Toys based on the Duel Disks used by Duelists in the anime and manga were produced by Konami in Japan and by wikipedia:Mattel in the West. A total of four versions were made over time, based on the KC mass production Disk, the Chaos Duel Disk, the Academia Disk and the modified mass production disk used by Yusei Fudo, though the last model was produced only in Japan.

KC mass production Disk

Mattel Duel Disk

Mattel's KC mass production Disk model.

This Duel Disk is mostly the same as the one featured in the anime, though obviously without the function of deploying holograms.

While the toy Duel Disk was advertised as being compatible with the TCG, there are a few flaws that make this impractical:

  • Cards in protectors will not fit into the Duel Disk.
  • The Deck Zone can only hold about fifty to sixty-nine cards safely. Though sixty cards is the maximum Deck size now, at the time of this replica's release, there was no upper limit.
  • The Graveyard can only hold about twenty-five cards. This can present a problem for longer games.
  • There No place for the Extra Deck or cards that have been banished.
  • The Life Points counter can only go up to 9990 While both players start with 8000, 4000 or 2000, it could rise to 9000 or 10,000+ Life Points due to card effects. The reason for the zero at the end is because while there are four buttons on the disk, only 3 of them change the counter, the last one lights up the display.
  • The way the Duel Disk moves from stand-by to in use is also different. In the anime, the Graveyard is locked over the Deck and the two field parts are retracted into the main part of the disk. When triggered, the field parts and Graveyard are unlocked and the central piece rotates the Graveyard and field into play position. The toy does not have a rotating center and the two halves of the field aren't locked in closer to the central piece. When the player triggers the play mode, the smaller half of the field which is spring loaded, is released from its lock at the same time as the larger half, which has a weaker spring, and thus the smaller part pushes the larger part into play position.

Chaos Duel Disk

Mattel Chaos Disk

Mattel's Chaos Duel Disk.

The same flaws present in the previous model are present here.

In the anime, the Chaos Duel Disk folded in on itself until the field was completely folded into the hinged 'spell trigger' part of the disk and then folded into the central part of the disk, creating a compact form. The toy is much the same, but cannot fold all the way as the anime disk can, but instead leaves the first two card spaces out. The hinge on the toy is the whole of the first and second card spaces, which pushes to the back of the central part and though not as compact as the anime Chaos disk, it is still the most compact and light-weight of the toy Duel Disks.

Academia Disk

Mattel Academy Disk

Mattel's Academia Disk.

One of the main problems present in the previous version is addressed here, as the card zones are resized, allowing cares with protective sleeves to fit, though this comes at the cost of the Deck Zone being able to hold only forty cards. In addition, the wrist straps came in one size only, presenting issues for players with larger wrists.

Along with the release of the Academy Disk, Mattel produced a specialized carrying pack for the new disks, though none have been actually seen used or in stores. Due to past sales of the Academy Disk and the limited popularity with the toy as a Dueling medium Mattel discontinued the production of the Academy Disk several months after its release.

In November 2007, a real-world version of the red-trimmed Slifer Red disk was also produced in Japan, known as Academy Duel Disk Osiris Red and came boxed with several Booster Packs and promotional cards.

Yusei version

G05707 M

Duel Disk - Yusei Version.

This versionIt was released in the OCG Market on September 26, 2009 for 4,000 Yen (Including Tax). It includes Yusei's Duel Disk and two Promotional Cards: "Vice Dragon" and "Shield Wing" (both Duel Terminal compatible). The Yusei Duel Disk can hold up to fifty sleeved cards in the Deck area, but only holds around fifteen to eighteen sleeved cards in the Graveyard. The Life Point Counter can go up to 99990 but can only display 0 in the single-digit column.

G05707 A M

Duel Disk - Yusei Version with a random assortment of cards.


Duel Disk - Yusei Version 2010.

Duel Disk 20102

The Extra Deck Zone and Banished Zone on the Duel Disk - Yusei Version 2010

In November 2010, Konami released an update to this Duel Disk, the Duel Disk - Yusei Version 2010. This version addresses many of the issues present in the 2009 version and the Mattel versions. In addition to being the first Duel Disk with spaces for the Banished Zone and Extra Deck Zone, this is also the first Duel Disk to feature a bottom covering on the arm blade. Konami has removed the "flip action" feature present in the 2009 version, opting instead for a more realistic portrayal of the Duel Disk featured in the show. The clips that hold the cards on the blade are similar to those on the original Mattel disks. The Deck Zone can hold fify sleeved cards, and the Graveyard can hold up to thirty sleeved cards.

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