Hi! I am User:Dinoguy1000-fduser. The only reason I have an active account here on Fandom again is because of the Gamepedia migration/integration/whatever-it's-called; I have no plans to resume editing on Fandom. If for some reason you'd like to get a hold of me for anything, the best place to do so is my Wikipedia talk page, or on Discord (my Discord name is Dinoguy1000#3726).


Hi, I'm Dinoguy1000! I am an occasional contributor here (for the record, I have [[Special:Editcount/Dinoguy1000|Special:Editcount/Dinoguy1000]] edits - full list). Feel free to leave me messages; I'll respond as soon as I can. If you have questions about another wiki I edit on, you should leave me a message on my talk page on that wiki.


Yu-Gi-Oh! or the wiki elsewhere on Wikia or around the web.

Maintenance and cleanup

AWB stuff

So I don't have to keep working out how to do simple stuff - see also /awbtest.

Template replace


replaced with


"Options" tab:

  • "Automatic changes" boxes all unchecked
  • "Find and replace" box checked; "Normal settings":
    • {{Errata\s\|name=\s*?%%pagename%%\s}} replaced with {{Navigation}}
      • \s = newline/whitespace
      • \| = pipe
      • \s*? = 0 or more whitespace characters, lazy match
      •  %%pagename%% = {{PAGENAME}}
    • "Regex" and "Enabled" boxes checked
    • all other boxes unchecked

Unofficial name

'''''The Arabic name given is an approximation.'''''

(example only; there's quite a bit of variety in practice - see the range of regexes below) replaced with

{{Unofficial name|Arabic}}

"Options" tab:

  • "Automatic changes" boxes all unchecked
  • "Find and replace" box checked; "Normal settings":
    • '*The \[\[Card Names\:%%pagename%%\|(.+?)]],? name given is an approximation\.'* replaced with {{Unofficial name|$1}}
      • '* = any number of consecutive ' (apostrophes)
      • \[ = opening square bracket
      • \: = colon (escaping it isn't strictly necessary but AWB doesn't like it unescaped)
      •  %%pagename%% = {{PAGENAME}}
      • \| = pipe
      • (.+?) = any word, 1 or more characters (lazy match)
      • ,? = 0 or 1 commas
      • \. = period (works without escaping, but could lead to weird results since an unescaped period actually matches any character)
    • '*The (.+?)\,? name given is an approximation\.'* replaced with {{Unofficial name|$1}}
      • \,? = 0 or 1 commas, escaped to keep it from matching in (.+?)
    • '*The (.+?)\,? (.+?)\,? (.*?)\,? (.+?)\,? (.+?)\,? and (.+?)\,? names given are approximations\.'* replaced with {{Unofficial name|$1|$2|$3|$4|$5|$6}}
    • '*The (.+?)\,? (.+?)\,? (.+?)\,? (.+?)\,? and (.+?)\,? names given are approximations\.'* replaced with {{Unofficial name|$1|$2|$3|$4|$5}}
    • '*The (.+?)\,? (.+?)\,? (.+?)\,? and (.+?)\,? names given are approximations\.'* replaced with {{Unofficial name|$1|$2|$3|$4}}
    • '*The (.+?)\,? (.+?)\,? and (.+?)\,? names given are approximations\.'* replaced with {{Unofficial name|$1|$2|$3}}
    • '*The (.+?)\,? and (.+?)\,? names given are approximations\.'* replaced with {{Unofficial name|$1|$2}}
    • "Regex" and "Enabled" boxes are checked (for all)
    • all other boxes unchecked

Card image uploading fun

{{OCG-TCG card image
| name = {{ subst:#replace: {{ subst:#explode: {{ subst:#replace: {{ subst:#replace: {{ subst:#replace: {{subst:PAGENAME}} | ' | ' }} | " | " }} | & | & }} | - | 0 }} | ***ABBR*** }}
| watermark = 
| poor      = 

Archetype searches

This query is useful for looking for cards that a support card for an archetype will support:

"Japanese archetype name here" site:yugioh.wikia.com -site:*.yugioh.wikia.com "other card information" -"card game counterpart" -"redirected from" -intitle:user
  • The quotes around the archetype string prevent Google from being too smart for its own good and sometimes not just searching for the Japanese text, but also the English translation, thus preventing lots of irrelevant results from appearing.
  • The -site:*.yugioh.wikia.com prevents results from non-English subdomains from being listed.
  • The "other card information" prevents SMW list pages from appearing, since most of those list the Japanese names of cards and thus will otherwise appear in the results. It also prevents character versions of cards from appearing, since they don't use {{CardTable2}}.
  • The -"card game counterpart" prevents Bandai, DDM, Capsule Monsters, etc. counterparts to OCG/TCG/anime/manga/VG cards from appearing in the results, since these generally don't get added to archetypes.
  • The -"redirected from" prevents redirects to pages, such as passcodes, set numbers, and alternate names, from appearing in the results, since these just duplicate the result for the card itself.
  • The -intitle:user prevents user pages from appearing in the results (in the off-chance there's a card with the word "user" in its name, this would miss that, but a quick query suggests that's ridiculously rare).

For archetypes with names that have Ruby text, it's generally more useful to search for the base text and Ruby text separately than to try both at once.

Random tidbits

This is useful for seeing what's really going on with {{PAGENAME}} and company (try it on "We'll Be There" - Rex & Weevil ;) ), see also {{Normalized pagename}}:

{{ #tag: source | {{FULLPAGENAME}} | lang="html5" }}

Unofficial names and lores

I add the templates {{Unofficial name}} and {{Unofficial lore}} to card pages when I have reason to believe that the name(s)/lore(s) in question really are unofficial. Generally, I'll add these tags to card pages for cards which appeared in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL (since that series has no official version yet), or cards which have not appeared in any anime/manga/video game (according to that card page) and have not had an English release (this means that most of my tagging is for English names and lores). If I tag something as unofficial that is actually official, please call me on it, and if possible, link me to somewhere that I can find similar official names/lores (e.g. if the English name is confirmed as official because the card appeared in an English video game, link me to a list of the English names of cards for that video game). Sources for official names include the obvious officially translated anime/manga/video games, but also extends to action figures, clothing, posters, commercials, press releases, etc.



Some random things I've contributed (to) here.

To create

To refurbish

To deprecate/delete

To do



Manga, anime...
Card effects come and go, as
might a summer breeze
Motorbikes and cards
do not seem like they'd mix well.
First Ride incomplete.

Other stuff

Stop says the red light, go says the green
Wait says the yellow light, twinkling in between.

Card colors

Colors for rows:

Site Normal Monsters Effect Monsters Fusion Monsters Ritual Monsters Synchro Monsters Spell Cards Trap Cards
[2] FDE68A FF8B53 A086B7 ??? CCCCCC 1D9E74 BC5A84
[3] FDE68A FF8B53 A086B7 9DB5CC CCCCCC 1D9E74 BC5A84
[4] FDE68A FF8B53 A086B7 ??? CCCCCC 1D9E74 BC5A84

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