aka Bailey Brassell

  • I live in Franklin Kentucky
  • My occupation is Fantic arthour
  • I am Male

Hey everyone I am still new to the Yu-Gi-Oh series so I like it if you all would treat me like I am a new student in a classroom, (Or is that a new relative or something, aw well doesn't matter) and I am a Duelist with few several Decks. Allthough I am a good Duelist I have Decks that are above 40 cards. New me tell ya I such am a sucker for new cards. But that doesn't matter right now.

Age: I am 19 guys.

Gender: I'm a guy.

Occupation when not Dueling: Fanfic Author. For my fanfiction profile go here: [1]

Hobbies: Writing fanfics, Dueling, play on my PS3, and often help my father.

Favorite Characters of this franchise:

Original: Joey Wheeler, Seto Kaiba, Mokuba Kaiba, Dartz, Leon von Schroeder and Zigfried von Schroeder.

GX: Camula, Chumley Huffington, Zane Truesdale (Season 1, and Season 3 onward), Vellian Crowler, Belowski, and Chazz Princeton.

5Ds: Leo, Akiza Izinski, Crow Hogan, Halldor, Dragan, Aporia, Paradox, Luna, Sayer, and The Crimson Dragon.

ZEXAL: Yuma Tsukumo, Reginald Kastle, Kite Tenjo, Trey, Quinton, Quattro, Astral, Dr. Faker, Hart Tenjo, Alito, Mizar, Vector, Rio Kastle, Dumon, and Number 96 (character).

ARC-V: Yuri, Kite Tenjo (ARC-V), Z-ARC, Celina, Crow Hogan (ARC-V), Declan Akaba, Riley Akaba, Sylvio Sawatari, Gong Strong, Battle Beast, and Sora Perse.

VRAINS: Varis, George Gore (Season 1, and Season 3), Akira Zaizen, Flame, Lightning, Skye Zaizen, Earth (character), Aqua (character), Theodore Hamilton, Kenneth Drayden, Specter, Windy, Jin Kolter, and Ai (He will be missed! :(.)

SEVENS: Yuga Ohdo, and Hologram Man.


My Decks are one thing that happens to be one of my passions for dueling. They helped me encounter fierce challenges in Duels, and I am still a rookie but I build them with my heart. I had also created Decks from Real Life, YGOPRO, and Duelingbook.

Real Life Decks

The first of my current Decks is a "Blue-Eyes"/Normal Deck. This Deck doesn't have much Blue-Eyes support, but it does have great power with the use of Normal Monsters, and support on them. Alongside the Level 1 Tuners comes the use of both Fusion Summoning, and Synchro Summoning. I also use cards that deal effect damage, and big defenses. The ace card in this deck is "First of the Dragons.


The next of my decks is a "Gravekeeper's"/Rainbow Dark Dragon Deck full of DARK monsters either way. It is full of monsters from the "Gravekeeper's" archetype, or the other way around. While it doesn't have any Extra Deck monsters it's still strong on it's own. I have three copies of it's Field Spell "Necrovalley". I have ways of adding it to my hand with using "Gravekeeper's Commandant", or by using "Terraforming" in case one of them is destroyed. I have the card "Rainbow Dark Dragon" in this deck since this Deck is full of DARK attribute monsters. Necrovalley does get in the way since it requires removing monsters from game but I have ways of getting rid of that. With "Mystical Space Typhoon", "Gravekeeper's Chief", or the use of "Emergency Provisions". I have cards to send DARK monsters to the Graveyard to help build the summoning rate of "Rainbow Dark Dragon" like "Royal Tribute", "Fine", other cards like that. The ace card in this deck is "Rainbow Dark Dragon".

Gravekeeper's/Rainbow Dark Dragon

The next real Life Deck I have is a "Sacred Beast" Deck. It is filled with mostly fiends with the use of Pendulum Summoning, and Link Summoning. The has what it needs to summon all three quickly, and to ensure a successful summon, I had placed cards that Stall, and deal destruction from "Gravity Bind", "Night Assailant", "Burden of the Mighty", and "Messenger of Peace". The ace cards of this Deck are the three Sacred Beasts.

Sacred Beast

YGO Decks

The first of my YGOPRO Decks is a "rokket".

Duelingbook Decks

The first of my Duelingbook Decks is a "Armatos Legio", and my most used Deck.


During my life as a fanfic author I am known for creating OCs also known as Original Characters.

Dan Kizami

Dan Kizami known in Japanese as ダン風見 is a fan-made character, and the main protagonist of Ascension of the Dragons. He is a boy that came from the real world, and is currently a member of the Lancers as one of it's most strongest, and important members. Before joining the Lancers he was a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and grew up idolizing several characters, and takes dueling to heart giving his best to stop the Interdimensional War teaming up with several friends, his girlfriend Riley Akaba, and spirit partner Ray Akaba.



In the first season Dan is a fair-skinned young man that has riled brown hair wearing a blue short sleeve shirt that has a horizontal yellow line. He is also wearing a pair of black shorts that house a belt where he places his decks in with a pair of NIKE Shoes that are blue, and white with a blue logo on it. He also has blue eyes that burn with a fiery passion.

In the second season he now wears a blue jacket that has pockets on it with a white undershirt, his usual black shorts with the belt, and his NIKE sneakers with his brown hair still it's usual style.


Dan has a fiery passion for Dueling wishing to duel the best of the best. He is often care-free, and ongoing ready to face anything he can encounter. When he is dueling he responds with a positive tone, and is calm to explain his monsters abilities never impatient or angry when he's interrupted or if someone has a counter. Whenever he's at the face of danger he doesn't feel threatened, and stands his ground rather then running, and leaving his friends for his benefits. He is also brave not easily intimidated by the sight of danger.

He's also a good sore loser not bothered at losing, and welcomes his defeat taking it as a way to get stronger, and do better strongly bounded by Dueling's purpose as a way to have fun never as an indulgence for winning or losing. He also gets riled up at big battles calling them as a great time for having a fun time against powerful opponents, and duels with his best.

But underneath this cheerful personality is a serious, and calm side whenever he's angry at the sight of bullying or someone who is willing to kill millions, and ruin the lives of people that threatened or destroyed peace at the fullest to get what they want. When dueling under this side he is calm, and collected often pointing out the flaws, and weak-points of his opponents, and does not mess around often starting off to form a powerful formation.

He also hates people willing to cheat to gain an advantage growing outraged at the mere thought of it calling out to the opponent if they do it. Though he is willing to fight a fair battle he is never one to cheat back to have an unfair advantage, and believes that fighting fairly is the way to fight true battles, and goes into duels until the end making him honorable not willing to abandon a duel. He also has a strong sense of justice, helping those hurt by the Fusion Dimension and refusing to harm or sacrifice others to achieve his goal. He states that he has these traits by watching the Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists.

Despite his calm side, and hatred of cheaters he wishes for ending things to not rely on violence making him a pacifist wishing to end things in peace, and is not one to take advantage of emotions for their downfalls. He also has a sense of modesty saying he's not thee strongest duelist of the group viewing himself as a bug compared to the other opponents the Lancers had faced.


As a child from the real world Dan displayed no supernatural abilities but he is not bound to have abilities that any normal human can have. From focusing on Yu-Gi-Oh! for years he had advanced knowledge, and knows many things that can aid in the Lancers' mission to stop the Fusion Dimension though he can't remember everything. He also is a great strategist always using his monster's abilities to either change the course of battle, or perform various combos. It was shown that he can communicate with Duel Spirits, and can talk telepathically to Ray to form strategies, or plans for times ahead.

In Action Duels he is shown to be a fast runner from running nearly half a field to reach an Action Card, and often uses Action Cards to hav both an advantage, and aid his strategies. He can also avoid attacks from jumping or dodging from obstacles from going through obstacle courses.

In Turbo Duels he was experienced on his Duel Board from riding a skateboard during his time at a skate park, and tried his best to perform skateboard tricks but can only perform minimal of them with effort. He is also using more traps then Speed Spells stating that by using this method he can use Speed World 2's effect for an advantage as Speed Spells take him a long time to activate.

In Chapter 39 one of Dan's most strongest qualities is his undying Charisma from being influential to supporting both friends, and enemies alike refusing to toss away injured people for his benefits, and his charm of helping anyone harmed in the Interdimensional War, and wanting peace to be restored as it should be not giving in to hatred, or anger.


When he was young he was left alone for unknown causes. He was sent to Foster Care, and when they don’t care about him he often helps out Mother Nature, and helps take care of the Earth, and it’s people together.

While being a Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan he made three Decks which helped him through in duels, and he’s a clever Duelist.


Ray Akaba

At first after losing to Yugo, Dan was alarmed by hr, and didn't know what to do. But soon Dan had later come Ray as a friend, and she said she'll help him train, and practice his Decks along with using the different summoning methods at her suggestion. She, and him are good partners planning ahead, and talking about what to do mostly while Ray is surprised at times from Dan's smarts, and creativity, and Dan is in turn from learning Ray is Riley's older sister, and from being a good mentor. Ray also is a bit protective of Dan as evidence from being angry at Armstrong from cheating in his duel to win, and rigged the Duel Disk System to where only Dan would get shocked so much she fixed it herself by unknown reasons.

Dan also treats Ray with upmost respect, and always listens to what her suggestions was though he can sometimes ignores her concerns whenever his urge to help people is needed despite it being at dangerous conditions. But even though it is so Ray only smiles proud that Dan would risk his life to help people. Ray also listens to what Dan has to say for his plans, and can help as best as she could for her abilities.

Yuya Sakaki

Dan, and Yuya had a sibling relationship.

Declan Akaba

Dan views Declan as a fun, and interesting opponent while dueling.

Riley Akaba

Dennis McField

Shay Obsidian


Dan at first thought Celina was Lulu due to their strange resemblance, but quickly realized it wasn't so, and was surprised at her sudden request to duel. After he lost Celina had bonded onto him almost treating him as her son, and has been protective of him forming a powerful OTK against three Stomptroopers at once, and always comforts Dan whenever he's nervous, or scared. Celina cares about him so much that she vows to protect him, and promises to help him win against the Fusion Dimension.

Moon Shadow


Dan plays four Decks he either let his opponent’s decide what Deck he plays or he makes the decision himself. It each focuses on Dragons with every different summoning methods. All of his decks focus on only 1 summoning method (With the exception of "Red-Eyes" with it using 3 different methods), and use of strategy to use them on his first turn by summoning more then 1 monster often relying on the graveyard for his combos to work out.

Later from his training with Ray Akaba he had incorporated more summoning methods for his three Decks, and change them for it to happen. Now these Decks focus on more methods, and the use of Pendulum Summoning to start off at a strong start. With the use of Pendulum, and more methods his strategies get more stronger as he duels with the us of strategies to assist in his battles.

In his first Duel he plays a "Red Dragon Archfiend" Deck that functions on Synchro Summoning tactics. Using skills he learned from one of his favorite characters Jack Atlas he uses the power of his monsters to easily Synchro Summon to gain an advantage. He even recyles using his opponent’s monsters to Synchro Summon more fluently, and more fluidly. He also has cards that can protect his dragons from harm from his other dragon’s effect should they become necessary. He also focuses over summoning “Red Nova Dragon” when he gathers the right materials for it.

Red Dragon Archfiend

With Ray's Training he had enforced his "Red Dragon Archfiend" Deck to include quick summons with the use of Pendulum Summoning, and using more methods focusing on Beatdown Tactics. He also reinforces his attack patterns to using the trap card "Assault Mode Activate". And as some of his cards including paying Life Points he had enforced his deck to allow him to regain Life Points.

Evolved Red Dragon Archfiend

In his second Duel he plays a "Red-Eyes" Deck. Unlike it's regular function he uses methods on Fusion Summoning tactics. He considers this deck his main deck. He focuses over using his graveyard to his advantage to summon his monsters, and using spells, and traps to make every Fusion Summoning count. He also has several stall strategies to where he can get more of an advantage. For the finishing touch he also uses Burn tactics to use for "Archfiend Black Skull Dragon" when he summons it. He also seems to conduct a recycle strategy using "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" to summon Dragons from his hand or graveyard.


With Ray's Training he had evolved his "Red-Eyes" Deck to focus on other summoning methods. Alongside Fusion, and Pendulum Summoning he also uses Synchro, Ritual, and Xyz Summoning making him the first duelist to use all five summoning methods in a single deck. While it still has it's strategy to summon strong dragons, and utilize effect damage it also uses strong beatdown methods with the boost of "Dragocytos Corrupted Nethersoul Dragon". And with Ray's training he has access to his version of Yuto's "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" known as "Dark Anthelion Dragon", and can access greater Pendulum Heights. To better deal with his opponent's monsters he includes cards like "Special Hurricane" to negate their effects, or destroy them. He also has cards to increase his draw power.

Evolved Red-Eyes

In the Friendship Cup he uses a Turbo "Red-Eyes" Deck. It mostly focuses on quick summons with it mostly being Synchro Summons, and also depend on Normal Monsters for his cards to resolve while having a low tendency to using Speed Spells since he stated before that Speed World 2 takes a long time to use, and use Speed World 2's effect instead.

Turbo Red-Eyes

In his third Duel he plays a "Hieratic" Deck. This Deck is his Xyz Deck where he uses Xyz Summoning Tactics where he uses multiple monsters effects to do so. Many of these effects costs the ATK, and DEF of his monsters but he manages to get around this by using his moves quick, and fast with cards to tribute his monsters to summon new ones. If in emergencies he can use "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon", and it's evolve form "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" to quickly regain an upper hand.


With Ray's Training his "Hieratic" Deck has evolved to new heights. Now focusing more on Normal Monsters, and focusing on Burn Damage with the use of "Lycanthrope" to evolve more in his heights to build more support. It also re-enforces on burn damage.

Evolved Hieratic

In his Duel with Shay he uses a "Light and Time Dragon" Deck. This is his second Xyz Deck which along with Xyz he uses the use of Rank-Up Magic cards to strengthen this deck. It is a Twilight Dragon Deck, and the use of the Field Spell "Chaos Zone" to summon monsters from banishment, and the use of banishing monsters with the effect of "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon". The main function is to summon many of the Dragons in the legend, and use their effects to control the field. The main function should Dan be serious summons "Number 99: Utopic Dragon" with the use of "Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force", and eventually summon the strongest monster in the Deck "Number 100: Numeron Dragon". Despite the deck's strength it's greatest downfall should be that it's mainly composed of high leveled dragons, and that should he make a wrong move it would backfire.

Light and Time Dragon

Due to Ray's Training he evolved his "Light and Time Dragon" Deck to focus more solely on summoning Dragons that can increase their levels including cards from the "Galaxy" archetype to better support them, and also use cards that can focus better on defense, and include other summons. He also worked a secret strategy with Dennis, and Celina to use a combo of "Dragon's Mirror", and "Lunalight Sabre Dancer" to summon "Five-Headed Dragon", and give it 3000 ATK to formulate a OTK.

Evolved Light and Time Dragon

In his Duel with Mr. Armstrong he uses what he calls a "Facility" Deck made from the cards that Primo collected from his time in the Facility. It is focusing over quickly summoning monsters mostly Synchro Monsters, and effects that returns cards to the hand for a hard advantage.



Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Theme Outcome
Declan Akaba 1 Not Gonna Die Win
Sora Perse 2 Perfect Life Lose
Yuto 3 Never Back Down DRAW
Garret 4 I Am Machine Win
Kit Blade 5 Warrior Win
De Silva 6 Fallen Angel Win
Ahmad Ishtar 7 Black Diamond Win
Elijah 8 Faint Win
Shay Obsidian 9 Let it Die Lose
Grizzlepike Jones 10 Break Win
Iggy Arlo 13 Before I Forget/Still Worth Fighting For Win
Yugo 16 Courtesy Call Lose (Took over for Yuto)
Gong Strong 17 Battle Cry Lose
Riley Akaba 18 Suffer Win
Reed Pepper 19 Wasted Youth Win
Chazz Princeton 20-21 Immortalized/Hell Win (With Yuto)
Celina 22 Lifelines Lose
Leo 26 The Chosen Ones No Result
Primo 27-28 Red Cold River/Destruction of Myself Win
Mr. Armstrong 29 It's Not Me It's You Win
Stomptroopers 30 Enormous Threat Win (With Crow Hogan, and Celina)
Broder 31 Feel Invincible (Nightcore) Lose
Crow Hogan 34-35 Whispers in the Dark (Nightcore)/Going Under Win
Moon Shadow 47 An Ocean of It's Own Lose
Akiza Izinski 53-54 Wake Up/Tears Don't Fall Win
Angus 56 On My Own Win
Tetsu Trudge 56-57 Back From the Dead Win
Yusei Fudo 61-62-63 Yusei's Theme/Scream Win
Halldor 66 TBD TBD


  1. Dan mentioned this card during his duel with Iggy.
  2. 2.0 2.1 This card was shuffled back to his deck during his duel with Elijah.
  3. He had set this card during his duel with Sora.
  4. He discarded this card when he played Monster Gate against De Silva.
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  6. A second copy of this card was milled against Mr. Armstrong.
  7. This card was destroyed against Mr. Armstrong.

Lotus Tsukumo

Lotus Tsukumo known in Japanese as ロータスつくも is a fan-made character, and the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL: March of Barian.



Lotus bares similarity to her older brother, and mother due to having orange hair that stops at her shoulders wearing a green vest with a orange shirt in it always shining her way.



It was stated so far that she is chosen to use powers given to her by the Barian Chaos Gate. From it she is able to hear, and see Astral, and Ilzarbella.


Lotus was born during one of Kazuma, Mira's adventures together, and had been their third child, and youngest daughter.



Yuma Tsukumo


Tori Meadows

Bronk Stone

Kari Tsukumo

Reginald Kastle

Number Hunting

Lotus obtained "Number 52: Diamond Crab King" when the "Numbers" were released given to her by Dumon during her, and Yuma's Duel with Shark. Upon defeating Shark, she obtained "Number 17: Leviathan Dragon" as well though had given it to Yuma.

Lotus went on to obtain "Number 85: Crazy Box" from Ms. Endive, "Number 13: Embodiment of Crime" from Martin, "Number 31: Embodiment of Punishment" from Duncan, and "Number 83: Galaxy Queen" from Nelson Andrews.


Lotus plays a "Constellar" Deck focused on quickly Xyz Summoning her Xyz Monsters, and make an advantage from multiple draws from her Spells, and Traps that trigger when summoned or returns to the hand, along with quick swarm to bring out more monsters to get back an advantage with the added benefit from gaining ATK or making them unaffected to her opponent's card effects. She also augmented cards to use Synchro Summoning in order to summon her ionic, "Light End Dragon", and also to Ritual Summon her second ionic, "Saffira, Queen of Dragons".



Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Theme Outcome
Kari Tsukumo 3 None Lose (flashback)
Kari Tsukumo 3 None Unknown (flashback)
Reginald Kastle 1 Primo Victoria Win (With Yuma Tsukumo)
Miss Endive 2 Throes of Perdition Win
Martin, Duncan 3 Breaking Now Win
Nelson Andrews 4-5 Not Gonna Die/Defiance Win
Captain Corn 6 The Infection TBD



Ilzarbella known in Japanese as イルザルベラ is a fan-made character, and the deuteragonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL: March of Barian.



It is unknown what her appearance is.



So far she is the power of the Barian Chaos Gate. She is able to mask her presence from Astral, and Yuma, and talk with Lotus privately.



Lotus Tsukumo




Observation Chapter
1 "You (Lotus) have a weird but otherwise unique family." 2
2 "Siblings support each other by giving hope, and advice to one another." 2
3 "A small box called a 'Television Set' can show stories that can entertain, and motivate humans for dreams." 4
4 "Humans go into a state called 'depression' when encountered something that brings great sadness that can only be broken by growing support." 4
5 "Humans are required to eat Vegetables to grow healthy but their are some who refuse to eat them cause of their taste." 6


Kevin Yuki

Kevin Yuki, known in Japanese as ケヴィン・ユキ, and known in some cases as Kevin Striker is a fan-made character, and the main protagonist of Inheritor of the Dragons. He is the vessel of the antagonist Malek, the reincarnation of the Supreme King despite Yubel acting through Jaden, and one of the main rivals of Seto Kaiba.


Kevin was raised by his parents, along with his younger brother. Kevin was born a year before Jaden was, and during that time he was known supportive of his family. His mother wanted him to grow up as a proud priest. When she asked him who he wanted to be when he grows up he replied saying he would love to be a professional duelist, and bring honor to the Yuki surname. But his mother had a different opinion believing that Kevin would never grow up because of it, and told him to be a priest. When he asked her why he do that, she told him that God would bless them. Kevin told her, that God would bless them regardless of what his goals will be, and declined her offer. Not happy by this she demanded that he becomes a priest, which Kevin refused again saying that Jaden would like to duel one-day. Knowing that Kevin was inspired by dueling she confiscated his cards, and forced him to take lessons, on becoming a priest. The head maid Kagome had kept the cards on her order.

Kagome had took pity on Kevin, so she gave the cards back to him. She urged him to go dueling while she told his mother that he was off to a church, with his friends Zane Truesdale, Alexis Rhodes, and Atticus Rhodes. Luckily she was fooled, and the four were dueling left, and right. He also participated in several competitions with his friends while altering his appearance, and changing his name to Kevin Striker.

He won a couple of tournaments which caught the attention of Seto Kaiba. While giving a Five-Headed Dragon card as a prize, Kaiba asked Kevin where he got his skills from, which the boy replied it was he who taught himself, with Zane's knowledge. Kaiba was impressed, and requested a duel with him. Kevin accepted saying that being a Professional Duelist has always been his dream. He participated in the Battle City tournament, and made his way to face Kaiba. The duel was long, and hard but in the end Kaiba won. Kevin didn't get how he lost which Kaiba explained that he was a Professional Duelist, and that people like him can't be beaten that easily but invited Kevin to participate in the PC Regional Match-Up between both Kevin, and Kaiba.

Kevin promised he'll get stronger, and be there. However before he can leave 2 months later, his mother asked him where he was going that the church doesn't open at Mondays. He told her, that he is late for a party hosted by the church's priest, and leaves without her asking why, which left her puzzled.

When arriving he was impressed by the audience, and saw his friends cheering from the sidelines as he thanked them for being there. Kaiba told him good luck, and hoped he kept his promise of being stronger which Kevin replied he does. During the duel Kaiba was shown seeing he did kept his promise, and started getting nervous seeing he was getting cornered fast. With Five-Headed Dragon with his power being at 5000 against his Blue-Eyes Ultimate's power being at 4500 it was enough to score Kevin a victory, and finally full-fill his dream, at becoming a Professional Duelist.

Unfortunately his mother saws this, and stops the duel before the outcome can be revealed. She apologized to Kaiba saying that Kevin was getting in trouble with him, and drags him out leaving a confused Kaiba who doesn't get what just happened, with Mokuba asking him if that means he won.

When they arrived back at home she grounded him from dueling for good, and ordered Kagome to burn his cards for good. Kevin begged his mother to not to burn the cards, and told her he would do anything she says, unaware that Jaden was eavesdropping. She told him he should've done that before he started dueling. She repeated what she ordered to Kagome, who hesitated then threatened Kagome that she would fire her, is she doesn't. That caused a spark of anger in Kevin, and told her harshly to stop. When his mother tried to counter she wasn't expecting for him to say the words that she wanted to be the last thing to hear from him: "I HATE YOU!"

She was shocked, and started breaking down, as he took his cards back from a shocked Kagome, and stomped to his room, while Jaden followed. Jaden saw his older brother crying to himself while clutching his cards protectedly with his arms. Jaden walked to him with Kevin noticing, as he tried to hide the evidence, but Jaden knows what Kevin was doing.

Jaden told him he saw what happened which Kevin told him that will leave bad memories in Jaden's head. Jaden told him it was alright, and comfort him which Kevin joked saying Jaden is acting like an Older Brother to him, which they both had a good laugh in the end. The next day both Kevin, and his mother weren't talking to each other which his father had questioned but both of them weren't answering. During the evening, Kaiba had decided to visit the Yuki residence, and was impressed by the place Kevin lives at.

He was greeted by Jaden, and allowed him inside. He quickly founded Kevin who was shocked seeing he was heree. He then confessed that he was lying about his last name but it was only to compete without his mother finding out. Kaiba told him he understands saying his father had done something similar. Kaiba then told him if he is ready they can duel again.

Kevin told him he is, and Jaden was excited about it telling them to get their game on which caused Kevin to chuckle a bit, but left Kaiba puzzled. This time it was Kevin who claimed a victory, and it even impressed Kaiba, and Mokuba. Her mother also congratulated him which left them speechless. She told Kevin that she was wrong about her selfish choices, and said sorry to Kevin saying she can't stop on who he is. He replied saying he should be the one who should be sorry. Kaiba agreed to his mother's saying, saying he was only teaching his mother an important lesson, and gave him a rare Dragon Spirit of White card as a sign of respect, before leaving.

Not much else is known opposite that Kevin had now full-filled his dream at becoming a Professional Duelist, and attended Duel Academy with his friends and he had gone missing with Atticus.

Inheritor of the Dragons

As it turns out Kevin was possessed by someone named by Malek, and was made as a Shadow Rider. He was defeated by Zane after Nightshroud's defeat. Kevin was freed where he, Alexis, Zane, and Atticus were reunited with him starting to rest after that Shadow Game.


Zane Truesdale

Both he, and Zane were great best friends since they were kids, and Kevin said that Zane taught him about respect. Kevin had a thing that made Zane of outside of how Syrus sees him. Opposite from that Zane wishes great competitions with Kevin as explained that he enjoys watching Kevin duel, and said that he might have to take Kevin on soon. It was also shown that he, and Kevin were seen nearly everytime with each other be how they interact, and how they get along.


Kevin uses uses a "Red-Eyes" Deck focusing on Fusion Summoning.



Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Theme Outcome
Several Duelists  ?  ? Win (flashback)
Seto Kaiba  ?  ? Lose (flashback)
Seto Kaiba  ?  ? No result (flashback)
Seto Kaiba  ?  ? Win (flashback)
Zane Truesdale 1 Virus Lose (Possessed by Malek)


  1. 1.0 1.1 This card was destroyed.
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