Hello everyone! You may be asking, who am I?

Who Am I?

I am BB1, a previously active user on the My Lego Network Wiki, and now an active on this wiki and the Speedsolving Wiki and Forum.

As a Duelist?

I feel proud to be a duelist. I got interested in Yugioh when I was in 6th grade, when I saw a lot of kids dueling. Soon, my friend gave me a huge bag of cards (with about 150) released before GX. I built my own deck, and guess what? I kept losing. So, as time passed, I was browsing a Toys R' Us store and Machina Mayhem caught my attention. I wanted to get it. (For some reason, the main reason I wanted it is because it had Swords of Revealing Light in it. Drat!) I ended up getting it. I loved it a lot, compared to my old deck I had! I only dueled once with my new deck. Then, when I was getting on a bus, cards spilled out of my pocket. I lost about two-thirds of Machina Mayhem. (I still had a Machina Fortress with me. Luckily, my other friend lost his wallet on the bus later, so I wasn't the only one who lost something. Teeheehee!) And I only had it for one day! Eventually, I got another one. Yay!

I currently own 3 decks listed below:

  1. Gravekeeper's
  2. Macro
  3. Psychic

I visited this store and was surprised to see Marik hanging from the walls. I purchased it. So, there goes my Gravekeepers.

For Christmas, I got The Dark Emperor. There goes my Macro deck.

I really like my Macro and Psychic decks, but my Psychic deck is still in the making. The following cards would be greatly appreciated:

  1. Telepathic Power x2
  2. Telekinetic Shocker x2
  3. Power Injector
  4. Hyper Psychic Blaster
  5. Teleport

If you have any of these cards, and you wish to donate it to my cause, please kindly post on my talk page!

With all this being said, what's so fishy about what I said?

As a Cuber?

As you might know, I am also a speedcuber. I am still a beginner. If you would like to know more, go to my talk page on Speedsolving Wiki.

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