• I was born on September 15
  • I am male
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I'm known as GavynSykes on both TVTropes and Wikipedia. I am cheesedude on most other place, including GameFAQs, Kingdom of Loathing and Neo Ark Cradle.

Please do not ask me for help with your Deck. I am a casual player.

If you need rulings help, you are going to the wrong person.

Useful information

  • There are logical reasons to use the dub names in articles, like it or not (for the record, I don't like it).
  • Characters in the anime do not cheat when they use card effects differently. The Japanese version comes out before the cards in most cases. That was the card's original effect before it became real. How much does this annoy me? I wrote an article about it, that's how much.
  • It is inaccurate to call Yu-Gi-Oh! "the original series". That would be the first series anime.
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"There are as many truths out there as there are people to tell them. Perhaps it's best simply to choose the truth with which you are most comfortable."
~ Knoll, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

"Choosing not to decide is still a choice."
~ Cybil Alinda, Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis

"I'm very serious about not being serious about what I do."
~ Ric Orlando, two-time Chopped Champion

"Basketball cheesesteak."
~ Eidon, Magi-Nation

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