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CascadingOath Info

(Second Post)CascadingOath is a man currently in his early 20's, he was born in 1989, and he goes by the name "Raiko" his last name however is unknown at the time. Raiko uses the "Thunders" or "Firefists" decks, he is a skilled duelist and knows mostly all the rules. He likes to duel on "YGOPro" and sometimes "Dueling Network". He also likes to play the online game called "Dungeon Fighter Online", an MMORPG created by the company "Nexon America", Most of his names on Dungeon Fighter Online usually contain his name (Raiko) within it. CascadingOath is also part of the Brony Community which are male teens and adults who enjoy the show "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic". He dislikes Grimdark Fanfics and video's that contain My Little Pony characters, he also enjoys other types of shows such as "Tales from the Crypt" or "Dan VS". Anyway, if you have conversations with him, he will mostly talk over you but if you actually listen, most of the things he says is either, true, or logical. He was one day harassed by some people however during a chat on "Deviant Art", at one point one of them even showed up at his door but... let's just say that, that was a bad idea on the harassers part, because Raiko beat the shit out of him as soon as he stated who he was and what he was at Raiko's house to do. Anyway, I'm sure you will find this man to be very interesting if you ever meet him, although please don't meet him on bad terms, or it won't be a pleasant time, haha.

(First Post)CascadingOath is a predator at dueling and if you ever duel him just... your gonna lose, you have absolutely NO FUCKING CHANCE. Although he sort of lacks at Dungeon Fighter Online, and is a bit of a "Swamp Ass" Which means he's louder than most people.

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