• I was born on September 15
  • I am male

Very bored college student with no life here.

My main focus is card appearances relating to anime. I've yet to watch 5D's, so I likely won't be adding any appearances for that anime anytime some soon (if ever). I recently finished my first attempt at adding all GX card appearances, so I've moved onto DM. That being said, there's no way I got them all, especially when it comes to cards only briefly seen outside of duels and cards seen in the original beginning and ending themes.

I hate the dub, but since this wiki uses the dub names as the article names, I use them while editing. My edit summaries (when I use them) will usually use the original names. I was introduced to YGO through the dub though, so as far as DM goes, I know most characters by their dub names. I do have a hard time remembering the original names for some of the more minor characters (The Big Five, for example). With GX, I saw the original version first

And for the record, I know next to nothing about the manga for any of the series.

I used to play the TCG often, but rarely do nowadays and just maintain one deck for use in casual play.

I maintain a subpage I use for various purposes when especially bored or burned out of adding appearances.

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