pack 20183,307,010
Extra Pack 20193,307,011
Extra Pack Volume 33,307,002
Extra Pack Volume 43,307,003
Extra Pack: Knights of Order3,307,006
Extra Pack: Sword of Knights3,307,005
Extreme Force1,120,00211,117,00011,117,00011,117,00011,117,00011,117,000
Extreme Force Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,217,0001,121,217,0001,121,217,0001,121,217,0001,121,217,000
Extreme Force Special Edition12,214,00012,214,00012,214,00012,214,00012,214,000
Extreme Victory1,113,00311,110,00331,110,00321,110,00341,110,00351,109,003
Extreme Victory 2-Pack Set141,410,007
Extreme Victory Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,210,0023,121,209,0022,121,210,0024,121,209,0025,121,209,001


Fire Fists: Special Edition12,210,001
Fists of the Gadgets11,118,00711,118,00711,118,00711,118,00711,118,007
Flames of Destruction1,120,00311,117,00311,117,00311,117,00311,117,00311,117,003
Flames of Destruction Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,217,0021,121,217,0021,121,217,0021,121,217,0021,121,217,002
Flames of Destruction Special Edition12,214,00112,214,00112,214,00112,214,00112,214,001
Flaming Eternity1,107,00211,104,00031,104,00021,104,00041,104,00051,103,000
Flaming Eternity Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,204,000
Flaming Eternity: Vendor Edition3,303,003
Forbidden Legacy
Force of the Breaker1,109,00311,106,00131,106,00121,106,00141,106,00151,106,001
Force of the Breaker 2-Pack Set
Force of the Breaker Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,206,0043,121,205,0022,121,206,0024,121,205,0035,121,205,002
Force of the Breaker: Special Edition12,203,00132,204,00122,204,00242,204,00152,204,001
Fusion Enforcers11,116,00131,116,00121,116,00141,116,00151,115,001


GX Next Generation12,203,003
Galactic Overlord1,114,00311,111,00231,111,00221,111,00241,111,00251,110,002
Galactic Overlord Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,211,0073,121,210,0022,121,211,0024,121,210,0025,121,210,002
GameBoy Duel Monsters Promos: Series 7151,504,000
Geargia Rampage Structure Deck14,410,00234,410,00224,410,00244,410,00254,410,002
Generation Force1,114,00011,110,00431,110,00421,110,00441,110,00451,109,004
Generation Force 2-Pack Set141,411,000
Generation Force Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,210,0073,121,209,0042,121,210,0044,121,209,0045,121,209,004
Generation Force: Special Edition12,207,00232,208,00222,208,00242,208,00252,208,002
Gladiator's Assault1,110,00111,106,00431,106,00521,106,00541,106,00551,105,004
Gladiator's Assault 2-Pack Set141,407,000
Gladiator's Assault Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,206,0123,121,205,0072,121,206,0074,121,205,0085,121,205,005
Gladiator's Assault: Special Edition12,203,00432,204,00322,204,00442,204,00352,204,003
Gold - Premium Pack Kit
Gold Pack 20163,310,007
Gold Series18,802,00038,801,00028,801,00048,801,00058,801,000
Gold Series (OCG)3,310,000
Gold Series 200918,803,00038,802,00028,802,00048,802,00058,802,000
Gold Series 20103,310,001
Gold Series 20113,310,002
Gold Series 20123,310,003
Gold Series 20133,310,005
Gold Series 20143,310,006
Gold Series 318,804,00038,803,00028,803,00048,803,00058,803,000
Gold Series: Haunted Mine18,806,00038,805,00028,805,00048,805,00058,805,000


HERO Strike Elite
HERO Strike Structure Deck14,411,00034,411,00024,411,00044,411,00054,411,000
Half Deck 2018: DARK141,418,003
Half Deck 2018: LIGHT141,418,002
Half-Deck: DARK141,413,001
Half-Deck: LIGHT141,413,000
Heroic Champion - Excalibur Collectible Tin15,509,001
Hidden Arsenal1,101,00331,108,00521,108,00441,108,00451,107,004
Hidden Arsenal (series)
Hidden Arsenal 211,109,00231,109,00221,109,00241,109,00251,108,002
Hidden Arsenal 311,109,00531,109,00521,109,00541,109,00551,108,005
Hidden Arsenal 4: Trishula's Triumph11,110,00231,110,00221,110,00241,110,00251,109,002
Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion11,110,00731,110,00621,110,00741,110,00751,109,006
Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion: Special Edition161,601,00832,209,00222,209,00142,209,00252,209,002
Hidden Arsenal 6: Omega Xyz11,111,00431,111,00421,111,00441,111,00451,110,004
Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars11,112,00231,112,00221,112,00241,112,00251,111,002
Hidden Arsenal: Special Edition12,207,00132,208,00122,208,00142,208,00152,208,001
Hidden Summoners11,117,01011,117,01011,117,01011,117,01011,117,010
Hitting 10000 Different Cards Commemorative Special Pack
Hobby League 1 participation cards A1,121,203,003
Hobby League 1 participation cards B1,121,203,003
Hobby League 1 participation cards C1,121,203,003
Hobby League 2 participation card A1,121,205,000
Hobby League 2 participation card B1,121,205,000
Hobby League 2 participation card C1,121,205,000
Hobby League 2 participation card D1,121,205,000
Hobby League 2 participation card E1,121,205,000
Hobby League 2 participation card F1,121,205,000
Hobby League 3 participation card A1,121,205,007
Hobby League 3 participation card B1,121,205,007
Hobby League 3 participation card C1,121,205,007
Hobby League 3 participation card D1,121,205,007
Hobby League 3 participation card E1,121,205,007
Hobby League 3 participation card F1,121,205,007
Hobby League 3 participation card G1,121,205,007
Hobby League 4 participation card A1,121,206,003
Hobby League 4 participation card B1,121,206,003
Hobby League 4 participation card C1,121,206,003
Hobby League 4 participation card D1,121,206,003
Hobby League 4 participation card E1,121,206,003
Hobby League 4 participation card F1,121,206,003
Hobby League 5 participation card A1,121,206,006
Hobby League 5 participation card B1,121,206,006
Hobby League 5 participation card C1,121,206,006
Hobby League 5 participation card D1,121,206,006
Hobby League 5 participation card E1,121,206,006
Hobby League 5 participation card F1,121,206,006
Hobby League 6 participation card A1,121,207,001
Hobby League 6 participation card B1,121,207,001
Hobby League 6 participation card C1,121,207,001
Hobby League 6 participation card D1,121,207,001
Hobby League 6 participation card E1,121,207,001
Hobby League 6 participation card F1,121,207,001
Hobby League 7 participation card A1,121,207,006
Hobby League 7 participation card B1,121,207,006
Hobby League 7 participation card C
Hobby League 7 participation card D
Hobby League 7 participation card E
Hobby League 7 participation card F


Ignition Assault1,122,00211,119,00111,119,00111,119,00111,119,00111,119,001
Ignition Assault Sneak Peek Participation Card
Ignition Assault Special Edition
Invasion of Chaos11,103,00031,106,00221,106,00241,106,00251,105,002
Invasion of Chaos promotional cards
Invasion of Chaos: Special Edition
Invasion of Venom: Giant Edition
Invasion: Vengeance1,119,00111,115,00731,115,00721,115,00741,115,00751,114,007
Invasion: Vengeance Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,215,0053,121,214,0032,121,215,0034,121,214,0035,121,214,003
Invasion: Vengeance Special Edition12,212,00332,213,00322,213,00342,213,00352,213,003


Judge promotional cards
Judgment of the Light1,116,00011,112,00731,112,00721,112,00741,112,00751,111,007
Judgment of the Light Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,212,0043,121,211,0042,121,212,0044,121,211,0045,121,211,004
Judgment of the Light: Deluxe Edition12,209,00132,210,00122,210,00142,210,00152,210,001
Jump Festa 2004 promotional cards141,403,008
Jump Festa 2005 promotional cards141,404,010
Jump Festa 2006 promotional cards
Jump Festa 2007 promotional cards141,406,009
Jump Festa 2008 promotional cards141,407,002
Jump Festa 2009 - Promotion Pack141,408,004
Jump Festa 2010 - Promotion Pack141,409,003
Jump Festa 2011 - Promotion Pack141,410,004
Jump Festa 2012 - Promotion Pack A141,411,004
Jump Festa 2012 - Promotion Pack B141,411,005
Jump Festa 2013 - Promotion Pack A141,412,002
Jump Festa 2013 - Promotion Pack B141,412,003
Jump Festa 2014 - Promotion Pack141,413,003
Jump Festa 2015 - Promotion Pack141,414,002
Jump Festa 2016 promotional cards
Jump Festa 2018 Souvenir for Middle Schoolers and Lower141,417,005
Jump Festa Invitational 2009 promotional card
Jump Festa Invitational 2010 promotional card
Jump Festa Invitational 2011 promotional cards
Jump Festa Invitational 2012 promotional cards
Jump Festa Limited Pack 2019141,418,012
Jump Festa Limited Pack 2020141,419,008
Jump Heroes promotional card121,207,002
Jump Pack 2014 Issue 1 promotional card
Jump Pack 2014 Issue 2 promotional card
Jump Pack 2014 Issue 3 promotional card
Jump Ryū Vol.08 promotional card121,218,004
Jump Super Anime Tour 2008 promotional card141,408,003
Jump Super Game Tour 2006 participation cards
Jump Victory Carnival 2014 promotional card141,414,001
Jump Victory Carnival 2015 promotional card141,415,001
Jump Victory Carnival 2016 - Promotion Pack141,416,009
Jump Victory Carnival 2016 promotional card141,416,008
Jump Victory Carnival 2017 promotional card141,417,000
Jump Victory Carnival 2018 promotional card141,418,004
Jump Victory Carnival 2019 promotional card141,419,003


Kaiba's Collector Box18,811,004
Kids WB Duel of Destiny promotional card
Konami official tournament 2000 participation card
Konami official tournament 2004 participation card


LINK VRAINS Box3,304,007
LINK VRAINS Duelist Set3,304,008
LINK VRAINS Edition121,219,008
LINK VRAINS Pack3,304,006
LINK VRAINS Pack 23,321,001
LINK VRAINS Pack 33,321,002
Labyrinth of Nightmare11,102,00031,102,00021,102,00041,102,000
Labyrinth of Nightmare (Japanese)1,104,001
Labyrinth of Nightmare promotional cards
Legacy of Darkness11,102,001
Legacy of Darkness promotional cards
Legacy of the Valiant1,116,00211,113,00231,113,00121,113,00141,113,00151,112,001
Legacy of the Valiant Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,213,0003,121,212,0002,121,213,0004,121,212,0005,121,212,000
Legacy of the Valiant: Deluxe Edition12,210,00032,211,00022,211,00042,211,00052,211,000
Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon11,101,00031,101,00021,101,00041,101,00051,101,000
Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon (Japanese)3,302,000
Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon promotional cards
Legendary Binder
Legendary Collection
Legendary Collection 2: Gameboard Edition
Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years18,805,00128,804,00248,804,001
Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years Mega Pack11,110,00521,110,00541,110,005
Legendary Collection 3: Yugi's World18,806,00138,805,00128,805,00148,805,00158,805,001
Legendary Collection 3: Yugi's World Mega Pack11,111,00631,111,00621,111,00641,111,00651,110,006
Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World18,807,00038,806,00028,806,00048,806,00058,506,000
Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World Mega Pack11,112,00831,112,00821,112,00841,112,00851,111,008
Legendary Collection 5D's18,808,00138,807,00128,807,00148,807,00158,807,001
Legendary Collection 5D's Mega Pack18,808,00438,807,00328,807,00348,807,00358,807,003
Legendary Collection Kaiba18,812,00018,812,00018,812,00018,812,00018,812,000
Legendary Collection Kaiba Mega Pack18,812,00118,812,00118,812,00118,812,00118,812,001
Legendary Collection: Gameboard Edition
Legendary Decks II18,810,00238,809,00328,809,00348,809,00358,809,003
Legendary Dragon Decks18,811,00338,810,00228,810,00248,810,00258,810,002
Legendary Duelists11,116,00731,116,00721,116,00741,116,00751,115,007
Legendary Duelists: Ancient Millennium11,117,00111,117,00111,117,00111,117,00111,117,001
Legendary Duelists: Immortal Destiny11,118,00811,118,00811,118,00811,118,00811,118,008
Legendary Duelists: Magical Hero11,119,00011,119,00011,119,00011,119,00011,119,000
Legendary Duelists: Sisters of the Rose11,118,00011,118,00011,118,00011,118,00011,118,000
Legendary Duelists: White Dragon Abyss11,117,00811,117,00811,117,00811,117,00811,117,008
Legendary Gold Box
Legendary Hero Decks18,812,00218,812,00218,812,00218,812,00218,812,002
Light and Darkness Power Pack18,801,000
Light of Destruction1,110,003161,601,23031,107,00121,107,00141,107,00151,106,001
Light of Destruction 2-Pack Set141,407,003
Light of Destruction Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,207,0043,121,206,0022,121,207,0024,121,206,0025,121,206,001
Light of Destruction: Special Edition12,204,00132,205,00122,205,00142,205,001
Limited Edition (set)121,201,001
Limited Edition 11,111,104,001
Limited Edition 10121,209,005
Limited Edition 10: Chaos Black121,209,005
Limited Edition 10: Holy White121,209,006
Limited Edition 12121,210,004
Limited Edition 16121,211,003
Limited Edition 2121,202,000
Limited Edition 2: Joey Pack121,202,001
Limited Edition 2: Keith Pack121,202,002
Limited Edition 2: Yugi Pack121,202,000
Limited Edition 3: Joey Pack121,203,001
Limited Edition 3: Kaiba Pack121,203,002
Limited Edition 3: Yugi Pack121,203,000
Limited Edition 4: Marik Pack121,204,001
Limited Edition 4: Yugi Pack121,204,000
Limited Edition 5: Kaiba Pack121,205,003
Limited Edition 5: Yugi Pack121,205,002
Limited Edition 6121,206,001
Limited Edition: Joey Pack121,201,003
Limited Edition: Kaiba Pack121,201,002
Limited Edition: Yugi Pack121,201,001
Link Monster Present141,417,003
Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy1,115,00311,112,00331,112,00321,112,00341,112,00351,111,003
Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,212,0023,121,211,0022,121,212,0024,121,211,0025,121,211,002


Machina Mayhem Structure Deck14,406,00034,406,00024,406,00044,406,00054,406,000
Machine Madness Value Box
Machine Reactor Structure Deck14,412,00634,413,00224,413,00244,413,00254,413,002
Magic Ruler (Japanese)1,103,000
Magician's Force11,102,003
Magician's Force promotional cards
Magicians' Combination Duel Set
Make-A-Wish Foundation promotional card
Manga Hits promotional card
Master Collection Volume 3111,107,007
Master Guide 2 promotional cards121,209,017
Master Guide 3 promotional cards121,212,021
Master Guide 4 promotional cards121,215,019
Master Guide 5 promotional cards121,219,003
Master Guide 6 promotional cards
Master Guide promotional cards121,206,005
Master Hyperion Value Box
Master of Pendulum Structure Deck14,411,00234,411,00224,411,00244,411,00254,411,002
Mattel Action Figure promotional cards
Mattel Action Figure promotional cards: Series 1
Mattel Action Figure promotional cards: Series 2
Mattel Action Figure promotional cards: Series 3
Maximum Crisis1,119,00311,116,00331,116,00321,116,00341,116,00351,115,003
Maximum Crisis Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,216,0023,121,215,0022,121,216,0024,121,215,0025,121,215,002
Maximum Crisis Special Edition12,213,00232,214,00222,214,00242,214,00252,214,002
McDonald's Promotional Cards1,131,301,000
McDonald's Promotional Cards 21,131,303,001
Memories of the Duel King: Battle City Arc3,315,001
Memories of the Duel King: Ceremonial Battle Arc3,315,002
Memories of the Duel King: Duelist Kingdom Arc3,315,000
Metal Raiders11,101,00131,101,00121,101,00141,102,00151,101,001
Metal Raiders (Japanese)3,302,003
Metal Raiders promotional cards
Millennium Box Gold Edition111,116,000
Millennium Deck
Millennium Pack (OCG)3,304,002
Millennium Pack: Lite Edition
Monster Figure Collection Volume 2 promotional cards111,111,000
Monster Figure Collection Volume 3 promotional cards111,111,001
Monster Figure Collection promotional cards111,110,003
Monster Strike x Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Collaboration Commemoration cards141,418,015
Movie Pack141,404,0081,131,302,0003,131,301,0002,131,301,0004,131,301,0005,131,301,000
Movie Pack (series)
Movie Pack Vol.2
Mystic Fighters11,118,01011,118,01011,118,01011,118,01011,118,010
Mythological Age1,104,003


National Championship 2010 TOP 8
National Championship 2011 (Korean)
National Championship 2012 (Korean)
National Championship 2013 (Korean)
Next-Gen Dueling Kit
Noble Knights of the Round Table Box Set18,808,00238,807,00228,807,00248,807,00258,807,002
Noble Knights of the Round Table Power-Up Pack11,113,01231,113,01121,113,01141,113,01151,112,011
Numbers Guide 2 promotional card121,215,000
Numbers Guide 3 promotional card121,216,002
Numbers Guide promotional card121,214,001
Numbers' Binder


OTS Tournament Pack 11,121,215,0063,121,214,0042,121,215,0044,121,214,0045,121,214,004
OTS Tournament Pack 101,121,218,0001,121,218,0001,121,218,0001,121,218,0001,121,218,000
OTS Tournament Pack 111,121,218,0011,121,218,0011,121,218,0011,121,218,0011,121,218,001
OTS Tournament Pack 121,121,218,0031,121,218,0031,121,218,0031,121,218,0031,121,218,003
OTS Tournament Pack 21,121,215,0073,121,214,0052,121,215,0054,121,214,0055,121,214,005
OTS Tournament Pack 31,121,215,0083,121,214,0062,121,215,0064,121,214,0065,121,214,006
OTS Tournament Pack 41,121,216,0013,121,215,0012,121,216,0014,121,215,0015,121,215,001
OTS Tournament Pack 51,121,216,0043,121,215,0042,121,216,0044,121,215,0045,121,215,004
OTS Tournament Pack 61,121,216,0073,121,215,0062,121,216,0064,121,215,0065,121,215,006
OTS Tournament Pack 71,121,217,0011,121,217,0011,121,217,0011,121,217,0011,121,217,001
OTS Tournament Pack 81,121,217,0051,121,217,0051,121,217,0051,121,217,0051,121,217,005
OTS Tournament Pack 91,121,217,0071,121,217,0071,121,217,0071,121,217,0071,121,217,007
Official Guide Starter Book promotional card121,201,000
Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure Deck14,409,00034,409,00024,409,00044,409,00054,409,000
Order of Chaos1,114,00211,111,00031,111,00021,111,00041,111,00051,110,000
Order of Chaos 2-Pack Set141,411,006
Order of Chaos Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,211,0013,121,210,0012,121,211,0014,121,210,0015,121,210,001
Order of Chaos: Special Edition12,208,00032,209,00122,209,00142,209,00152,209,001


Pendulum Domination Structure Deck14,412,00434,413,00024,413,00044,413,00054,413,000
Pendulum Evolution11,116,00431,116,00421,116,00441,116,00451,115,004
Perfect Rulebook 2015 promotional card121,217,001
Perfect Rulebook 2016 promotional card121,218,001
Perfect Rulebook 2017 promotional card121,218,025
Perfect Rulebook 2018 promotional card
Perfect Rulebook promotional card121,216,000
Phantom Darkness1,110,00211,107,00031,107,00021,107,00041,107,00051,106,000
Phantom Darkness 2-Pack Set141,407,001
Phantom Darkness Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,207,0023,121,206,0012,121,207,0014,121,206,0015,121,206,000
Phantom Darkness: Special Edition12,204,00032,205,00022,205,00042,205,00052,205,000
Phantom God3,302,001
Pharaoh Tour 2005 promotional cards1,121,204,0103,121,203,0042,121,204,0044,121,203,004
Pharaoh Tour 2006 promotional cards1,121,205,0103,121,204,0032,121,205,0034,121,204,002
Pharaoh Tour 2007 promotional cards1,121,206,0113,121,205,0062,121,206,0064,121,205,007
Pharaoh's Inheritance: Vendor Edition3,303,000
Pharaoh's Servant11,101,00331,101,00321,101,00341,101,001
Pharaoh's Servant (Japanese)1,103,001
Pharaoh's Servant promotional cards
Pharaonic Guardian11,102,002
Pharaonic Guardian (Japanese)1,104,004
Pharaonic Guardian promotional cards
Photon Shockwave1,114,00111,110,00631,110,00521,110,00641,110,00651,109,005
Photon Shockwave 2-Pack Set141,411,002
Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,210,0093,121,209,0062,121,210,0064,121,209,0065,121,209,006
Poseidra Value Box
Possessed Awakening Duel Set111,120,004
Power of the Duelist1,109,00011,105,00231,105,00221,105,00241,105,00251,105,002
Power of the Duelist Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,205,009
Power of the Duelist: Vendor Edition3,303,009
Precious Pack Volume 1
Precious Pack Volume 2
Premium Collection Tin15,509,00035,509,00025,509,00045,509,00055,508,000
Premium Collection Value Box
Premium Gold18,808,00038,807,00028,807,00048,807,00058,807,000
Premium Gold: Infinite Gold18,810,00038,809,00028,809,00048,809,00058,809,000
Premium Gold: Return of the Bling18,809,00038,808,00028,808,00048,808,00058,808,000
Premium Pack (Japanese)3,308,000
Premium Pack (TCG)161,601,191
Premium Pack 103,308,009
Premium Pack 113,308,010
Premium Pack 123,308,011
Premium Pack 133,308,012
Premium Pack 143,308,013
Premium Pack 153,308,014
Premium Pack 163,308,015
Premium Pack 173,308,016
Premium Pack 183,308,017
Premium Pack 193,308,018
Premium Pack 2 (Japanese)3,308,001
Premium Pack 2 (TCG)11,107,00331,107,00321,107,00341,107,00351,106,002
Premium Pack 203,308,019
Premium Pack 2019
Premium Pack 2020
Premium Pack 33,308,002
Premium Pack 53,308,004
Premium Pack 73,308,006
Premium Pack 83,308,007
Premium Pack 93,308,008
Premium Pack Vol.1
Premium Pack Vol.10
Premium Pack Vol.11
Premium Pack Vol.12
Premium Pack Vol.13
Premium Pack Vol.14 1st Wave
Premium Pack Vol.14 2nd Wave
Premium Pack Vol.2
Premium Pack Vol.3
Premium Pack Vol.4
Premium Pack Vol.5
Premium Pack Vol.6
Premium Pack Vol.7
Premium Pack Vol.8
Premium Pack Vol.9
Primal Origin1,116,00311,113,00531,113,00421,113,00441,113,00451,112,004
Primal Origin Booster Pack Guide promotional card121,215,016
Primal Origin Plus
Primal Origin Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,213,0023,121,212,0022,121,213,0024,121,212,0025,121,212,002
Primal Origin: Deluxe Edition12,210,00232,211,00122,211,00142,211,00152,211,001
Princess Cup participation card
Promotion Pack141,410,003
Promotion Pack 2141,410,006
Promotion Pack 2012 Vol.1
Promotion Pack 2012 Vol.2
Promotion Pack 2013 Vol.3
Promotion Pack 2013 Vol.4
Promotion Pack 2017141,417,004
Promotion Pack 2018141,418,000
Promotion Pack 2019141,419,001
Promotion Pack 3: Part A141,412,004
Promotion Pack 3: Part B141,412,005
Promotion Pack 4: Part A141,413,004
Promotion Pack 4: Part B141,413,005
Promotional Pack



Ra Yellow Mega Pack11,111,00131,111,00121,111,00141,111,00151,110,001
Ra Yellow Mega Pack: Special Edition12,208,002
Raging Battle1,111,00311,108,00131,108,00121,108,00141,108,00151,107,001
Raging Battle 2-Pack Set141,408,007
Raging Battle Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,208,0023,121,207,0022,121,208,0024,121,207,0025,121,207,001
Raging Battle: Special Edition12,205,00132,206,00122,206,00142,206,00152,206,001
Raging Tempest1,119,00211,116,00031,116,00021,116,00041,116,00051,115,000
Raging Tempest Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,216,0003,121,215,0002,121,216,0004,121,215,0005,121,215,000
Raging Tempest Special Edition12,213,00132,214,00122,214,00142,214,00152,214,001
Rarity Collection 20th Anniversary Edition3,318,001
Rarity Collection Premium Gold Edition
Realm of Light Structure Deck14,410,00134,410,00124,410,00144,410,00154,410,001
Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck14,408,00234,408,00224,408,00244,408,00254,408,002
Return of the Duelist1,115,00011,111,00531,111,00521,111,00541,111,00551,110,005
Return of the Duelist Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,211,0073,121,210,0062,121,211,0064,121,210,0065,121,210,006
Return of the Duelist: Special Edition12,208,00332,209,00322,209,00342,209,00352,209,003
Rise of Destiny1,107,00111,103,00531,103,00321,103,00341,103,00351,102,003
Rise of Destiny: Special Edition32,201,00022,201,00042,201,00052,201,000
Rise of Destiny: Vendor Edition3,303,002
Rise of the Dragon Lords Structure Deck14,403,00134,403,00124,403,00144,403,00154,403,001
Rise of the Duelist
Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck14,412,00134,412,00124,412,00144,412,00154,412,001
Rising Rampage1,122,00011,118,00611,118,00611,118,00611,118,00611,118,006
Rising Rampage Sneak Peek Participation Card
Rising Rampage Special Edition12,216,00212,216,00212,216,00212,216,00212,216,002


SJ Jump Pack Fall 2019 promotional card
Saber Force Starter Deck13,313,002
Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Structure Deck14,409,00134,409,00124,409,00144,409,00154,409,001
Saikyō Jump March 2015 promotional card121,216,017
Saikyō Jump May 2016 promotional card121,218,000
Saikyō Jump November 2019 promotional card121,221,011
Saikyō Jump September 2012 promotional card121,214,007
Saikyō Jump September 2015 promotional card121,217,008
Saikyō Jump September 2016 promotional card121,218,012
Saikyō Jump September 2017 promotional card121,219,009
Saikyō Jump September 2018 promotional card121,220,007
Saikyō Jump promotional cards
Saikyō V Jump Festa 2012 promotional card141,412,001
Saikyō V Jump Festa 2013 promotional card141,413,002
Samurai Assault12,207,003
Samurai Warlords Structure Deck14,408,00134,408,00124,408,00144,408,00154,408,001
San Diego Comic-Con 2006 promotional cards
Savage Strike1,121,00211,118,00111,118,00111,118,00111,118,00111,118,001
Savage Strike Sneak Peek Participation Card
Savage Strike Special Edition12,216,00012,216,00012,216,00012,216,00012,216,000
Sealed Play Battle Kit
Sealed Play Battle Kit 2
Sealed Play Battle Kit 3
Second National Tournament prize cards
Secret Slayers
Secrets of Eternity1,117,00211,114,00031,114,00021,114,00041,114,00051,113,000
Secrets of Eternity Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,214,0003,121,213,0002,121,214,0004,121,213,0005,121,213,000
Secrets of Eternity Super Edition12,211,00032,212,00022,212,00042,212,00052,212,000
Shadow Samurai Value Box
Shadow Specters1,116,00111,112,00931,112,00921,112,00941,112,00951,111,009
Shadow Specters Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,212,0083,121,211,0062,121,212,0064,121,211,0065,121,211,006
Shadow Specters: Special Edition12,209,00232,210,00222,210,00242,210,00252,210,002
Shadow of Infinity Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,205,002
Shadow of Infinity: Special Edition12,202,00022,203,00032,203,00042,203,00052,203,000
Shadow of Infinity: Vendor Edition3,303,007
Shadows in Valhalla11,117,00711,117,00711,117,00711,117,00711,117,007
Shining Victories1,118,00311,115,00331,115,00321,115,00341,115,00351,114,003
Shining Victories Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,215,0013,121,214,0012,121,215,0014,121,214,0015,121,214,001
Shining Victories Special Edition12,212,00132,213,00122,213,00142,213,00152,213,001
Shonen Jump 2007 subscription bonus1,111,103,003
Shonen Jump August 2008 subscription bonus
Shonen Jump Championship 2004 Prize Card1,121,203,006
Shonen Jump Championship 2005 Prize Card1,121,204,007
Shonen Jump Championship 2006 Prize Card1,121,205,005
Shonen Jump Championship 2007 Prize Card A1,121,206,000
Shonen Jump Championship 2007 Prize Card B1,121,206,009
Shonen Jump Championship 2008 Prize Card1,121,207,003
Shonen Jump Championship 2009 Prize Card1,121,209,002
Shonen Jump December 2010 subscription bonus1,111,106,006
Shonen Jump December 2011 subscription bonus1,111,107,010
Shonen Jump February 2009 subscription bonus1,111,105,001
Shonen Jump Fifth Anniversary Collector's Issue promotional card1,111,104,005
Shonen Jump June/July 2011 subscription bonus1,111,107,005
Shonen Jump March 2010 subscription bonus1,111,106,003
Shonen Jump May 2005 subscription bonus
Shonen Jump May 2006 subscription bonus
Shonen Jump May 2008 subscription bonus1,111,104,004
Shonen Jump May 2010 subscription bonus1,111,106,006
Shonen Jump Scholastic Edition Vol. 9, Issue 1 promotional card1,111,106,013
Shonen Jump Vol. 1, Issue 1 promotional card
Shonen Jump Vol. 10, Issue 1 promotional card1,111,108,000
Shonen Jump Vol. 10, Issue 3 promotional card1,111,108,003
Shonen Jump Vol. 10, Issue 4 promotional card1,111,108,004
Shonen Jump Vol. 2, Issue 1 promotional card
Shonen Jump Vol. 3, Issue 1 promotional card1,111,101,000
Shonen Jump Vol. 3, Issue 11 promotional card
Shonen Jump Vol. 3, Issue 6 promotional card
Shonen Jump Vol. 3, Issue 9 promotional card
Shonen Jump Vol. 4, Issue 1 promotional card1,111,102,000
Shonen Jump Vol. 4, Issue 10 promotional card1,111,102,003
Shonen Jump Vol. 4, Issue 11 promotional card1,111,102,004
Shonen Jump Vol. 4, Issue 12 promotional card1,111,102,005
Shonen Jump Vol. 4, Issue 2 promotional card
Shonen Jump Vol. 4, Issue 5 promotional card
Shonen Jump Vol. 5, Issue 1 promotional card1,111,103,000
Shonen Jump Vol. 5, Issue 11 promotional card1,111,103,005
Shonen Jump Vol. 5, Issue 4 promotional card1,111,103,001
Shonen Jump Vol. 5, Issue 6 promotional card1,111,103,002
Shonen Jump Vol. 5, Issue 9 promotional card1,111,103,004
Shonen Jump Vol. 6, Issue 1 promotional card1,111,104,000
Shonen Jump Vol. 6, Issue 12 promotional card1,111,104,008
Shonen Jump Vol. 6, Issue 3 promotional card1,111,104,002
Shonen Jump Vol. 6, Issue 5 promotional card1,111,104,003
Shonen Jump Vol. 6, Issue 9 promotional card1,111,104,006
Shonen Jump Vol. 7, Issue 1 promotional card1,111,105,000
Shonen Jump Vol. 7, Issue 11 promotional card1,111,105,006
Shonen Jump Vol. 7, Issue 3 promotional card1,111,105,002
Shonen Jump Vol. 7, Issue 6 promotional card1,111,105,003
Shonen Jump Vol. 7, Issue 9 promotional card1,111,105,005
Shonen Jump Vol. 8, Issue 1 promotional card1,111,106,000
Shonen Jump Vol. 8, Issue 11 promotional card1,111,106,011
Shonen Jump Vol. 8, Issue 3 promotional card1,111,106,002
Shonen Jump Vol. 8, Issue 5 promotional card1,111,106,005
Shonen Jump Vol. 8, Issue 7 promotional card1,111,106,008
Shonen Jump Vol. 8, Issue 9 promotional card1,111,106,009
Shonen Jump Vol. 9, Issue 1 promotional card1,111,107,000
Shonen Jump Vol. 9, Issue 10 promotional card1,111,107,009
Shonen Jump Vol. 9, Issue 3 promotional card1,111,107,001
Shonen Jump Vol. 9, Issue 4 promotional card1,111,107,003
Shonen Jump Vol. 9, Issue 6 promotional card1,111,107,004
Shonen Jump Vol. 9, Issue 8 promotional card1,111,107,008
Shonen Jump promotional cards
Silver Dragon Value Box
Sky Striker Ace Duel Set111,119,000
Sky Striker Ace Duel Set 2
Sneak Peek Participation Cards: Series 1
Soul Fusion1,121,00111,117,00911,117,00911,117,00911,117,00911,117,009
Soul Fusion Sneak Peek Participation Card
Soul Fusion Special Edition12,214,00312,214,00312,214,00312,214,00312,214,003
Soul of the Duelist1,107,00011,103,00331,103,00221,103,00241,103,00251,103,002
Soul of the Duelist: Vendor Edition
Space-Time Showdown Power Box
Space-Time Showdown Power-Up Pack11,113,00631,113,00521,113,00541,113,00551,112,005
Special Pack141,417,001
Special Pack 20th Anniversary Edition Vol.1141,417,006
Special Pack 20th Anniversary Edition Vol.2141,417,006
Special Pack 20th Anniversary Edition Vol.3141,418,006
Special Pack 20th Anniversary Edition Vol.4141,418,009
Special Pack 20th Anniversary Edition Vol.5141,419,000
Special Pack 20th Anniversary Edition Vol.6141,419,002
Special Pack Vol.1
Special Pack Vol.2
Special Promotional Pack 2015 Volume 1
Special Summon Evolution121,216,012
Special Token Card Present Campaign
Speed Duel Demo Deck
Speed Duel Starter Decks: Destiny Masters13,317,00013,317,00013,317,00013,317,00013,317,000
Speed Duel Starter Decks: Duelists of Tomorrow13,317,00113,317,00113,317,00113,317,00113,317,001
Speed Duel Starter Decks: Ultimate Predators1,202,001,0041,202,001,0041,202,001,0041,202,001,0041,202,001,004
Speed Duel Tournament Pack 1
Speed Duel Tournament Pack 21,202,001,0051,202,001,0051,202,001,0051,202,001,0051,202,001,005
Speed Duel: Arena of Lost Souls11,118,00311,118,00311,118,00311,118,00311,118,003
Speed Duel: Arena of Lost Souls Launch Event participation card
Speed Duel: Attack from the Deep1,202,001,0011,202,001,0011,202,001,0011,202,001,0011,202,001,001
Speed Duel: Scars of Battle120,201,003120,201,003120,201,003120,201,003120,201,003
Speed Duel: Scars of Battle Launch Event participation card
Speed Duel: Trials of the Kingdom1,202,001,0071,202,001,0071,202,001,0071,202,001,0071,202,001,007
Speed Duel: Trials of the Kingdom Sneak Peek participation cards1,202,001,0061,202,001,0061,202,001,0061,202,001,0061,202,001,006
Speed Start Deck Link Edition141,418,011
Speed Start Deck Synchro Edition141,418,010
Spell Ruler11,101,00231,101,00221,101,00241,101,00251,101,002
Spell Ruler promotional cards
Spellcaster's Command Structure Deck14,405,00034,405,00024,405,00044,405,00054,405,000
Spellcaster's Command Structure Deck: Special Edition
Spirit Warriors11,116,00931,116,00921,116,00941,116,00951,115,009
Spring Battle 2010 promotional cards
Spring Battle 2011 promotional cards
Spring Battle 2012 promotional cards
Spring Battle 2013 promotional cards
Star Pack 201311,112,00131,113,00221,112,00141,112,00151,111,001
Star Pack 201411,113,00331,112,00121,113,00241,113,00251,112,002
Star Pack 2014 Beginner's Kit
Star Pack ARC-V Beginner's Kit
Star Pack Battle Royal11,116,00231,116,00221,116,00241,116,00251,115,002
Star Pack VRAINS11,117,00211,117,00211,117,00211,117,00211,117,002
Stardust Overdrive1,112,00111,108,00531,108,00421,108,00541,108,00551,107,005
Stardust Overdrive 2-Pack Set141,409,002
Stardust Overdrive Plus
Stardust Overdrive Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,208,0083,121,207,0052,121,208,0054,121,207,0055,121,207,004
Stardust Overdrive: Special Edition12,205,00332,206,00322,206,00342,206,00352,206,003
Stardust: Special Edition
Starstrike Blast1,113,00111,109,00431,109,00421,109,00441,109,00451,108,004
Starstrike Blast 2-Pack Set141,410,002
Starstrike Blast Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,209,0063,121,208,0052,121,209,0054,121,208,0055,121,208,005
Starter Box111,101,000
Starter Box pre-order promotional card111,101,002
Starter Box: Theatrical Release111,101,001
Starter Deck - Jaden Yuki13,305,00033,305,00023,305,00043,305,00053,305,000
Starter Deck - Syrus Truesdale13,305,00133,305,00123,305,00143,305,00153,305,001
Starter Deck - Yuya13,314,00033,314,00023,314,00043,314,00053,314,000
Starter Deck 20062,202,00013,304,00033,304,00023,304,00043,304,00053,304,000
Starter Deck 2006: Special Edition111,106,004
Starter Deck 20072,202,001
Starter Deck 2007 Special Set111,107,008
Starter Deck 20082,202,002
Starter Deck 20092,202,003
Starter Deck 20102,202,004
Starter Deck 20112,202,005
Starter Deck 2011: Special Edition
Starter Deck 20122,202,006
Starter Deck 2012: Special Edition
Starter Deck 20132,202,007
Starter Deck 2013 Enhancement Pack111,113,004
Starter Deck 20142,202,008
Starter Deck 2014 Enhancement Pack111,114,004
Starter Deck 20162,202,011
Starter Deck 20172,202,012
Starter Deck 20182,202,013
Starter Deck 20192,202,014
Starter Deck Kaiba Reloaded13,311,002
Starter Deck Yugi Reloaded13,311,001
Starter Deck: Codebreaker13,316,00013,316,00013,316,00013,316,00013,316,000
Starter Deck: Dawn of the Xyz13,309,00033,309,00023,309,00043,309,00053,309,000
Starter Deck: Duelist Toolbox13,308,00033,308,00023,308,00043,308,00053,308,000
Starter Deck: Joey13,302,00033,302,00023,302,00043,302,00053,302,000
Starter Deck: Kaiba13,301,00133,301,00023,301,00143,301,00053,301,000
Starter Deck: Kaiba Evolution13,303,00133,303,00023,303,00143,303,00053,303,000
Starter Deck: Link Strike13,315,00033,315,00023,315,00043,315,00053,315,000
Starter Deck: Pegasus13,302,00133,302,00123,302,00143,302,00153,302,001
Starter Deck: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's13,306,00033,306,00023,306,00043,306,00053,306,000
Starter Deck: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's 200913,306,00033,307,00023,307,00043,307,00053,307,000
Starter Deck: Yugi13,301,00033,301,00123,301,00043,301,00153,301,001
Starter Deck: Yugi Evolution13,303,00033,303,00123,303,00043,303,00153,303,001
Starter Pack Volume 1
Starter Pack Volume 2
Starter Pack Volume 3
Storm of Ragnarok1,113,00211,110,00031,110,00021,110,00041,110,00051,109,000
Storm of Ragnarok 2-Pack Set141,410,005
Storm of Ragnarok Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,210,0003,121,209,0002,121,210,0004,121,209,0005,121,209,000
Storm of Ragnarok: Special Edition12,207,00032,208,00022,208,00042,208,00052,208,000
Strike of Neos1,109,00211,106,00031,106,00021,106,00041,106,00051,105,000
Strike of Neos 2-Pack Set
Strike of Neos Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,206,0023,121,205,0012,121,206,0014,121,205,0015,121,205,001
Strike of Neos: Special Edition22,204,001
Strike of Neos: Vendor Edition3,303,011
Structure Deck - Blaze of Destruction2,201,01014,401,00234,401,00324,401,00244,401,00254,401,002
Structure Deck - Dinosaur's Rage2,201,01614,402,00334,402,00324,402,00344,402,00354,402,003
Structure Deck - Dinosaur's Rage Special Edition2,201,028
Structure Deck - Dinosaur's Rage Special Set12,202,001
Structure Deck - Dragon's Roar2,201,00814,401,00034,401,00024,401,00044,401,00054,401,000
Structure Deck - Fury from the Deep2,201,01114,401,00334,401,00224,401,00344,401,00354,401,003
Structure Deck - Invincible Fortress2,201,01414,402,00134,402,00124,402,00144,402,00154,402,001
Structure Deck - Lord of the Storm2,201,01514,402,00234,402,00224,402,00244,402,002
Structure Deck - Machine Re-Volt2,201,01714,403,00034,403,00024,403,00044,403,00054,403,000
Structure Deck - Spellcaster's Judgment2,201,01314,402,00034,402,00024,402,00044,402,000
Structure Deck - Warrior's Triumph2,201,01214,401,00434,401,00424,401,00444,401,004
Structure Deck - Zombie Madness2,201,00914,401,00134,401,00124,401,00144,401,00154,401,001
Structure Deck R: Advent of the True Monarch2,201,041
Structure Deck R: Curse of the Dark2,201,052
Structure Deck R: Lord of Magician2,201,057
Structure Deck R: Machine Dragon Re-Volt2,201,046
Structure Deck R: Machiners Command
Structure Deck R: Revival of the Great Divine Dragon2,201,043
Structure Deck R: Surge of Divine Light2,201,050
Structure Deck R: Tyranno's Rage2,201,048
Structure Deck R: Undead World2,201,054
Structure Deck R: Warrior's Strike2,201,060
Structure Deck: Advent of the Emperor2,201,021
Structure Deck: Blitzkrieg of the Mechlight Dragons2,201,037
Structure Deck: Curse of Darkness2,201,019
Structure Deck: Cyber Dragon Revolution Deluxe Edition
Structure Deck: Cyberse Link2,201,04914,413,00234,413,00324,413,00344,413,00354,413,003
Structure Deck: Cyberse Link Special Set
Structure Deck: Deluxe Edition
Structure Deck: Deluxe Set111,104,001
Structure Deck: Deluxe Set Volume 2111,105,000
Structure Deck: Devil's Gate2,201,032
Structure Deck: Dinosaur's Rage Special Edition (Korean)
Structure Deck: Dragonic Legion2,201,033
Structure Deck: Dragunity Drive2,201,027
Structure Deck: Dragunity Drive Special Edition
Structure Deck: HERO's Strike2,201,038
Structure Deck: Joey2,201,001
Structure Deck: Joey Volume 22,201,005
Structure Deck: Kaiba2,201,002
Structure Deck: Kaiba Volume 22,201,006
Structure Deck: Lair of Darkness14,414,00114,414,00114,414,00114,414,00114,414,001
Structure Deck: Lord of the Magician2,201,023
Structure Deck: Lord of the Magician Limited Edition2,201,024
Structure Deck: Lord of the Storm Deluxe Set
Structure Deck: Lost Sanctuary2,201,031
Structure Deck: Machine Re-Volt Special Edition2,201,029
Structure Deck: Machine Re-Volt Special Edition (Korean)
Structure Deck: Machiners Command2,201,026
Structure Deck: Marik (OCG)2,201,007
Structure Deck: Marik (TCG)14,406,00134,406,00124,406,00144,406,00154,406,001
Structure Deck: Master Link2,201,053
Structure Deck: Master of Pendulum2,201,040
Structure Deck: Master of Pendulum Special Set
Structure Deck: Onslaught of the Fire Kings2,201,035
Structure Deck: Onslaught of the Fire Kings Special Edition
Structure Deck: Order of the Spellcasters14,415,00114,415,00114,415,00114,415,00114,415,001
Structure Deck: Pegasus2,201,003
Structure Deck: Pendulum Domination2,201,042
Structure Deck: Pendulum Evolution2,201,047
Structure Deck: Powercode Link2,201,05114,414,00214,414,00214,414,00214,414,00214,414,002
Structure Deck: Powercode Link Special Set
Structure Deck: Rebirth of Shaddoll2,201,062
Structure Deck: Rebirth of Shaddoll Deck Enhancement Pack2,201,061
Structure Deck: Revival of the Great Dragon2,201,020
Structure Deck: Revival of the Great Dragon Special Edition
Structure Deck: Revolver2,201,059
Structure Deck: Revolver Extra Deck Enhancement Pack2,201,058
Structure Deck: Roar of the Sea Emperor2,201,034
Structure Deck: Roar of the Sea Emperor Special Edition
Structure Deck: Rokket Revolt14,415,00214,415,00214,415,00214,415,00214,415,002
Structure Deck: Sacred Beasts of Chaos
Structure Deck: Sacred Beasts of Chaos Sacred Beasts Unleashed Pack
Structure Deck: Seto Kaiba2,201,04414,412,00234,412,00224,412,00244,412,00254,412,002
Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown
Structure Deck: Soulburner2,201,05614,415,00014,415,00014,415,00014,415,00014,415,000
Structure Deck: Soulburner Extra Deck Enhancement Pack2,201,055
Structure Deck: Special Set
Structure Deck: Special Set 2
Structure Deck: Spellcaster's Judgment Special Edition
Structure Deck: Surge of Radiance2,201,018
Structure Deck: Surge of Radiance Special Edition2,201,030
Structure Deck: Synchron Extreme2,201,039
Structure Deck: Synchron Extreme Special Set
Structure Deck: The Blue-Eyed Dragon's Thundering Descent2,201,036
Structure Deck: The Blue-Eyed Dragon's Thundering Descent Special Set
Structure Deck: Undead World2,201,022
Structure Deck: Undead World Family Edition
Structure Deck: Warrior's Strike2,201,025
Structure Deck: Warrior's Triumph Special Edition
Structure Deck: Wave of Light14,414,00014,414,00014,414,00014,414,00014,414,000
Structure Deck: Yugi2,201,000
Structure Deck: Yugi Muto2,201,04514,412,00334,412,00324,412,00344,412,00354,412,003
Structure Deck: Yugi Volume 22,201,004
Structure Deck: Zombie Horde14,414,00314,414,00314,414,00314,414,00314,414,003
Summer Festival 2009 promotional cards
Summer Festival 2010 promotional cards
Summer Festival 2011 promotional cards
Summer Festival 2012 promotional cards
Summer Festival 2013
Summoned Skull Sample promotional card
Super Starter Power-Up Pack11,112,00431,112,00421,112,00441,112,00451,111,004
Super Starter: Power Box
Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown13,312,00033,312,00023,312,00043,312,00053,312,000
Super Starter: V for Victory13,311,00033,311,00023,311,00043,311,00053,311,000
Surpassing 10000 Cards Commemoration Special Pack141,419,006
Swedish Shonen Jump 2004, Issue 3 promotional card
Swedish Shonen Jump 2005, Issue 12 promotional card
Synchron Extreme Structure Deck14,411,00134,411,00124,411,00144,411,00154,411,001


TV Tokyo Festival promotional card141,414,000
Tactical Evolution1,110,00011,106,00331,106,00421,106,00341,106,00351,105,003
Tactical Evolution 2-Pack Set
Tactical Evolution Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,206,0083,121,205,0042,121,206,0044,121,205,0055,121,205,004
Tactical Evolution: Special Edition12,203,00232,204,00222,204,00342,204,00252,204,002
The Dark Emperor Structure Deck14,404,00034,404,00024,404,00044,404,00054,404,000
The Dark Illusion1,119,00011,115,00531,115,00521,115,00541,115,00551,114,005
The Dark Illusion Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,215,0023,121,214,0022,121,215,0024,121,214,0025,121,214,002
The Dark Illusion Special Edition12,212,00232,213,00222,212,00242,212,00252,212,002
The Dark Illusion: Giant Edition
The Duelist Genesis1,111,00011,107,00431,107,00421,107,00441,107,00451,106,003
The Duelist Genesis 2-Pack Set141,408,000
The Duelist Genesis Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,207,0073,121,206,0042,121,207,0044,121,206,0045,121,206,003
The Duelist Genesis: Special Edition12,204,00232,205,00222,205,00242,205,00252,205,001
The Gold Box3,310,004
The Infinity Chasers11,118,00211,118,00211,118,00211,118,00211,118,002
The Lost Art Promotion1,131,314,000
The Lost Art Promotion 20191,131,315,0001,131,315,0001,131,315,0001,131,315,0001,131,315,000
The Lost Art Promotion 2020
The Lost Art Promotion A
The Lost Art Promotion B
The Lost Art Promotion C
The Lost Art Promotion D
The Lost Art Promotion E
The Lost Art Promotion F
The Lost Art Promotion G
The Lost Art Promotion H
The Lost Art Promotion I
The Lost Art Promotion J
The Lost Art Promotion K
The Lost Art Promotion L
The Lost Millennium1,107,00311,104,00231,104,00221,104,00241,104,00251,103,002
The Lost Millennium Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,204,002
The Lost Millennium: Special Edition12,201,00032,202,00022,202,00042,202,00052,202,000
The Lost Millennium: Vendor Edition3,303,004
The New Challengers1,117,00111,113,01131,113,01021,113,01041,113,01051,112,010
The New Challengers Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,213,0083,121,212,0062,121,213,0064,121,212,0065,121,212,006
The New Challengers Super Edition12,210,00422,211,003
The Rarity Collection3,318,000
The Shining Darkness1,112,00311,109,00131,109,00121,109,00141,109,00151,108,001
The Shining Darkness 2-Pack Set141,409,006
The Shining Darkness Sneak Peek Participation Card1,121,209,0033,121,208,0022,121,209,0024,121,208,0025,121,208,002
The Thousand Rule Bible promotional card121,202,008
The Valuable Book 1 promotional cards121,201,008
The Valuable Book 10 promotional cards121,209,007
The Valuable Book 11 promotional cards121,210,006
The Valuable Book 12 promotional cards121,211,006
The Valuable Book 13 promotional cards121,212,007
The Valuable Book 14 promotional cards121,213,007
The Valuable Book 15 promotional cards121,214,009
The Valuable Book 16 promotional cards121,215,008
The Valuable Book 17 promotional cards121,216,008
The Valuable Book 18 promotional cards121,217,009
The Valuable Book 19 promotional cards121,218,022
The Valuable Book 2 promotional cards121,202,003
The Valuable Book 20 promotional cards
The Valuable Book 21 promotional cards
The Valuable Book 3 promotional cards121,202,010
The Valuable Book 4 promotional cards121,203,012
The Valuable Book 5 promotional cards121,204,004
The Valuable Book 6 promotional cards121,205,004
The Valuable Book 7 promotional cards121,206,004
The Valuable Book 8 promotional cards121,207,005
The Valuable Book 9 promotional cards121,208,005
Thousand Eyes Bible1,103,003
Token Pack Version 1.0
Token Pack Version 2.0
Top Ranked COSSY Duelists 2013 promotional card
Top Ranked COSSY Duelists 2014 promotional card
Top Ranked COSSY Duelists 2015 promotional card
Top Ranked COSSY Duelists promotional cards
Tournament Pack 2007 Vol.1131,309,000
Tournament Pack 2007 Vol.2131,309,001
Tournament Pack 2007 Vol.3131,309,003
Tournament Pack 2007 Vol.4131,309,004
Tournament Pack 2008 Vol.1131,310,000
Tournament Pack 2008 Vol.1 (Korean)
Tournament Pack 2008 Vol.2131,310,001
Tournament Pack 2008 Vol.2 (Korean)
Tournament Pack 2008 Vol.3131,310,003
Tournament Pack 2008 Vol.4131,310,004
Tournament Pack 2009 Vol.1131,311,000
Tournament Pack 2009 Vol.2131,311,001
Tournament Pack 2009 Vol.3131,311,003
Tournament Pack 2009 Vol.3 (Korean)
Tournament Pack 2009 Vol.4131,311,004
Tournament Pack 2009 Vol.4 (Korean)
Tournament Pack 2010 Vol.1131,312,000
Tournament Pack 2010 Vol.2131,312,001
Tournament Pack 2010 Vol.3131,312,003
Tournament Pack 2010 Vol.4131,312,004
Tournament Pack 2010 Vol.5
Tournament Pack 2010 Vol.6
Tournament Pack 2010 Vol.7
Tournament Pack 2011 Vol.1131,313,000
Tournament Pack 2011 Vol.10
Tournament Pack 2011 Vol.11
Tournament Pack 2011 Vol.2131,313,001
Tournament Pack 2011 Vol.3131,313,003
Tournament Pack 2011 Vol.4131,313,004
Tournament Pack 2011 Vol.8
Tournament Pack 2011 Vol.9
Tournament Pack 2012 Vol.1131,314,000
Tournament Pack 2012 Vol.12
Tournament Pack 2012 Vol.13
Tournament Pack 2012 Vol.14
Tournament Pack 2012 Vol.2131,314,001
Tournament Pack 2012 Vol.3131,314,003
Tournament Pack 2013 Vol.15
Tournament Pack 2013 Vol.16
Tournament Pack 2017 Vol.2131,319,000
Tournament Pack 2017 Vol.3131,319,001
Tournament Pack 2017 Vol.4131,319,003
Tournament Pack 2018 Vol.1131,319,004
Tournament Pack 2018 Vol.2131,320,000
Tournament Pack 2018 Vol.3131,320,001
Tournament Pack 2018 Vol.41,121,217,005
Tournament Pack 2019 Vol.11,121,217,006
Tournament Pack 2019 Vol.2131,321,000
Tournament Pack 2019 Vol.3131,321,001
Tournament Pack 2019 Vol.41,121,218,003
Tournament Pack 2020 Vol.11,121,218,004
Tournament Pack 41,121,202,004
Tournament Pack 51,121,203,0043,121,202,0012,121,203,0014,121,202,0015,121,202,001
Tournament Pack 61,121,204,0033,121,203,0012,121,204,0014,121,203,0015,121,203,001
Tournament Pack 71,121,204,0083,121,203,0032,121,204,0034,121,203,0035,121,203,003
Tournament Pack 81,121,205,0033,121,204,0012,121,205,0024,121,205,0025,121,204,002
Tournament Pack: 1st Season1,121,201,0003,121,201,0002,121,201,0004,121,201,0005,121,201,000
Tournament Pack: 2nd Season1,121,201,001
Tournament Pack: 3rd Season1,121,202,000
Toys "R" Us Throwdown promotional cards
Turbo Pack: Booster Eight1,121,211,0053,121,210,0042,121,211,0054,121,210,0045,121,210,005
Turbo Pack: Booster Five1,121,210,0013,121,209,0012,121,210,0014,121,209,0015,121,209,002
Turbo Pack: Booster Four1,121,209,0093,121,208,0062,121,209,0064,121,208,0065,121,208,006
Turbo Pack: Booster One1,121,208,0063,121,207,0042,121,208,0034,121,207,0045,121,207,003
Turbo Pack: Booster Seven1,121,211,0003,121,210,0002,121,211,0004,121,210,0005,121,210,000
Turbo Pack: Booster Six1,121,210,0053,121,209,0052,121,210,0054,121,209,0055,121,209,005
Turbo Pack: Booster Three1,121,209,0053,121,208,0032,121,209,0034,121,208,0035,121,208,003
Turbo Pack: Booster Two1,121,209,0003,121,208,0002,121,209,0004,121,208,0005,121,208,000
Twilight Edition12,206,00032,207,00022,207,00042,207,00052,207,000


Ultimate Edition
Ultimate Edition 2
Upper Deck Entertainment promotional card
Utopia Value Box


V Jump 2019 Spring subscription bonus121,220,019
V Jump April 2008 promotional card121,209,015
V Jump April 2009 promotional card121,210,017
V Jump April 2010 promotional card121,211,017
V Jump April 2011 promotional card121,212,018
V Jump April 2012 promotional card121,213,018
V Jump April 2013 Tokens
V Jump April 2013 promotional card121,214,017
V Jump April 2014 promotional card121,215,017
V Jump April 2015 promotional card121,216,018
V Jump April 2016 promotional card121,217,018
V Jump April 2017 promotional card121,218,021
V Jump April 2018 promotional card
V Jump April 2019 promotional card
V Jump August 1999 Special Present121,201,004
V Jump August 1999 Special Present Set A121,201,004
V Jump August 1999 Special Present Set B121,201,005
V Jump August 2014 promotional card121,216,004
V Jump August 2015 promotional card121,217,004
V Jump August 2016 promotional card121,218,007
V Jump August 2017 promotional card121,219,006
V Jump August 2018 promotional card
V Jump August 2019 promotional card121,221,005
V Jump Card Festa 2008 promotional card141,408,001
V Jump Card Festa 2009 promotional card141,409,001
V Jump Card Festa 2010 promotional card141,410,001
V Jump December 2015 promotional card121,217,014
V Jump December 2016 promotional card121,218,017
V Jump December 2017 promotional card121,219,015
V Jump December 2018 promotional card121,220,012
V Jump December 2019 promotional card121,221,012
V Jump Edition 10121,215,010
V Jump Edition 2 Token Pack
V Jump Edition 5121,213,003
V Jump Edition 6121,213,012
V Jump Edition 7121,214,002
V Jump Edition 8121,214,011
V Jump Edition 9121,215,003
V Jump Edition Pendulum Victory Pack121,216,003
V Jump Fall 2005 subscription bonus121,207,004
V Jump Fall 2006 subscription bonus121,208,003
V Jump Fall 2007 subscription bonus121,209,008
V Jump Fall 2008 subscription bonus121,210,009
V Jump Fall 2009 subscription bonus121,211,009
V Jump Fall 2010 subscription bonus121,212,010
V Jump Fall 2011 subscription bonus121,213,010
V Jump Fall 2012 subscription bonus121,214,010
V Jump Fall 2013 subscription bonus121,215,009
V Jump Fall 2014 subscription bonus121,216,009
V Jump Fall 2015 subscription bonus121,217,011
V Jump Fall 2016 subscription bonus121,218,014
V Jump Fall 2017 subscription bonus121,219,011
V Jump Fall 2018 subscription bonus
V Jump Fall 2019 subscription bonus121,221,009
V Jump February 2002 promotional card121,203,010
V Jump February 2005 promotional card121,206,007
V Jump February 2006 promotional card121,207,009
V Jump February 2007 promotional card121,208,011
V Jump February 2008 promotional card121,209,013
V Jump February 2009 promotional card121,210,014
V Jump February 2010 promotional card121,211,013
V Jump February 2011 promotional card121,212,015
V Jump February 2012 promotional card121,213,014
V Jump February 2013 promotional card121,214,012
V Jump February 2014 promotional card121,215,014
V Jump February 2015 promotional card121,216,014
V Jump February 2016 promotional card121,217,016
V Jump February 2017 promotional card121,218,019
V Jump February 2018 promotional card121,219,017
V Jump February 2019 promotional card121,220,014
V Jump February 2020 promotional card121,221,015
V Jump Festa 2011 promotional card141,411,001
V Jump January 2001 promotional card121,202,011
V Jump January 2014 promotional card121,215,011
V Jump January 2016 promotional card121,217,015
V Jump January 2017 promotional card121,218,018
V Jump January 2018 promotional card121,219,016
V Jump January 2019 promotional card121,220,013
V Jump January 2020 promotional card121,221,014
V Jump July 2000 promotional card121,202,005
V Jump July 2001 promotional card121,203,003
V Jump July 2002 promotional card121,204,002
V Jump July 2013 promotional card121,215,002
V Jump July 2016 promotional card121,218,006
V Jump July 2017 promotional card121,219,004
V Jump July 2018 promotional card121,220,003
V Jump July 2019 promotional card
V Jump June 2004 promotional card121,206,000
V Jump June 2005 promotional card121,207,000
V Jump June 2006 promotional card121,208,000
V Jump June 2007 promotional card121,209,001
V Jump June 2008 promotional card121,210,001
V Jump June 2009 promotional card121,211,000
V Jump June 2010 promotional card121,212,000
V Jump June 2011 promotional card121,213,001
V Jump June 2012 promotional card121,214,000
V Jump June 2013 promotional card121,215,001
V Jump June 2014 promotional card121,216,001
V Jump June 2015 promotional card121,217,000
V Jump June 2016 promotional card121,218,005
V Jump June 2017 promotional card121,219,001
V Jump June 2018 promotional card
V Jump June 2019 promotional card
V Jump March 2007 promotional card121,208,012
V Jump March 2008 promotional card121,209,014
V Jump March 2009 promotional card121,210,016
V Jump March 2010 promotional card121,211,015
V Jump March 2011 promotional card121,212,017
V Jump March 2012 promotional card121,213,015
V Jump March 2013 promotional card121,214,015
V Jump March 2015 promotional card121,216,015
V Jump March 2016 promotional card121,217,017
V Jump March 2017 promotional card121,218,020
V Jump March 2018 promotional card
V Jump March 2019 promotional card
V Jump March 2020 promotional card
V Jump May 2016 promotional card121,217,020
V Jump May 2017 promotional card121,218,024
V Jump May 2018 promotional card
V Jump May 2019 promotional card
V Jump November 2005 promotional card121,207,006
V Jump November 2014 promotional card121,216,010
V Jump November 2015 promotional card121,217,012
V Jump November 2016 promotional card121,218,015
V Jump November 2017 promotional card121,219,012
V Jump November 2018 promotional card121,220,009
V Jump November 2019 promotional card121,221,010
V Jump October 2004 promotional card121,206,003
V Jump October 2006 promotional card121,208,004
V Jump October 2007 promotional card121,209,004
V Jump October 2008 promotional card121,210,007
V Jump October 2009 promotional card121,211,007
V Jump October 2010 promotional card121,212,008
V Jump October 2011 promotional card121,213,008
V Jump October 2012 promotional card121,214,008
V Jump October 2015 promotional card121,217,010
V Jump October 2016 promotional card121,218,013
V Jump October 2017 promotional card121,219,010
V Jump October 2018 promotional card121,220,008
V Jump October 2019 promotional card121,221,008
V Jump September 2012 promotional card121,214,004
V Jump September 2013 promotional card121,215,004
V Jump September 2014 promotional card121,216,005
V Jump September 2015 promotional card121,217,006
V Jump September 2016 promotional card121,218,009
V Jump September 2017 promotional card121,219,007
V Jump September 2018 promotional card
V Jump September 2019 promotional card121,221,007
V Jump Spring 2006 subscription bonus121,207,010
V Jump Spring 2007 subscription bonus121,208,014
V Jump Spring 2008 subscription bonus121,209,016
V Jump Spring 2009 subscription bonus121,210,018
V Jump Spring 2010 subscription bonus121,211,018
V Jump Spring 2011 subscription bonus121,212,020
V Jump Spring 2012 subscription bonus121,213,019
V Jump Spring 2013 subscription bonus121,214,019
V Jump Spring 2014 subscription bonus121,215,020
V Jump Spring 2015 subscription bonus121,216,020
V Jump Spring 2016 subscription bonus121,217,019
V Jump Spring 2017 subscription bonus121,218,023
V Jump Spring 2018 subscription bonus
V Jump Spring 2019 subscription bonus121,220,019
V Jump promotional cards


WSJ Jump Pack Fall 2016 promotional card1,111,112,005
WSJ Jump Pack Fall 2017 promotional card1,111,113,005
WSJ Jump Pack Fall 2018 promotional card1,111,114,005
WSJ Jump Pack Spring 2016 promotional card1,111,112,001
WSJ Jump Pack Spring 2017 promotional card1,111,113,000
WSJ Jump Pack Spring 2018 promotional card
WSJ Jump Pack Spring 2019 promotional card
War of the Giants Reinforcements11,113,00131,113,00021,113,00041,113,00051,112,000
War of the Giants: Round 211,113,000
Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha April 2012 membership promotional card1,111,108,008
Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha December 2012 membership promotional card1,111,108,012
Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha July 2012 membership promotional card1,111,108,008
Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha September 2012 membership promotional card1,111,108,010
Weekly Shonen Jump April 2015 membership promotional card1,111,111,003
Weekly Shonen Jump April 2016 membership promotional card1,111,112,004
Weekly Shonen Jump April 2017 membership promotional card1,111,113,003
Weekly Shonen Jump August 2014 membership promotional card1,111,110,003
Weekly Shonen Jump December 2013 membership promotional card1,111,109,006
Weekly Shonen Jump December 2018 membership promotional cards1,111,115,003
Weekly Shonen Jump February 2015 membership promotional card1,111,111,001
Weekly Shonen Jump January 2016 membership promotional card1,111,112,000
Weekly Shonen Jump January 2017 membership promotional card1,111,113,001
Weekly Shonen Jump January 2018 membership promotional card1,111,114,000
Weekly Shonen Jump July 2013 membership promotional card1,111,109,003
Weekly Shonen Jump July 2015 membership promotional card1,111,111,004
Weekly Shonen Jump July 2016 membership promotional card1,111,112,006
Weekly Shonen Jump July 2017 membership promotional card1,111,113,004
Weekly Shonen Jump July 2018 membership promotional card
Weekly Shonen Jump March 2013 membership promotional card1,111,109,000
Weekly Shonen Jump March 2014 membership promotional card1,111,110,001
Weekly Shonen Jump March 2018 membership promotional card
Weekly Shonen Jump May 2018 membership promotional card1,111,114,002
Weekly Shonen Jump November 2014 membership promotional card1,111,110,005
Weekly Shonen Jump November 2017 membership promotional card
Weekly Shonen Jump November 2018 membership promotional card
Weekly Shonen Jump October 2015 membership promotional card1,111,111,007
Weekly Shonen Jump October 2016 membership promotional card1,111,112,008
Weekly Shonen Jump September 2013 membership promotional card1,111,109,004
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2001, Issue 11 promotional card121,202,012
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2001, Issue 35 promotional card121,203,005
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2001, Issue 36–37 promotional card121,203,006
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2002, Issue 4–5 promotional card121,203,011
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2003, Issue 3–4 promotional card121,204,007
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2006, Issue 2 promotional card121,207,008
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2006, Issue 35 promotional card121,208,002
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2007, Issue 2 promotional card121,208,010
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2007, Issue 35 promotional card121,209,002
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2008, Issue 18 promotional card121,209,018
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2008, Issue 3 promotional card121,209,012
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2008, Issue 36 promotional card121,210,005
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2009, Issue 3 promotional card121,210,013
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2009, Issue 36 promotional card121,211,005
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2010, Issue 2 promotional card121,211,012
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2010, Issue 36–37 promotional card121,212,006
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2011, Issue 2 promotional card121,212,014
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2011, Issue 35–36 promotional card121,213,006
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2012, Issue 2 promotional card121,213,013
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2012, Issue 35 promotional card121,214,005
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2013, Issue 36 promotional card121,215,007
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2013, Issue 4–5 promotional card121,214,013
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2014, Issue 3 promotional card121,215,013
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2014, Issue 36 promotional card121,216,006
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2015, Issue 3 promotional card121,216,013
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2015, Issue 34 promotional card121,217,007
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2016, Issue 19 promotional card121,218,003
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2017, Issue 21–22 promotional card121,219,002
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2018, Issue 21–22 promotional card
Weekly Shōnen Jump 2019, Issue 22–23 promotional card121,221,002
Weekly Shōnen Jump promotional cards
Wing Raiders11,115,00131,115,00121,115,00141,115,00151,114,001
Winter Festival 2009 promotional cards
Winter Festival 2010 promotional cards
Winter Festival 2011 promotional cards
Winter Festival 2012 promotional cards
Winter Festival 2013
Witchcraft Duel Set111,120,000
World Championship 2010 Card Pack1,131,306,000
World Superstars11,114,00231,114,00221,114,00241,114,00251,113,002


X-Saber Power-Up12,206,003
X-Saber: Special Edition


Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time Blu-ray promotional card141,409,0051,131,307,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time DVD promotional card141,409,0051,131,307,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time Movie Pack3,304,00111,110,00131,110,00121,110,00141,110,00151,109,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time Theater distribution card141,409,0051,131,307,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer Generate Guide promotional card121,213,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer promotional cards151,513,0001,141,409,0023,141,408,0012,141,408,0024,141,408,0025,141,408,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's National Championship 2009 promotional cards
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator - World Championship 2009 Game Guide promotional card121,210,020
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4 Complete Tag Duel promotional card121,211,008
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4 promotional cards151,511,0001,141,408,0023,141,407,0022,141,407,0024,141,407,0025,141,407,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 Advance Tag Duel promotional card121,212,009
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 promotional cards151,512,0001,141,409,0013,141,408,0022,141,408,0014,141,408,0015,141,408,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 6 Limit Over Tag Duel promotional card121,213,011
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 6 promotional cards151,513,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Volume 7 promotional card121,215,0181,111,111,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Volume 9 promotional card121,217,0031,111,112,003
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Wheelie Breakers Perfect Ride promotional card121,210,019
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Wheelie Breakers promotional cards151,510,0011,141,408,0013,141,407,0012,141,407,0014,141,407,0015,141,407,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2009: Stardust Accelerator promotional cards151,510,0021,141,408,0003,141,407,0002,141,407,0004,141,407,0005,141,407,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia Game Guide promotional card121,211,016
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia promotional cards151,511,0011,141,409,0003,141,408,0002,141,408,0004,141,408,0005,141,408,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011 - Over the Nexus Strategy Guide promotional card121,212,019
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus promotional cards151,512,0011,141,410,0003,141,409,0002,141,409,0004,141,409,0005,141,409,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's volume 8 promotional card121,216,0111,111,111,006
Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials to Glory: World Championship Tournament 2005 promotional cards1,141,404,0003,141,403,0012,141,403,0014,141,403,0015,141,403,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Tag Force Special Legend Tag Guide promotional card121,216,016
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V The Strongest Duelist Yuya!! Volume 1 promotional card121,218,011
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V The Strongest Duelist Yuya!! Volume 2 promotional card121,219,014
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Volume 1 promotional card121,218,0021,111,113,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Volume 2 promotional card121,218,0161,111,113,006
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Volume 3 promotional card121,219,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Volume 4 promotional card121,219,013
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Volume 5 promotional card121,220,0001,111,115,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Volume 6 promotional card121,220,0111,111,115,004
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Volume 7 promotional card121,221,006
Yu-Gi-Oh! Advent Calendar28,804,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! Advent Calendar (2019)18,813,00318,813,00318,813,003
Yu-Gi-Oh! Advent Calendar 201818,812,00318,812,003
Yu-Gi-Oh! Advent Calendar ZEXAL Edition
Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum Guide Book promotional card121,206,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum promotional cards151,506,0001,141,403,0063,141,403,0002,141,403,0004,141,403,0005,141,403,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series 2010 Prize Cards1,121,209,004
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series 2011 Prize Card1,121,210,006
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series 2012 Prize Card1,121,211,008
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series 2012 pre-registration card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series 2013 Prize Card1,121,212,006
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series 2013 pre-registration card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series 2014 Prize Card1,121,213,007
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series 2014 pre-registration card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series 2015 Prize Card1,121,214,005
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series 2015 pre-registration card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series 2016 Prize Card1,121,215,004
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series 2016 pre-registration card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series 2017 prize card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series 2018 prize card1,121,217,006
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series 2019 prize card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Japan Osaka 2019 prize card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Guidebook: Millennium Book promotional cards121,217,005
Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Guidebook: The Gospel of Truth promotional cards121,204,005
Yu-Gi-Oh! Chips141,418,008
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories promotional cards1,141,401,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! Day April 2019 promotional card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Day August 2014 promotional cards
Yu-Gi-Oh! Day February 2015 promotional cards
Yu-Gi-Oh! Day January 2014 promotional card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Day January 2015 promotional card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Day January 2016 promotional card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Day January 2017 promotional card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Day July 2014 promotional card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Day July 2015 promotional card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Day July 2016 promotional card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Day July 2017 promotional card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Day May 2014 promotional cards
Yu-Gi-Oh! Day November 2014 promotional cards
Yu-Gi-Oh! Day promotional cards
Yu-Gi-Oh! Destiny Board Traveler promotional cards1,141,403,0053,141,403,0022,141,403,0024,141,403,0025,141,403,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! Double Pack promotional cards
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Legend Deck Guide: Yami Yugi VS Seto Kaiba promotional cards121,219,005
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 3: Tri-Holy God Advent Game Guide 1 promotional card121,202,004
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 3: Tri-Holy God Advent Game Guide 2 promotional card121,202,006
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 4: Battle of Great Duelist promotional cards151,502,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 4: Battle of Great Duelist: Jonouchi Deck promotional cards151,502,003
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 4: Battle of Great Duelist: Kaiba Deck promotional cards151,502,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 4: Battle of Great Duelist: Yugi Deck promotional cards151,502,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 5 Expert 1 Game Guide 1 promotional card121,202,007
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 5 Expert 1 Game Guide 2 promotional card121,203,007
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 5 Expert 1 promotional cards151,503,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 7: The Duel City Legend Game Guide 1 promotional card121,204,003
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 7: The Duel City Legend Game Guide 2 promotional card121,204,003
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 8: Reshef of Destruction Game Guide 1 promotional card121,204,008
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 8: Reshef of Destruction Game Guide 2 promotional card121,205,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Anime Complete Guide: Millennium Memory promotional card121,218,008
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters II: Dark duel Stories Duelist Legend in Tokyo Dome attendance cards131,302,003
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters II: Dark duel Stories Duelist Legend in Tokyo Dome invitation cards
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters II: Dark duel Stories Duelist Legend in Tokyo Dome participation cards131,302,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters II: Dark duel Stories Duelist Legend in Tokyo Dome prize cards131,302,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters II: Dark duel Stories Game Guide 1 promotional card121,201,006
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters II: Dark duel Stories Game Guide 2 promotional card121,201,007
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters II: Dark duel Stories promotional cards151,501,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters III: Tri-Holy God Advent Official Tournament Street Duel Legend of Power prize card131,303,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters III: Tri-Holy God Advent promotional cards151,502,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters IV: Battle of Great Duelist Game Guide 1 promotional card121,202,007
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters IV: Battle of Great Duelist Game Guide 2 promotional card121,202,009
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters International 2 Game Guide promotional card121,206,008
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters International: Worldwide Edition Game Guide promotional card121,205,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters International: Worldwide Edition promotional cards
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters National Tournament attendance card131,301,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters National Tournament prize cards131,301,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Saikyo Card Battle promotional card141,416,007
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters VI: Expert 2 Game Guide 1 promotional card121,203,009
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters VI: Expert 2 Game Guide 2 promotional card121,203,013
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Terminal Master Guide promotional cards121,214,018
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Volume 16 promotional card1,111,102,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist and Monsters Memorial Disc Blu-ray & DVD promotional card141,418,016
Yu-Gi-Oh! Elemental Hero Collection 1
Yu-Gi-Oh! Elemental Hero Collection 2
Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories promotional cards1,141,401,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Card Almanac promotional cards151,509,0003,141,405,0032,141,405,0034,141,405,0035,141,405,003
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy promotional cards151,507,0011,141,405,0003,141,404,0012,141,404,0014,141,404,0015,141,404,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Special Edition
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller Game Guide promotional card121,208,009
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller promotional cards151,508,0011,141,406,0003,141,405,0012,141,405,0014,141,405,0015,141,405,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2 Master Tag Duel promotional card121,209,009
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2 promotional cards151,509,0011,141,406,0023,141,405,0042,141,405,0044,141,405,0045,141,405,004
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3 Climax Tag Duel promotional card121,210,011
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3 promotional cards151,510,0001,141,407,0013,141,406,0012,141,406,0014,141,406,0015,141,406,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force Evolution promotional cards151,509,0031,141,407,0003,141,406,0022,141,406,0024,141,406,0025,141,406,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force Friendship Tag Duel promotional card121,208,007
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force promotional cards151,508,0001,141,405,0023,141,405,0002,141,405,0004,141,405,0005,141,405,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! Japanese World Championship Qualifier 2012 participation card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Japanese World Championship Qualifier 2013 participation card131,315,0021,121,212,005
Yu-Gi-Oh! Japanese World Championship Qualifier 2014 participation card131,316,0021,121,213,006
Yu-Gi-Oh! Japanese World Championship Qualifier 2015 participation card
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution Duelist Complete Guide promotional card121,221,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution promotional cards
Yu-Gi-Oh! Marusho Duelist Sticker Set
Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World Volume 4 promotional card1,111,102,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour Game Guide promotional card121,207,003
Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour promotional cards151,507,0001,141,404,0013,141,403,0032,141,403,0034,141,403,0035,141,403,003
Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion promotional cards1,141,403,0043,141,402,0032,141,402,0034,141,402,0035,141,402,003
Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge promotional cards1,141,403,0023,141,402,0012,141,402,0014,141,402,0025,141,402,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny promotional cards1,141,402,0043,141,401,0012,141,401,0014,141,401,0025,141,401,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! R Volume 1 promotional card121,206,009
Yu-Gi-Oh! R Volume 3 promotional card121,208,006
Yu-Gi-Oh! R Volume 4 promotional card121,209,000161,601,274
Yu-Gi-Oh! R Volume 5 promotional card121,210,000161,601,276
Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction promotional cards1,141,403,0033,141,402,0042,141,402,0044,141,402,0045,141,402,004
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions 4D Theater distribution card141,416,010
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Advance Ticket promotional card141,415,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Blu-ray & DVD promotional card141,416,011
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Cinemileage promotional card141,415,004
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions CoCo Ichibanya promotional card 1141,416,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions CoCo Ichibanya promotional card 2141,416,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Duel Set141,416,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack3,304,00311,115,00431,115,00421,115,00441,115,00451,115,004
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Secret Edition
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Special Edition
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack: Gold Edition12,213,00032,214,00022,214,00042,214,00052,214,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Theater distribution card 1141,416,003
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Theater distribution card 2141,416,004
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Theater distribution card 3141,416,005
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Theater distribution card 4141,416,006
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Theater distribution cards141,416,003
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Yokohama Event distribution card141,415,005
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses promotional cards1,141,402,0002,141,401,0004,141,401,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul promotional cards1,141,401,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom promotional cards1,141,402,0023,141,402,0052,141,402,0064,141,402,006
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie preview distribution card141,404,008
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Official Magazine Issue 1 promotional card
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Official Magazine Issue 2 promotional card
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Official Magazine promotional cards
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards promotional cards1,141,402,0033,141,402,0002,141,402,0004,141,402,0005,141,402,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Tour 2004 promotional card
Yu-Gi-Oh! True Duel Monsters 2: Succeeded Memories Game Guide Promos121,203,008
Yu-Gi-Oh! True Duel Monsters: Sealed Memories Game Guide promotional card121,201,009
Yu-Gi-Oh! True Duel Monsters: Sealed Memories promotional cards151,501,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! Volume 31 promotional card121,204,006
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2003 prize cards131,305,0001,121,202,003
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2004 prize cards131,306,0001,121,203,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2005 prize cards131,307,0001,121,204,006
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2006 prize cards131,308,0001,121,205,008
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 Game Guide promotional card121,208,013
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 prize cards131,309,0021,121,206,007
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 promotional cards151,508,0021,141,406,0013,141,405,0022,141,405,0024,141,405,0025,141,405,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008 Game Guide promotional card121,209,010
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008 prize cards131,310,0021,121,207,008
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008 promotional cards151,509,0021,141,406,0033,141,406,0002,141,406,0004,141,406,0005,141,406,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2009 prize cards131,311,0021,121,208,005
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2010 prize cards131,312,0021,121,209,008
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2011 prize cards131,313,0021,121,210,008
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2012 prize cards131,314,0021,121,211,006
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2013 prize cards131,315,0021,121,212,005
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2014 prize cards131,316,0021,121,213,006
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2015 attendance cards
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2015 prize cards131,317,0021,121,214,004
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2016 prize cards131,318,0021,121,215,003
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2017 attendance cards141,417,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2017 prize cards131,319,0021,121,216,005
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2018 attendance cards141,418,005
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2018 prize cards1,121,217,0041,121,217,004
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2019 Japanese National Qualifiers prize cards1,121,218,0021,121,218,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2019 Korean National Qualifiers participation card
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2019 attendance cards141,419,004
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2019 prize cards1,121,218,0021,121,218,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Qualifier National Championships 2011 prize cards1,121,210,003
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Tournament 2004 promotional cards1,141,403,0003,141,402,0022,141,402,0024,141,402,0015,141,402,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel promotional cards1,141,403,0033,141,401,0004,141,401,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Volume 1 promotional card121,213,0051,111,108,0063,111,101,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Volume 2 promotional card121,213,0171,111,108,0113,111,101,001
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Volume 3 promotional card121,214,0061,111,109,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Volume 4 promotional card121,214,0161,111,110,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Volume 5 promotional card121,215,0061,111,110,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Volume 6 promotional card121,215,0151,111,111,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Volume 7 promotional card121,216,0071,111,111,005
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Volume 8 promotional card121,216,0191,111,112,002
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Volume 9 promotional card121,217,0131,111,112,007
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival Duel Champion Guide! promotional card121,215,012
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival promotional cards151,514,0001,141,411,0003,141,410,0002,141,410,0004,141,410,0005,141,410,000
Yugi & Kaiba Collector Box
Yugi's Collector Box18,811,002
Yugi's Legendary Decks18,809,00138,808,00128,808,00148,808,00158,808,001
Yugi's Uncut Card Sheet promotion


Zombie World Structure Deck14,404,00134,404,00124,404,00144,404,00154,404,001
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