Chaos Maker

  • I live in Libya
  • I am Male

Chaos Maker

I am a Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan\Duelist, i usually edit Video Games pages that need more information.

Welcome to my User Page

Hey, if you want to talk with me you can use my talk page, also, you may contact me using this email, You can also found me in Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker Wiki.I also have an arabic blog named "Chaos World".

Dueling Me
I usually duel using YVD by using the IRC network, my name there is Chaosmaker, also, you can duel me at anytime in the Hamachi. using the following room:-

Name:- Envoy of Chaos Password:- 123.

Anyway i duel also in "Joey the Passion using the same hamashi room.

To Do List

  1. Improving the Video Games pages.
  2. Improving the poor pages.


  1. Added all DM2 card images to the Card Artworks page.
  2. Improved many Video Games pages.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon...
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