Dark Justice, a man of at least one name

Hello, I am me. I will presume that you are you, unless someone has cleverly concealed themselves as you without you even knowing, perhaps by some kind of brain washing or magic. However, I can assure you that no such thing has happened to me! On the subject of me, I am a 14 year old male hailing from the planet Earth, a small blue planet in a rather unfashionable arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. More specifically I reside in the country of Australia, within the Western Region of aforementioned country, in the City of Mandurah. A dull little town renowned the world over for it's complete lack of card game stores and tournaments. It is only after a 2 hour drive that I can reach "Just Trading Cards" A store that sells just trading cards, to play or buy Yu-gi-oh! cards.

The Decks of Dark Justice: A Completely Incomplete History

My name is derived from that most beguiling archetype, the Allies of Justice. It is an unfortunate fact that these cards are almost completely useless in dueling, but I love them anyway. I also run my Zombiesworn Chaos deck, which I use for competing, a Blackwing deck, that I purchased rather cheaply from a colleague of mine, a Fabled deck, that I am painfully waiting to combine with the Gates of the Underworld structure deck and I am building Psychic, Machina Gadget and Generation Fish Decks. More details may be found here on these decks, if I feel like it later. I probably won't.

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