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  • Sky Scourge - Basically the name means Malevolent Spirit of the Skys but Tenma's so fucking loaded you might as well give up and become an Alpaca Farmer Specifically Tenma refers to demons of the sixth heaven in the desire realm who prevent ment from doing good for the world. Mashin means Devil, Evil Spirit, Genie, Fiend ~Ark. tenmashin being sky scourge actually is pretty spot on ~Atem
  • Cry Havoc! - think the JPN name is like implying "First Shot of the Decisive Battle", so basically "LET'S KICK SOME ASS, CRY HAVOC AND LET LOSE THE DOGS OF WAR."
  • Trial and Tribulation - the Japanese Name is like "The Cost for Causing/Summoning" It's sort of a poetic way of going about the art "The cost for summoning the Steelswarm was your friend's death and your mind" "This is what you get for doing X" "The Cost of your Crimes" sort of, but that's a localization thing
  • Impenetrable Attack - This card is basically a play on Negate Attack so word play adjustment basically
  • Uniform Nomenclature
  • Tour Guide and Tour Bus, Jesus Christ
  • Six Samurai
  • Frog
  • Blank Psychic Job
  • Sealing Ceremony
  • Prophecy Destroyer - This is more like Diable the Magical Ogremeister. The problem is they're using Shi which is basically "Person of X"

Cards that are Bonkotsu puns

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